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'American Idol' 2013: Top 10 announced

SPOILERS ahead! The kiddies who get to stay in Mimi Boob Land are… READ FULL STORY

Nicki Minaj's 'Idol' eye rolls are really irritating

Nicki Minaj eye roll 'American Idol'

Perhaps threatened by the high-impact stage presence of Mariah Carey’s boobs, Nicki Minaj has begun to fancy her constant side-eyes as two more main characters on American Idol (read EW’s full recap here). Can she please cut it out and cede the spotlight to the real stars of the show — Keith Urban’s highlights? So rude! Oh, or the contestants. That’s right.

See this devastating performance in action below…. READ FULL STORY

'American Idol' 2013: Top 20 guys and girls are...

SPOILERS ahead! To see who made it to the Top 20, read on. READ FULL STORY

'American Idol' sudden death: Five women cut

SPOILERS ahead! To see which ladies made it to the Top 20, read on. READ FULL STORY

PopWatch Planner: The Oscars, 'Downton Abbey,' and the Independent Spirit Awards

Could there be something happening next Sunday that we’re excited about? Hmm… Hmm… maybe something we’ve had two covers of, have seen all the movies for, and have debated and debated for months now? Yes, of course the Oscars are next weekend, but first up is this week’s exciting season finale of Downton Abbey, followed by the narrowed-down field on American Idol, Dark Skies opening in theaters, and more. Have a great week!

'American Idol': Season 12's Top 40 are...

SPOILERS AHEAD. If you haven’t seen tonight’s Idol, don’t read on. READ FULL STORY

Zoanette Johnson: Really, 'American Idol'?! Behold a 'Star-Spangled Banner' mess -- VIDEO

Screen Shot 2013-01-31 at 9.20.43 PM

During Thursday’s Oklahoma City auditions episode (read my full recap here), colorful wackaloon Zoanette Johnson, “19,” brutally murdered the national anthem to the unfathomable delight of the American Idol judges, her pitchy runs eventually knocking featherweight pleasure hub Keith Urban onto the floor. At least she didn’t lip-sync it? READ FULL STORY

Samm Levine reveals his 'Lost' fan moment and 'Idol' secret in EW's Pop Culture Personality Test

Samm Levine makes his return to TV tonight on NBC’s Do No Harm, playing the plucky assistant to Dr. Jason Cole (Steven Pasquale), a doctor who suffers from a severe case of split personality.

And to celebrate the show’s premiere, which takes place tonight on NBC (10 p.m. ET), former Freaks and Geeks actor took some time to take EW’s Pop Culture Personality Test. What we learned? Even after all these years, the actor still makes us proud to be geeks.

What’s the last TV episode that made you cry?
Oh, gosh. Maybe the last episode of Lost? I was just sad it was over.

Were you a big Lostie?
BIG Lostie. That’s the only show I’ve ever appeared on unbilled.

Yeah. Damon Lindelof is a friend and he knew it was my favorite show in the world. He’d done six seasons of the show and had nothing for me.  Finally, as they were finishing up, I was like, ‘Look, am I going to be on this show or not? It’s my favorite show in the world. What have you got for me?’ And he was like, ‘Look, listen, I wrote you the silliest little part, but if you want to do it, come out to Hawaii and shoot it. It’s yours.’ I said ‘Absolutely.’ So I’m in it for a split second; I play a clerk who works at Mr. Cluck’s. I’m not credited, and I got to wear the Mr. Cluck’s uniform. It was such a super fun gig for a crazy Lost fan. READ FULL STORY

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