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Inside the Best Picture Nominees: A deep dive into 'Nebraska'

Name: Nebraska

Release date: Nov. 15, 2013

DVD release date: Feb. 25

Run time: 1 hour, 50 mins

Box office: Opening weekend: $140,401; Total domestic box office: $16.5 million; Worldwide gross to date: $17.7 million

Rotten Tomatoes score: 92 percent READ FULL STORY

Inside the Best Picture Nominees: A deep dive into 'The Descendants'

There are a whopping nine films nominated for Best Picture at this year’s Academy Awards. And between your work, family, and constant USA marathons of Law & Order: SVU (when will those ever stop being addictive?!), you simply do not have time to catch all nine in the theaters or on DVD. But never fear, dear PopWatchers — that’s why we’re here! Each day leading up to the Academy Awards Feb. 26, we’ll be providing you with a deep dive into one of the nine Best Picture nominees. Fear showing up to your Oscars party unprepared to discuss the year’s most notable films? We’ve got you covered. (Just beware: Spoilers ahead!) And if you’ve already seen all nine films, even better — our inside look at each nominee will serve as a handy guide to remind you of the best and worst moments from every Best Picture candidate this year. Today, George Clooney leis it all on the line in The Descendants. (Be sure click here for more deep dives into this year’s Best Picture nominees!)

Name: The Descendants

Release date: Limited: Nov. 16, 2011; wide: Dec. 9, 2011

DVD release date: March 13, 2012

Run time: 1 hour, 55 minutes READ FULL STORY

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