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Best pop-culture sharks: As 'Shark Week' swims on, we recall our favorites from Jaws to Land Shark!

Shark Week is well underway, rendering us incapable of talking about anything else besides Shark Week (not to mention royally screwing up our plans to go to the beach). But we still decided now would be as good a time as any to recall our favorite fearsome underwater beasts in pop culture — granted we haven’t seen Shark Night 3D yet, but we’re guessing those will be pretty jaw-esome as well. Check out our list below, and don’t forget to bring a swimming buddy!  READ FULL STORY

Animal Planet's 'Help! I'm Becoming a Cat Lady!' special: 10 pitch-purrrfect sound bites

Saturday evening television programming is rather dismal, for the most part, but one gem stood out this past evening: Animal Planet’s superbly titled one-hour special Help! I’m Becoming a Cat Lady! How could you not tune in to something like that? While veiwing this special (which I’m told, if successful, will be spun into a series), I found myself cackling away as two experts — psychologist, life coach, and dating expert Alyson and beauty and fashion guru Anthony — helped the tragic and still relatively young Gina, who, without intervention, was headed toward total Cat Lady-dom. (Gina has two cats: Blue and Trinket. She’s pictured here with one of them.) It’s like What Not to Wear for Future Cat Ladies. In a word: Genius.

The best way for you to get the full, delicious flavor of the show is by a round-up of the best lines uttered by Gina and her makeover posse, Alyson and Anthony. With that edict, I could have just transcribed the entire hour, sure, but I restrained myself to these 10 purrrfect bites. Enjoy:


Spotted! The Honey Badgerette! And she looks like Lucy Lawless! -- VIDEO

Earlier this week, we here at EW.com brought you “Honey Badger” expert Randall’s exclusive report from the wilds of San Diego Comic-Con. Well, it seems that while relaxing at the oasis that was Entertainment Weekly‘s Comic-Con party, Randall met Spartacus: Vengeance star and all-around awesome person Lucy Lawless. They got to talking, one thing led to another, and before you can say “Ailailailailailailailai!”, Lawless was bedecked in a furry vest and afro wig, scrounging around Los Angeles’ Griffith Park the south island of New Zealand, embodying the illusory Honey Badgerette. Check out the video below:  READ FULL STORY

PopWatch Poll: What's your favorite primate movie?

Hey, hey, it’s the monkeys!

With just a few more days until monkeys overrule us all with their strength and enviable memory skills Rise of the Planet of the Apes (primate pun alert!) swings into theaters, we got to thinking about our all-time favorite monkey movies. While it’s long been acknowledged that monkeys = comedy gold (see: Every Which Way But Loose, this video), chimps have an even better track record on the big screen in drama, sci-fi, and action films.

Since we don’t know where Rise of the Planet of The Apes will rank in the pantheon of all-time great monkey movies (we will, however, venture to guess it will be high above Ed and Dunston Checks In) we want to know which flick you’ve gone bananas over in the past.  READ FULL STORY

Honey badger spotted at Comic-Con! He don't care. He don't give a [bleep]. -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

Six months ago, the world was introduced to the illustrious honey badger — sorry, I mean, “The Crazy Nastyass Honey Badger,” an indefatigable creature who really does not give a s—. You know who else don’t give a s—? The denizens of Comic-Con, a famously audacious crowd who think nothing of parading in public in all manner of crevice-hugging, skin-revealing costumes. So we here at EW.com had a brainstorm: What if we released Randall, the man who so famously narrated the viral “Honey Badger” video, into the wilds of the San Diego convention center during the height of Comic-Con craziness? Along with colleagues John Carlucci, Chris Gordon, and Dave Schlow, Randall delivered the following exclusive video report from San Diego Comic-Con International, or, as he initially puts it, “the San Diego Zoo’s annual Come Along Intentionally Tour!” Check it out below:  READ FULL STORY

'Swamp People' draws 4.6 million viewers: Who else is obsessed with this crazy show?

Swamp People, History’s fascinating reality series about Cajun alligator hunters in Louisiana’s Atchafalaya Swamp, has been quite the Leviathan in the Thursday night cable ratings recently. For the past two weeks, it’s pulled a solid 4.6 million viewers, yet it doesn’t garner the sort of attention that a soapier, sexier show might. But it should! Seriously, don’t let this show slip bayou. (Sorry — I couldn’t help it.) It’s awesome.

