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'American Idol' 2013: Name your Top 5 Power List!

Now that Idol‘s gotten rid of all those pesky males they never even wanted to let through security, it’s up to Angie, Candice, Janelle, Kree, and Amber (left to right) to prove that the winner of season 12 should be a woman even if the concept of blatant producer manipulation did not exist. So let’s hear it, ladies! Tonight the Top 5 will take on two themes: “Divas” and “Birth Year.” My Power List is below — leave your own in the comments…. READ FULL STORY

'American Idol': Lazaro Arbos delivers possibly 'the worst performance' of the series, 'ever'

And Candice Glover delivered one (maybe even two) of the absolute best!

Lazaro Arbos somehow landed in the Top 3 last week, but after two abysmal songburps from him tonight, can anyone vote for him with a straight face? READ FULL STORY

Your Daily Shaw Report

Our pop-culture guide to what’s in, what’s fading, and what’s definitely out.

'American Idol': Lazaro Arbos knows enough words for just one song on Motown Week

How do you solve a problem like Lazaro (pictured, right)? The ice cream scooper with an extreme stutter, 21, really just doesn’t know any of the words to any of the songs! Somehow he got through Stevie Wonder’s “Once in My Life” with no tears-inducing hiccups for his tepid Motown Week solo (full recap here) — perhaps he’d heard it before, or listened to it thousands of times over the weekend. But his subsequent trio with Burnell Taylor (left) and Devin Velez on “I Can’t Help Myself (Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch)” was a complete disaster. Lazaro looked like he was about to cry the whole time, and the guys received a thorough lashing from judge Nicki Minaj. “Don’t ever do that. All three of you, go. Go! Go! Get off the stage!” (RUDE.)

When Ryan Seacrest gently nudged the guys to discuss what happened (ALSO RUDE), Burnell muttered “Not to throw anyone under the bus, but…” and then Devin explained, “I learned my parts. I tried saving a couple people, but…”

“I didn’t know the words that well,” Lazaro strained to say.

Which did you think were the best and worst songs of the night? READ FULL STORY

'American Idol': The eliminated singer is...

UPDATE: The full recap is live!

SPOILER AHEAD! Keep reading only if you want to know who was eliminated from American Idol‘s Top 9 results show tonight. READ FULL STORY

Simon Cowell's 'You Generation' launches today -- VIDEO

Good news for the world’s six remaining undiscovered singers: Simon Cowell’s new Internet talent search, “The You Generation,” officially begins this afternoon. As the X Factor head honcho’s company, Syco Entertainment, first explained last month, the contest will be conducted via YouTube and welcomes all sorts of “unconventional and original talents” — including photography, cooking, visual art, makeup application, and magic as well as music.

One Direction — a band formed on Cowell’s original, British X Factor — will kick things off with a live stream interview at 3 p.m. ET. After that, fans are welcome to upload their own auditions to TYG’s YouTube page. The competition includes 26 distinct categories. Winners of each individual contest will be announced every two weeks; those victors will go on to compete for a grand prize, to be awarded one year from TYG’s launch.

Cowell himself explains the impetus for his newest venture in the video below, which also introduces the contest’s cheery host, Will Best. (Somewhere, Steve Jones weeps.) “Years ago you’d have these awful showcase. You’d have to trek across London, all the record companies would be there, the acts were normally terrible. The system’s changed now,” Cowell says, speaking from an office apparently outfitted with padded walls. “[YouTube] has literally changed the music business for the good.”


'American Idol' results: First of Top 10 to go is....

SPOILER ahead! To find out who’s leaving on Idol — and, in a new twist, the official ranking of the rest of the Top 9 — read on. READ FULL STORY

'American Idol' 2013: Thoughts on the Top 10?

“The competition. Starts. Now!” according to beaming host and wannabe judge Ryan Seacrest — there he is subbing in for Nicki Minaj, who’ll just be seven more minutes in traffic, she swears. (Really? In LA?) Keith Urban and Ryan have graciously left room for Nicki’s ghost.

Tonight the Top 10 take on “any song from any winner” of American Idol — paisley monster Curtis Finch, Jr. is currently cranking up the drama with Fantasia’s “I Believe.” Randy digs his “fly jacket”! The subsidized judging is already off to a great start. READ FULL STORY

'American Idol': Which 2013 judge is your favorite? -- POLL

Recent episodes of American Idol have featured countless “rawwwwwr talent”s from a lovesick Keith Urban, brutally honest missives from Señora Ladybug Nicki Minaj, surprisingly zesty complete sentences from Randy Jackson, and unbridled self-centered rambling from Mariah Carey. Whose specialty do YOU value most? Vote below….


PopWatch Planner: 'The Client List' premieres, 'Spring Breakers' goes wild, and more

You probably don’t remember, but New York was covered in snow the last time I put together the PopWatch Planner. (Sorry, y’all.) To the rest of the country: enjoy what I assume is wonderfully warm weather.

If you still need a little heat, just watch Jennifer Love Hewitt in the season premiere of The Client List. That, and other suggestions, after the jump.


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