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'Brooklyn Nine-Nine': The highs and lows of season 1

Brooklyn Nine-Nine capped off a pretty great first season with a pretty great finale — one that managed to reaffirm everything that already works about the show while setting up a few new, intriguing possibilities for season 2.

Here’s where things stand as the episode draws to a close: Peralta’s leaving the precinct for six months for a dangerous undercover mission. (One that, much to Jake’s disappointment, doesn’t involve a cool fake identity.) He’s also finally come clean to Santiago about his feelings for her — not with some kind of bombastic grand gesture, but with an appropriately low-key confession. Meanwhile, Boyle and Vivian have broken up — boo! – making Rosa apparently reevaluate how she feels about him — yay? Holt and Terry are… still doing Holt and Terry. Oh, and in one last wrinkle: After a long night of drinking, Boyle wakes up only to find Gina, of all people, lying next to him. The horror, the horror!

Before we say goodbye to the Golden-Globe winner, let’s take stock of the show’s first season as a whole — the highs, the lows, and the creamy middles. By which, of course, I mean Gina.


'Brooklyn Nine-Nine': Adam Sandler stops by for a low-key Super Bowl episode

The most extraordinary thing about Brooklyn Nine-Nine‘s big post-Super Bowl show? Besides a few unobtrusive cameos — compare them, for example, to Prince Presents New Girl: A Royal Post-Game Engagement Brought To You by Ford Focus – Sunday’s special episode was hardly extraordinary at all. Football itself came into play only once, during a brief cold open that pitted the Nine-Niners against their archnemeses in the FDNY; both A and B-plots revolved around fairly standard shenanigans in the office and in the field; even Adam Sandler managed to keep things toned down when he popped up briefly during the show’s second half. (He collects antiquities, and is writing a movie about Russian revolutionaries starring Kevin James as Trotsky — who knew!)

Happily, Brooklyn‘s low-stakes gamble paid off. “Operation: Broken Feather” was as relaxed and confident as the show’s ever been, making it a great introduction for anyone who hasn’t yet been won over by fall’s best new sitcom. And as goofy as this may sound, the episode also did a fair amount of world-building – bringing back onetime guest stars like Patton Oswalt, Fred Armisen (peering around a barely opened door, as per usual), and Dean “Dennis From 30 Rock” Winters helped to establish that Brooklyn takes place in a universe populated by all kinds of amusing minor characters, not just the ones we see each week in the opening credits. Called it an attempted Springfieldification.


'Brooklyn Nine-Nine,' after the Globes: Is it earning that 'Best Comedy' trophy?

See the face newly-crowned Golden Globe winner Andy Samberg is pulling in this picture — full-on grimace, crazy eyes, neck vein that might pop at any second? It’s a mug that screams “mugging,” even without the benefit of motion or sound — and it’s also a nice encapsulation of why more than one friend has told me that they’ve decided Brooklyn Nine-Nine isn’t for them, even without laying eyes on a single episode. Their objections generally boil down to something like this: “I might be able to get into that show… if it didn’t star Andy Samberg.”

Tonight’s all-new episode of Brooklyn — the first to air since the star and his comedy won a pair of shiny statuettes at Sunday’s Globes — may not convince those naysayers to change their minds. Its A-plot, for the most part, revolves around Samberg’s Detective Jake Peralta acting as obnoxious as humanly possible: pledging to take his quasi-love interest Detective Amy Santiago on the “worst date ever” after she loses a bet to him, hiring a children’s choir to sing a song about how much Santiago sucks on said date, wearing the top half of a tuxedo with cargo shorts. Don’t get me wrong: All these things are pretty funny. But occasionally, Peralta’s behavior seems less irritating than downright cruel; in those moments, you can sort of see why Brooklyn and Samberg might leave a bad taste in some potential viewers’ mouths.

But as those who are already fans of the show know, it’s absolutely worth persevering through the times when Peralta’s antics go too far. Because even while the Globes might have been a little hasty in naming Brooklyn 2013′s best TV comedy — we’ve only seen half a season so far! Where’s the fire, Hollywood Foreign Press? — it is still the network season’s most promising new sitcom, give or take a Trophy Wife. (P.S. Why aren’t you watching Trophy Wife?)


Which Gaga will we get on 'SNL'? Let's go to the videotape

Whether she’s onstage or off, Lady Gaga clearly knows how to put on a show. But when it comes to Saturday Night Live, her experience is surprisingly limited. The artist formerly known as Stefani Germanotta has appeared on just two episodes of SNL, in 2009 and 2011 — both times as the show’s musical guest rather than its host.