Swamp People is a refreshing departure from the over-produced, glossy fare that dominates much of the reality TV landscape. Instead of showcasing trendy, urban 20-somethings trying, like, SO hard to break into the entertainment biz, Swamp People, as devotees know, features a cast of unpolished gator hunters (like fan-favorites Troy and Jacob Landry, pictured), many of whom are missing a few teeth and speak in over-the-top Cajun accents. They’re hard working men — one woman too! — just trying to get through the hunting season and make some money. Think Deadliest Catch, with an extra bite. (Sorry again!) READ FULL STORY

Who is the coolest ThunderCat? (Ho!)

For an animal that’s synonymous with being uncool to have inspired possibly the badass action cartoon ever is an epic feat in itself. To have that cartoon still stand as one of the coolest shows to love more than 25 years after it’s inception is outstanding. Having grown up on ThunderCats myself, I tend to have an eagle eye for the trademark black-and-red shirts that roam the streets in increasing numbers. My freshman year of college, my roommate put up posters of Breakfast at Tiffany’s and paintings of sophisticated, angry-looking French cats. I put up this similarly feline-themed poster (later to be transferred to my cubicle at the school newspaper). And yes, I did special order it online. For Christmas years ago, my mom gave me DVD box sets of seasons one and two. And yes, I was 19 years old that year.

That gift was given much to the dismay of my older brother, who insists to this day that not only is he the bigger ThunderCats fan, but that Lion-O is the coolest ThunderCat of them all, which makes him wrong about two things. Now, you may be thinking, “That’s so not true, no space-cat can surpass Cheetara in my book,” and unfortunately, that would make you wrong as well. I contend, my Mumm-Ra-fearing friends, that the hands-down coolest ThunderCat of all time (presumably until July when Cartoon Network reboots the series and forever changes the landscape and dynamics of planet Thundera) is indisputably Panthro. Yes, Panthro! I said it. His badassery simply cannot be contended with. Or can it? Let’s debate!  READ FULL STORY

Jason Segel's Muppet movie might have legs


Ohhhhhh-hhhhhh, Doc Hopper would foam at the mouth if he saw the newest poster for Jason Segel’s upcoming Muppets movie. The fiendish fast-food magnate (played by Charles Durning) spent the entire 1979 film chasing Kermit as a pitchman for his frogleg dishes, and now look at his little green friend: Kermit has legs! Long legs!

Of course, Kermit and company had legs back then, too, but scenes with Kermit riding a bicycle or Kermit and Fozzie dancing in a saloon were the clunkiest sequences, barely passing the credibility test of a generation ago. “Technology has changed,” Segel told the USA Today. “We’re able to show [the Muppets] doing stuff they hadn’t been able to do before. We’re pretty proud of that.”

The Muppets opens Nov. 23, which might explain the otherwise tepid tagline: “They’re Closer Than You Think.” Or has Segel changed his mind about filming in 3-D?

Read more:
‘The Muppets': No nudity for Jason Segel. Kermit, on the other hand…
The new Muppets movie can’t come out soon enough
‘Muppets’ new movie: Exclusive sneak peek!

Andy Samberg will swim with sharks for Shark Week, probably not wearing this

Details for the 24th annual Shark Week — kicking off July 31 — are emerging. Today, Discovery announced that this year’s “Chief Shark Officer” Andy Samberg will host his own special with the working title Shark City. Per the network, “Samberg travels to the Bahamas and takes the plunge — literally jumping into the shark-filled waters to introduce viewers to a specific group of sharks that live off the shores of Nassau. They each have their own distinct personalities, quirks and feeding patterns. Learn how they size each other up, what they like to eat and what scares THEM.” That’s all the info I have, but if this is something like Shark Week regular Stuart Cove introducing Samberg to individual Caribbean reef sharks and revealing what he’s come to know about them over the years he’s led his underwater adventures, that could be totally fun. If you’re going to swim with relatively non-threatening sharks like that, you’ve got to give us something different, and finding out that this shark responds more to women in bikinis and has therefore earned whatever nickname is acceptable.  READ FULL STORY

'My Cat From Hell' debuts on Animal Planet: Who knew cats were this bonkers?

Last night Animal Planet premiered My Cat From Hell, where clawed little demons are transformed into cuddly fuzzballs. Is your cat scaring company? Keeping you up all night? Then this show may be for you.

Enter Jackson Galaxy (what a name!), a tattooed rocker by night and cat behaviorist by day. He looks more like a bounty hunter than a cat tamer. But he kindly gets the job done. First to be saved from the terror of their cat was couple Hannah and Johnny. “I’m happier than I’ve ever been in any relationship,” Hannah says of her year with her boyfriend. “He could be the one.” There’s a major issue, though: Hannah’s black cat, Bear, hates Johnny. Love triangle! READ FULL STORY

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