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George Clooney voted celebrity best fit to be U.S. president

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President George Clooney?

A poll this week found that 35 percent of men considered Clooney the celebrity best fit for the presidency. Rapper Jay-Z trailed behind with 20 percent of the vote (maybe he could run for VP?). Even more women — 46 percent –picked Clooney, but New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was their runner-up with 27 percent.

The poll, from lifestyle sites AskMen.com and TrèsSugar.com, asked men and women about entertainment and politics to compile the ”great male” and ”great female survey,” respectively. When asked about real politicians, 79 percent of men thought President Barack Obama was the presidential nominee with the most wingman potential. Obama was also chosen by both men and women as the manliest politician. Really? Did anybody watch Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Slayer?

When asked ”which male public figure are you most tired of hearing about?” 67 percent of men said Justin Bieber. LeBron James and Kanye West tied for second place. With 62 percent of the vote, Kim Kardashian was the female public figure of choice in the same category. It’s only fitting that Kardashian has been linked to Bieber and West, and that James and West are (if you believe Google image search) besties. Women agreed that they’ve had enough of Bieber and Kardashian.

Men selected Emma Stone as the female celebrity they wanted their girlfriends to emulate (51 percent). The nine percent of men who weren’t tired of hearing about her voted for Kardashian.

In a close race, the band the Black Keys was named the ”next Michael Jackson” (33 percent). Keeping with the contradictory results, 23 percent picked Justin Bieber, who came in third after Usher.

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'Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter': Lincoln versus vampires, history versus Hollywood

There is no historical evidence that vampires had any involvement with the Confederate army at the Battle of Gettysburg. Or, in fact, any other aspect of Abraham Lincoln’s life. Nor is it likely that Lincoln wielded his rail splittin’ axe-shotgun combo in ninja-like fashion to kill said vampires. And Lincoln certainly did not race along the roof of a Gettysburg-bound train careening downwards off a burning bridge collapsing a thousand feet into a chasm in the middle of the night. The flagrant lack of historical accuracy in Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter should be obvious from the title alone. It’s safe to say the film’s creators never intended for it to be considered an accurate historical portrayal. Neverthless, sporadically throughout the film, on certain points and themes, the movie does touch accurately on history.

Perhaps as a broad metaphor for the struggles Lincoln led the United States through in the mid-1800s, the movie gets it right. The leaders of the plantation-based slave dependent economy of the Southern states, represented by vampires in the movie, fought ferociously for four years to stop the armies of the industrial, free-labor dependent economy of Lincoln’s Northern states. The Southern states wanted to protect and preserve their rights, including the centuries old practice of the enslavement of black people. The “peculiar institution” of slavery was so lucrative at the start of the war that the value of all slaves in the United States was worth more then all the factories and railroads combined. Lincoln grew to oppose slavery as it was fundamentally against the founding principals of the United States. In history, he and the Union fought the Confederacy. In the movie, he also battles vampires who rely on the slave population as its food supply and want to create a nation of their own.


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