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Gymnast becomes first woman to finish 'American Ninja Warrior' finals course

Anything you can do, Kacy Catanzaro can do better.

On this week’s episode of American Ninja Warrior, the show that pits some of the world’s best athletes against insane obstacle courses, gymnast Kacy Catanzaro became the first woman to complete the qualifying course. But she didn’t stop there. Catanzaro then became the first woman to complete the finals course, and she made it look easy.

The nearly 10-minute finals course included balancing obstacles, the salmon ladder—which Arrow fans knew a woman could complete—and the much-dreaded spider climb. But Catanzaro used her 5-foot frame to her advantage and landed herself a ticket to Las Vegas.


Pop Culture Pet Peeve: All 'American' movies (and TV shows)


Hustle. Beauty. Pie. Idol. Gangster. Dreamz. Gigolo. Virgin. Violet. Outlaws. Idiot. Girl. Boy.

They’re a collection of words (or, in the case of “dreamz,” almost-words) that seem to have little in common, until you put the word “American” in front of them. Then each becomes a title, and not just any title — an evocative, slightly ironic title which promises a story that could only happen in these United States, one offering commentary on our shared national experience and way of life. It’s audacious, patriotic, grandiose — sort of like America itself, or at least the idea of “America.”

Either that… or the work’s creators couldn’t think of a good title, so they picked out a random noun and slapped “American” in front of it.

'American Ninja Warrior': These fools are amazing

Another week, another hour spent in awe of people’s upper bodies while I furiously bicep-curl chips. I’ve finally decided on my summer TV boyfriend — Paul Kasemir, the “Extreme American Ninja Warrior Pro” (whoa!) who crushed the competition with his trademark “quiet consistency” in Monday’s Denver finals episode on NBC. Paul’s headed to Las Vegas’ Mt. Midoriyama (translation: “Mount Green Mountain”) for the fourth year in a row. He has a double personality, which means he has a desk job (writing source code in a lab) and is probably a secret superhero. He’s totally the Andrew Garfield of NBC right this second.

This week presented two new Death to Your Upper Body obstacles for the qualifying Mile High City ninja warriors: Pole Grasper and the Floating Stairs. Strippers or super-fit people who work out on stripper poles for the Core benefits would make a killing on Pole Grasper, for the record. The rock-climbing guys had a distinct advantage over the free runners with this one. Very few ninjas even made it to these new deathtraps, though, considering the Salmon Ladder was still in play. That thing is deadly and a total momentum-crusher. I keep wanting Salmon Ladder to pop up as a dangerously compelling appetizer at my local sushi joint. Buy too many of those and they’ll kill ya. READ FULL STORY

'American Ninja Warrior': Play along while feeling utterly useless!

It’s damn near impossible to simultaneously watch American Ninja Warrior (airing Sunday nights on G4 and Monday nights on NBC) and feel like a respectable human being. Not only are you doing nothing indoors (and watching this of all things?), but you are no ninja. Can you even lift your TV? Don’t even try. What’s the point? You’re a disgrace.

Below are my ill-fated suggestions for “playing along” during ANW — the magnificent Upper Body Beastliness obstacle course quickly winning the hearts and guts of millions of Americans who have less hope than ever of executing a single pull-up in their lifetimes. Rev up your appetite and get ready to live vicariously through these tremendous beasts — and hate yourself more than ever!


Screen Shot 2013-08-05 at 9.44.19 PM

Retrieve a snack from the kitchen. Repeat five times. Go easy on this one. There’s a lot left to be done, but it’s all downhill from here.



Screen Shot 2013-08-05 at 9.43.47 PM

Pfffft. Anyone could do this. Just ride a skateboard down any railing in your house, then grab whatever’s closest (chocolate?) for support. Move on. It gets darker. READ FULL STORY

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