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Jason Biggs calls Tara Reid a 'hot mess;' Tara Reid is not amused

The days of pie and roses are over.

When Sharknado star Tara Reid landed in Los Angeles Sunday after a long weekend jaunt to Israel, she discovered a nasty surprise: Her old American Pie pal Jason Biggs had gone on Watch What Happens Live a few weeks ago. During the show, host Andy Cohen asked his guest to come up with Orange Is the New Black-style prison nicknames for some of his old costars — including Reid. Biggs’s response? “Hot Mess.”


'Queer Eye Reunion 10 Years Later' react: Still fabulous

For the Fab Five, things just keep getting better. The chemistry, the sitcom-ready-banter, the outfits, the memories, it was like nothing had changed when the cast of Queer Eye sat down with Andy Cohen for their ten year reunion on Sunday night. It was also seven years since Jai, Kyan, Thom, Carson, and Ted had all sat in the same room. No matter, the reunion was akin to receiving a warm hello from your oldest, chic-est, and most potty-mouthed friends and realizing just how much you’ve missed them.

“We’re just thrilled that Ted’s still alive,” joked design doctor Thom Filicia, about their elder statesman Ted Allen. Just like the tone of their Emmy-winning show, quick wits and double entendres ran rampant as Cohen and the guys chatted about the silly, the serious, and the scandalous.


'Watch What Happens Live': It's Cher's world -- we're all just living in it

Last night’s Watch What Happens: Live featured Andy Cohen interviewing one of his idols, Cher. This late-night show is definitely geared towards a certain audience — if you have an aversion to trivia games played by reality stars living in Bravoland and constant mentions of drinking, then this isn’t the show for you.

Yet there’s a certain charm to it, mostly due to Andy’s sheer excitement over everything in the world. Even when he’s mentioning things like the “Jackhole of the Day,” he says it nearly bouncing out of his seat and with such a smile that it looks like it’s going to fall off of his face. It’s like he downs six espressos, three 5-Hour Energies, and several glasses of bubbly before every show.

So if he’s like that normally, how do you think he reacted when singer-actress-inspiration Cher appeared on WWHL last night? Let’s just say excitement is an understatement. At several points throughout the episode, I thought that Andy was going to start crying — I’ve never seen a grown man so thrilled in my life. Homeboy had some high expectations though: Cher was his idol growing up, even affectionately telling her how he used to sit transfixed in front of the TV watching her and her elaborate outfits: “You gave me life, you gave me hope, you  gave me fairy dust.” READ FULL STORY

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar wrote 2,700 words about why he loves 'Real Housewives'

NBA all-time leading scorer Kareem Abdul-Jabbar isn’t a big fan of HBO’s Girls, a “white ghetto” of a show filled with unappealing protagonists (“We’re supposed to find these girls somehow charming because of their flawed characters,” he wrote in February.) But in a new Huffington Post column, Abdul-Jabbar reveals that another group of (mostly) white, self-involved, fatally ignorant televised characters has indeed stolen his heart: The ladies of Bravo’s Real Housewives, a franchise the athlete lauds as “the best social insight into the American psyche since Huck Finn and Jim explored the soul of America on a raft of lost innocence.”

And that’s not even Abdul-Jabbar’s most hyperbolic analogy.  READ FULL STORY

On the scene: NKOTB take it step by step at Andy Cohen's 'Watch What Happens Live'

When Watch What Happens Live host Andy Cohen described the members of New Kids on the Block as the first boy band-turned-man band, he wasn’t kidding. Faster than you could say “Mazel!” the Beantown balladeers were talking about Joey McIntyre’s junk, and the adult conversation didn’t stop until the WWHL aftershow cameras clicked off.

Fresh off the release of their album 10, McIntyre, Donnie Wahlberg, Danny Wood, and brothers Jordan and Jonathan Knight were eager to take on everything Cohen had on tap. As is custom at the Bravo Clubhouse, this included cheekily named games with titles like “New Kids on the Jock” (yes, that was a bulge-identifying contest — which they nailed) and “Who Kids on the Block” — a kiss-and-tell, Newlywed Game-style lark during which we learned Danny has always done well with the ladies and that Joey is, very proudly, the quintet’s biggest Masshole. READ FULL STORY

SXSW: Andy Cohen on his zaniest 'Watch What Happens Live' moments

If there’s a drinking word for this week, it’s “SXSW,” according to the drinking word expert, Bravo development exec and Watch What Happens Live host Andy Cohen (pictured above at the 2012 festival).  Of course, if you drank every time someone here in Austin said “South By,” you’d really be in trouble. For the first time, Bravo is taking its hit late night show on the road and will be broadcasting live from Austin next week, with guests including Sarah Silverman, Jenny Slate, Catfish creator Nev Shulman, and more.

