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Entertainment Geekly Podcast: 'Rick and Morty' and 'Adventure Time'

Entertainment Geekly gets animated this week! While my usual co-host Jeff Jensen is away on a secret mission, I’m joined by Keith Staskiewicz for a chat about the new Adult Swim series Rick and Morty, the Back to the Future riff that has already established itself as one of the weirdest new shows of the season. We also talk about Adventure Time, which shares a network, a night, and a general sense of go-for-broke madcap geekery (albeit in a way that’s much safer for children.) Oh, and we talk about Moral Orel. Because everyone should be talking about Moral Orel all the time. READ FULL STORY

Memorial Day weekend TV marathons: An A to Z guide

Hopefully you’ll get to spend plenty of time outdoors this weekend, soaking up the sun. But if rain (or laziness) keeps you inside, we’ve compiled the TV marathons playing this weekend to keep you occupied! Enjoy! READ FULL STORY

'The No Doctor Cop Lawyer Show': Meet 'Adventure Time' creator Pendleton Ward!

Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time features a whole madcap array of exciting magical creatures, nobly heroic quests, in-your-face surreality, anthropomorphized candy, and totally sweet music. It’s a massive compilation of all things geeky — 8-bit videogames, high fantasy, cool hats. We’re big fans of the show, so it was a blast when we got to meet¬† Adventure Time creator Pendleton Ward at this weekend’s New York Comic-Con. Ward proved his Renaissance manhood by pulling a random string of words out of a hat and turning those words into an endearingly poignant character. Watch our interview below; the new episode airs tonight.¬† READ FULL STORY

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