Still, looking at those old episodes may give a few hints about what to expect when Gaga finally headlines an entire installment of SNL tomorrow night. In each one, Gaga ventured beyond her band to appear in a handful of sketches — showing off different skills (and, er, areas with room for improvement) every time. Which of these sub-Gagas will rule Studio 8H on Saturday’s show? Let’s look at the evidence and start speculating:


'Brooklyn Nine-Nine': The most useful reaction GIFs

In the tradition of modern single-camera comedies like The Office, Parks and Recreation, and Modern Family, Fox’s new comedy Brooklyn Nine-Nine features reaction shots that work oh-so-well as reaction GIFs for every occasion.  Thanks to the creatives of Tumblr, we rounded up the best GIFs from last night’s series premiere episode to fit your every need.

'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' react: Arrested comedy

Crime stories are usually difficult to turn into a comedy, but the challenging duty is accomplished in the pilot of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. From the creators of Parks and Recreation, Brooklyn Nine-Nine chronicles the 99th Precinct, a police force with a new captain determined to whip his team into shape. READ FULL STORY

The Lonely Island guys settle into adult life with 'Diaper Money' -- NSFW VIDEO

The Lonely Island boys are growing up and changing their priorities. Their song “Spring Break Anthem” was all about settling down (and getting crazy at Spring Break) and their new jam, “Diaper Money,” focuses on kids, a loveless marriage, and planning for your death. It’s still fun (sort of)!

In preparation for the June 11 release of The Wack Album, the group is debuting videos as part of a series called #WackWednesdays. Although it’s obviously Monday (and the video was released yesterday), the description of the video says it was released for YouTube’s Comedy Week which kicked off yesterday with The Big Live Comedy Show. The group also performed “Spring Break Anthem” and a bit of “I’m On a Boat” on the show.

We can’t really write out any of the lyrics to “Diaper Money,”  but here’s a tame sampling “I did it my way a very small percent of the time-way.” Watch the NSFW video below:


'Saturday Night Live' recap: Welcome to the Five-Timers Club, Justin Timberlake!

You guys, Justin Timberlake is onto us. Here’s how this season’s most highly anticipated SNL host began his monologue last night: “There are so many exciting things about hosting five times. You get to see old friends. You get to try new things. You get to inevitably let everyone down thanks to overly high expectations — thanks, Internet!”

But unlike poor Jennifer Lawrence, Timberlake didn’t fall victim to the perils of fervent anticipation. His show was a thrilling, joyous, cameo-stuffed affair that easily ranks among this season’s best, second only perhaps to Martin Short’s Christmas episode — even though Timberlake and SNL both lost a good amount of momentum after Weekend Update, where the show’s weakest sketches are traditionally stuffed.


Justin Timberlake's top 10 'SNL' moments -- VIDEO

On Saturday night, Justin Timberlake will be inducted into the Five-Timers Club — an elite squad of the few funny people who have hosted Saturday Night Live five times. (Technically, this is actually Timberlake’s sixth official appearance on the show; when Joshua Jackson hosted in 2000, ‘N Sync served as musical guest and also performed in a few sketches.)

The multitalented musician certainly deserves a spot alongside Christopher Walken and Tom Hanks. As he’s proved over and over again since his first hosting stint ten (!) years ago, Timberlake’s pretty much the best modern SNL host this side of Alec Baldwin — which means that narrowing down his best Saturday Night Live moments is about as tough as getting the “Barry Gibb Talk Show” theme song out of your head once it’s stuck there. (Er, sorry in advance.) Still, we managed to sift through an embarrassment of JT SNL clips somehow — and though many of them were gems, these 10 stand out.


Maybe Andy Samberg should host the Oscars -- VIDEO

(And no, I’m not suggesting this just because I want to see Michael Bolton perform at the Academy Awards again.)

As you may or may not know, Andy Samberg hosted the Independent Spirit Awards last Saturday. Granted, this annual celebration of independent film isn’t nearly as formal as the Oscars — it’s held in a boho-chic tent on a beach in Santa Monica, for one thing, and this year’s ceremony seated attendees at tables overflowing with drinks provided by sponsor Jameson Irish Whiskey. The ceremony also isn’t quite on the same level as the Oscars or the Golden Globes.

Even so, Samberg’s monologue and pre-taped bits were sharp, funny, and just tasteless enough to favorably compare with Seth MacFarlane’s Oscars routine — and with a little more practice, the ex-SNL star could be groomed into a host to be reckoned with.  READ FULL STORY

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