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'The Hobbit': Andy Serkis reveals Gollum's holiday travel tips -- EXCLUSIVE

Generally speaking, cave-dwelling, certifiably insane ex-hobbit Gollum is sort of a homebody. But when travel guide mecca Lonely Planet recently interviewed Hobbit actor Andy Serkis about filming and trekking around in New Zealand, the publisher couldn’t help asking how Serkis’s most famous character would prepare for a trip. The motion-capture expert answered the question as Gollum himself — proving once more that we will never, ever get tired of hearing Serkis’s signature gurgling hiss. Even though it’s pretty weird to see it coming from a normal-looking guy instead of a terrifying gray-skinned creature.

Check out the video below, exclusively on EW.com:


A precioussss video: Andy Serkis reads 'The Hobbit' as Gollum

Gollum is alive and well and freaking out children in London! At least, his disembodied voice is. Which might be even creepier.

This Saturday, motion capture magician Andy Serkis appeared at an event celebrating the 75th anniversary of the Lord of the Rings books. And though the actor admitted that he had difficulty getting into character for Peter Jackson’s upcoming Hobbit movies — “Twelve years later … I’ve heard that many impersonations [and] people ask me to do that many telephone messages for them. So the first days of getting back into the character are really hard” — Serkis had no trouble busting out his Gollum voice for an audience of rapt kids. Here’s him reading a selection from The Hobbit in that signature nasal rasp:


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