Cohen, who arrived to his panel late due to a transportation mishap (“I have bad Austin car karma,” he said, “Last year I got in a car accident”), was on hand to answer audience (ahem, fan) questions about the show and his career, alongside executive producer Michael Davies.

The first striking thing about the panel was the ratio of women to men. Austin in mid-March is overrun by men – mostly glasses-wearing ones with some form of facial hair – in other words, the nerd stereotype is, despite more and more women being in tech, still in full effect, at least at the Interactive panels. Not so at the Watch What Happens Live panel — every woman in Austin seemingly piled in to the Long Performing Arts Center for Cohen’s talk. For the record, I am fully in support of more women AND more Bravo panels at SXSW (maybe next year we can have Rachel Zoe on creating a new form of slang? I die).

Cohen hosts the only live show on late night TV, and Watch What Happens Live has grown from a one-off experiment back in 2009 to a five-night-a-week extravaganza that’s had everyone from the Real Housewives to Meryl Streep in the studio. Cohen shared some of his favorite moments from the past four years hosting the show and a few tidbits about what’s to come:

++Hosting the Hurricane Sandy episode — in his pajamas. Bethenny [Frankel] was supposed to be on the night of the storm. I did the show alone talking to the cameras by myself. I tweeted for questions. I did a shotsky with my crew.

++The odd celebrity pairings are (sometimes) by design. We wanted Jenna Jameson on and we needed someone opposite her, so we put her with Clay Aiken. We had John Mayer on with Dan Rather and it’s one of the top five shows we’ve ever done.

++His dream guest is Connie Britton.  If Connie Britton came in the club house, Cohen said, that would be the ultimate. “I love every Friday Night Lights person.”

++Bravo loves Downton Abbey as much as we do. As Watch What Happens Live grows, Cohen said he hopes to do more themed episodes. The dream? Downton Abbey. “I am going to take O’Brien down!”

Andy Cohen does his best Donald Trump — VIDEO
Andy Cohen talks school recess memories and his new favorite veggie — EXCLUSIVE VIDEO
Bravo exec Andy Cohen to release memoir

Andy Cohen does his best Donald Trump -- VIDEO

Andy Cohen will probably never be asked to appear on The Celebrity Apprentice.

The Watch What Happens host stopped by Wendy Williams’ show today to take part in Tweeter Theatre, where guests reenact Twitter feuds….and he played Donald Trump to Williams’ Rosie O’Donnell, Star Jones, and Cher.

Cohen’s Trump is no Darrell Hammond‘s, but the host got the jist — and the lips — across. Amongst other things, this clip shows that Trump needs to work on his vocabulary. It seems his go-to response to people he disagrees with is the oft-repeated “loser.”

But beyond throwing around “loser,” the biggest insult may be Trump referring to Cher as an “average talent.”

Check it out below:

Andy Cohen talks school recess memories and his new favorite veggie -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

Watch What Happens Live host Andy Cohen has made a five-night-a-week enterprise of keeping fans abreast of his pop culture obsessions, disappointments, and guilty pleasure. For NBC Universal’s third annual Health Week, the Bravo exec is sharing a new, exclusive insight with EW. Below, Cohen talks about a love-it-or-hate-it food he’s grown to love, his pre-show hydration ritual, and how he stays fit. But what childhood memory has Cohen making #sadface? Find out below. READ FULL STORY

Andy Cohen tweets he's 'flattered' by flamboyant 'SNL' impersonation -- VIDEO

It’s good to know that Andy Cohen can take it as well as dish it out. On this week’s Saturday Night Live, Taran Killam starred as the Bravo host, portraying Cohen as a camera-obsessed, egotistical, flamboyant moderator of Watch What Happens Live, saying things like, “I hope you’re all hungry because I’m a cutie pie!” and, “I guess I have to ask my guests some questions. Bye bye, camera, I’ll miss you.” (A+ for snark, Killam.)

Upon learning of the skit on Sunday morning, Cohen tweeted his reaction to the impersonation, and (shocker!) it didn’t faze him: “OMG the one night I go to bed early I’m lampooned on SNL?! Great job I am flattered! #ImLikeAShark #VeryCute.”  Basically, if you were looking for drama or a battle of comedic personalities, you ain’t gonna find it here. See the sketch below: READ FULL STORY

Daniel Radcliffe talks losing his virginity, 'The Hunger Games,' and the periodic table

When Daniel Radcliffe said he lost his virginity to Maggie Smith on Thursday’s Watch What Happens Live, I was convinced nothing he said thereafter could top that. “Yes, it was Maggie,” he confessed. “She was gentle.”

The (untrue) revelation was only the tip of the iceberg in the bizarrely awesome things we learned about The Woman in Black star, thanks to the wacky and wondrous mind of Andy Cohen. Whether it was that autograph hunters infuriate him, or he hasn’t read The Hunger Games (the horror!), we were given more than enough essential Radcliffe info to satiate even the most avid fan.

More highlights from the interview: READ FULL STORY

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