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John Goodman hosts 'Saturday Night Live' for the 13th time: Talk about it here!

With all the hubbub surrounding Saturday Night Live‘s imminent cast addition, it could be easy to forget that there will be a new episode of the show tonight. But SNL does indeed have 90 minutes of new material (minus commercials and wailing from Kings of Leon) to present for our viewing pleasure this evening — and it’s going to be good.

Why do I predict that? Because of this:


'Alpha House' react: Four men and a Senate

As Gretchen Wieners would say, Washington, D.C., is so fetch right now. We’ve got Scandal‘s dramatic affair-filled take on the city, House of Cards‘ serious business (and affair-filled) approach, and Veep‘s comedic point of view on the happenings within the nation’s capital. So what story could possibly be left to tell about the inner-workings of the non-state? How about the one where four Republican senators live together in what appears to be a “grown-up frat house” of sorts?

Picture a college frat house (on Capitol Hill), and then swap the Natty Lights for whiskey, and the beer pong for … rifle practice? It happened, I swear.

That’s the basic premise of Alpha House, Amazon’s first original series. Written by Doonesbury creator Garry Trudeau and inspired by a New York Times article, Alpha House tells the story of four grown senators picked to live in a house and have their lives taped. Okay, so the taping thing doesn’t happen — it’s a fictional show — but you get the idea. The four senators easily break down into their designated roles: John Goodman is Gil John Biggs, the Republican rep from North Carolina who isn’t one for doing, well, actual work. Now, if you want him to sleep through a meeting or reuse his roomie’s speech on national television? Well, sure, of course he’ll do that.

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