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How we chose our 100 All-Time Greatest Novels

We’ve gotten a landslide of mail about the All-Time Greatest issue, much of it along the following lines:

“Dear Dips–t Editors:

How could could you possibly be so dips—-y?

You put [name of masterpiece] on your Top 100 list even though it fully sucks. I mean, even my 8-year-old sister who drools when she sleeps knows the immense power of its suckage! Yet you totally ignored the awesomeness of [name of something pretty good]. You can explain yourself but I don’t care, and won’t listen, and hate you. Please die. Sincerely, A longtime subscriber” READ FULL STORY

How we chose the 100 All-Time Greatest TV Shows

As far as jobs go, reporting, writing, and editing stories about television is a pretty fantastic gig to have. One could almost call it a privilege — almost, because no job that includes “watching the pilot for every UPN series ever made” can realistically be called a privilege. If you haven’t noticed, we at Entertainment Weekly take television very seriously — so seriously, in fact, that I may have threatened to fire Senior Writer James Hibberd when he dared to suggest that The Wire should not be the No. 1 show on our All-Time Greatest TV list because it wasn’t commercially successful. (It’s a suggestion that was made even more appalling by the fact that Mr. Hibberd has never actually watched a full season of The Wire.) (And yes, I was kidding about firing him.) (Mostly.)

Which brings me to the matter at hand: How, exactly, did the Entertainment Weekly TV staff decide which shows deserved a spot on our All-Time top 100 list? In a word: Meetings. Lots and lots of meetings. But that’s not what you’re interested in, right? You want to hear about the rules, the process, the criteria, all the boxes a show had to tick in order to be considered worthy. It probably won’t come as a surprise to you that we had no specific formula — e.g. “ratings + length of run x Emmy wins / individual season grades” — but we did use three guiding principles while evaluating all the shows in contention: READ FULL STORY

This Week's Cover: The 100 All-Time Greatest... everything!


Every week, Entertainment Weekly gives you tips on the latest, greatest ways to spend your limited time and money. With our new special issue, The 100 All-Time Greatest, we take on nothing short of entertainment history. This is a keepsake issue to inspire (and, yes, enrage) you for a long time to come. You’ll find the 100 best movies, TV shows, albums and novels ever, as well as the 50 greatest plays of the last 100 years and more.

We decided early on not to react to anybody else’s list — and not to try to make “statements” we didn’t really believe in. If we decided that Casablanca was the best movie of all time, then it would be number 1, whether or not people had said it before. By the way, Casablanca is NOT the best movie of all time, but it comes in at a still-impressive No. 3 on our list.

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