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'Alien: Isolation' might be the 'Alien' game you've been waiting for


The 1979 sci-fi horror classic Alien taught us that in space no one can hear you scream — but Sega’s last Alien game had fans screaming for all the wrong reasons.

2013’s Alien: Colonial Marines was supposed to be a canonical sequel to the franchise, but it suffered a notoriously troubled development cycle and was widely panned as a buggy military shooter that couldn’t even get the series’ continuity right. Sega is starting over with a new developer on Alien: Isolation, a bold reboot that is attempting to deliver “the Alien game we would like to play,” according to Creative Assembly’s creative lead Alistair Hope.


'Prometheus 2': Let's speculate wildly about the 'Alien' prequel-sequel


So Fox has officially announced a sequel to Prometheus, the Alien movie that didn’t really have any Alien aliens, but did have the aliens who made those aliens, and also a squid baby. Prometheus made a decent-though-not-tremendous chunk of change when it came out, and its mystery-laden plot inspired plenty of chatter. And whether you liked the movie or not, the prospect of a sequel is intriguing — mainly because it’s difficult to imagine what a sequel to Prometheus would be.


Watching horror movies burns calories, recent study finds

Image Credit: Everett Collection

Life-changing news for horror film aficionados and serial dieters alike, just in time for a Halloween candy splurge: A recent study found that watching horror movies could lead to weight loss, The Telegraph reports. READ FULL STORY

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