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Real-life clowns are mad about 'American Horror Story'

At this point, clowns are more often associated with fear than with good timesand the Clowns of America International aren’t happy about it.

“Hollywood makes money sensationalizing the norm,” Glenn Kohlberger, the association’s president, told the Hollywood Reporter“They can take any situation, no matter matter how good or pure, and turn it into a nightmare.”

The latest nightmare is American Horror Story: Freak Show’s Twisty, a clown who murders and locks up his victims in an old school bus. The character’s so scary that, according to showrunner Ryan Murphy, some people walked out of the premiere, unable to handle it. “I personally don’t have that phobia but I understand that people do,” Murphy told EW earlier this month. “To them I say, watch it in the daytime, because it only gets worse.” READ FULL STORY

How does 'American Horror Story: Coven' compare to 'Asylum' and 'Murder House'?

And so the third American Horror Story has come to an end. The final episode of Coven crowned a new Supreme and significantly increased the season’s already-impressive body count. Co-creator Ryan Murphy tells EW’s Tim Stack that he’s already working on the fourth iteration of AHS — not to mention making plans for a fifth. And why not? Coven was the highest rated edition of the series yet. It also expanded the AHS repertory, with Kathy Bates and Angela Bassett devouring city-sized scenery in precisely the kind of larger-than-life roles they haven’t been getting from movies: You imagine that pretty much every actress of a certain age would kill for a sit-down with Murphy. Coven proved the long-term health of the horror-anthology experiment. READ FULL STORY

TV Recap: 'American Horror Story,' 'American Idol,' and 'Broad City' -- VIDEO

Did you miss Wednesday night’s episodes of American Horror Story: Coven, American Idol, or Broad City? Catch up with our recap videos below! READ FULL STORY

'American Horror Story': Let's all make an educated guess about who will be the next Supreme

American Horror Story: Coven concludes Wednesday night with an episode that promises to bring some closure to the season’s central question: Who will be the next Supreme? It was a question that haunted Jessica Lange’s Fiona, the reigning Supreme and onscreen incarnation of the last 40 years of female power. Dying of cancer, Fiona could feel her life energy flowing into the younger generation. She thought that she could cheat death by killing the next Supreme; at one point, she decided it was safer just to kill everybody. But circumstances changed quite a bit in last week’s episode. (Suffice it to say, this post will be spoiler central for all 12 episodes of Coven so far.)

Now, all the witches left alive will attempt to complete the Seven Wonders, the rite of passage that either kills you or makes you strongest. As the recapper of Coven, I will attempt to guess the identity of the Supreme; as the recapper of Coven, I realize the intrinsic futility of my hypothesis, since much of the appeal of Coven is how frequently it flips the script (and then sets that script on fire and then throws that burning script into an open tank of gasoline). READ FULL STORY

Pop Culture Pet Peeve: All 'American' movies (and TV shows)


Hustle. Beauty. Pie. Idol. Gangster. Dreamz. Gigolo. Virgin. Violet. Outlaws. Idiot. Girl. Boy.

They’re a collection of words (or, in the case of “dreamz,” almost-words) that seem to have little in common, until you put the word “American” in front of them. Then each becomes a title, and not just any title — an evocative, slightly ironic title which promises a story that could only happen in these United States, one offering commentary on our shared national experience and way of life. It’s audacious, patriotic, grandiose — sort of like America itself, or at least the idea of “America.”

Either that… or the work’s creators couldn’t think of a good title, so they picked out a random noun and slapped “American” in front of it.

'American Horror Story: Coven' star Sarah Paulson takes EW's Pop Culture Personality Test -- VIDEO


Sarah Paulson is having a huge day. Just nominated for a SAG Award for her role in the ensemble of 12 Years a Slave, she’ll also see action on the small screen during tonight’s winter finale of American Horror Story: Coven.

Though Paulson remained cryptic about the episode, she did tease that, as her character Cordelia, “I get my sight back [and] I have two different eyes.” Perhaps she’ll finally use those eyes to see through her witch hunter husband Hank (Josh Hamilton). Promises Paulson, “You learn more about Hank and why [he’s betrayed her].”

Stopping in to take EW’s Pop Culture Personality Test, Paulson admitted that she will be utterly starstruck if she ever meets Emma Thompson. Considering Thompson is a fellow nominee for her brilliant turn as as Mary Poppins scribe P.L. Travers in Saving Mr. Banks, Paulson better steady herself for a major A-list encounter come Jan. 18.

In the meanwhile, you can click through to learn some of the actress’s other totems, including ’80s sitcoms and the part for which she lied she’d auditioned. READ FULL STORY

Watch a supercut of Jessica Lange's bitchiest lines on 'American Horror Story' -- VIDEO

The kitchen-sink scarefest anthology American Horror Story returns tonight with Coven, a new 13-episode saga of glorious perversion and off-kilter camera angles. Although the three iterations of AHS are set in radically different eras and locations, they have one very important thing in common: The presence of Jessica Lange, the two-time Oscar winner who has experienced a late-career renaissance playing variations of heavily-accented maternal overdrive in all three seasons of AHS. In the first season, she played a fading southern belle in La La Land; in season 2’s Asylum, she was a tough New England nun; now, in Coven, she’s a mega-powerful witch. In anticipation of a new season of withering put-downs and lacerating verbal wit, check out this collection of Lange’s most awesomely bitchy lines from the first two go-rounds of AHS. READ FULL STORY

Seven things we learned from the 'New York Times Magazine' profile of Connie Britton

Forget Raymond: Everybody loves Connie Britton, a woman who manages simultaneously to be a role model, a sex symbol, and a dream-BFF for anyone who ever obsessed about Friday Night Lights (read: the whole Internet).

And if you don’t love Connie Britton, chances are you just don’t know much about her yet — which is where the New York Times Magazine‘s new Britton profile comes in. The 3,100-word piece is stuffed with tidbits that prove why Connie’s the best; here are seven of the most notable ones.

1. She was a hair’s breadth away from starring in Jerry Maguire, but Renée Zellweger — an actress profile writer Susan Dominus calls “so tiny and tousled that she looked newly hatched” — ended up just beating out Britton for the part. Her final assessment of why she lost the role? “Maybe I was too tall.”

2. She taught aerobics to the luckiest gym-goers in New York City before she got famous.


What pop culture we're thankful for this Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving, I’m thankful for Downton Abbey‘s imminent return to television in the States. Yes, Jan. 6 is still a few weeks away, but I can’t wait to see whether Matthew (Dan Stevens) and Mary (Michelle Dockery) actually walk down the aisle — they really need to, I couldn’t take another breakup — and what brand of American sass Shirley MacLaine brings with her across the pond. Plus, on a more sappy note, the series spawned a regular Sunday night Masterpiece viewing/wine-drinking party with a group of friends that is priceless to me.

I’ve also polled my EW colleagues to ask what they are most grateful for pop culture wise this turkey day. See what they said below!


PopWatch Planner: 'The Walking Dead' and other things that go bump in the night


Halloween is creeping up, and this week could inflict the season’s first real frights.

Cue the return of the undead on AMC, a trip to Jessica Lange’s latest house of demented evil, and a fourth paranormal encounter captured on videotape. Throw in another Bristol Palin dance performance, and you might be having real nightmares on multiple nights. The horror… the horror.

SUNDAY, Oct. 14

The Walking Dead, AMC, 9 p.m.

There will be blood when season 3 kicks off — lots and lots of it. Rick’s had enough of playing diplomat and he’s led the survivors to a prison fortress. It might be the answer to their prayers. Or it might be a prison fortress. READ FULL STORY

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