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'Reign' react: Teenagers go a courtin'

Sorry, Sleepy Hollow: Reign saw your headless horseman and raised you a French court complete with a supernatural spirit protecting a young! sexy! teenage! Mary, Queen of Scots as she works her way through the social and political minefield that was royalty at the time.

History buffs are sure to be disappointed by The CW getting into the politics of 16th century French court (Francis II of France was not so much a stud as he was sickly), but for those of us who are looking for an over-the-top costume drama by the people who brought you 90210, welcome to your new favorite show.

The premiere showcased Mary’s (Adelaide Kane) arrival at court, and — just like in high school — it’s hard to be the new girl. She meets up with her Anthropologie-dressed ladies in waiting, and awkwardly meets the Dauphin of France, Francis. (Toby Regbo)…and his hot half-brother Bash (Torrance Coombs), who looks like a Vampire Diaries castoff who already has an Oscar in smoldering.

'Sleepy Hollow': A GIF-preciation of episode 5

If you have yet to hop on the Sleepy Hollow wagon, get out of 1781 already, sir or madam, and join us here. And I’ll tell you why. READ FULL STORY

'Saturday Night Live' recap: Miley came in like a wrecking ball

Say what you will about Miley Cyrus, but you’ve got to admit a few things: One, the girl clearly has a healthy sense of humor. And two, when she’s not distracting you with foam fingers and errant tongues and several square inches of bare skin, it’s a lot easier to appreciate how good her singing voice really is. (See also: Her cover of godmother Dolly Parton’s “Jolene,” posted on YouTube just nine months ago.)

Both of Miley’s strong suits were on full display last night, making for an SNL totally worth staying up late for. Like, really late; the show’s live feed was delayed 27 minutes due to a college football game that just couldn’t stop. (Actually, maybe not that late after all — in true SNL fashion, the post-”Weekend Update” material was pretty weak.)

Miley didn’t quite prove herself a tour-de-force like Justin Timberlake, the last host-slash-musical-guest to come before her — but she was miles ahead of the guy who pulled double duty the month before Timberlake did. Anyone hoping for Sinead O’Connor digs must be disappointed. Everyone else should be pleased by Miley’s showing — specifically, her work in two straight-up great sketches:


Stephen Colbert marries couple on air, with some celeb help -- VIDEO

You know what? Maybe this government shutdown thing isn’t so bad after all.

First, a Top Chef starts giving all government workers (except Congress) free pizza. Then, after national monument closures wrecked dozens of couples’ wedding plans, a beloved TV personality decides to mend one of those couples’ broken dreams in the most delightful way possible.

Turns out that Stephen Colbert — the real guy, not just his TV alter ego — has been an ordained minister since 2011. And on last night’s Colbert Report, he used his magic nuptial powers to unite regular folk Mike Cassesso and MaiLien Le in holy matrimony.

Of course, before the wedding itself, Colbert couldn’t resist hosting quickie bachelor and bachelorette parties on air, complete with shots and strippers. (You won’t believe who he hired to dance for the bridesmaids… or who Colbert found to be Mike’s best man.)


'Law & Order: SVU': Every issue shoehorned into the Paula Deen/Trayvon Martin episode

According to a message that appeared before Law & Order: SVU last night, the episode that followed — titled “American Tragedy” — “[was] fictional and [did] not depict any actual person or event.” In reality, of course, the hour was clearly ripped from one of the 2013′s biggest headlines: the case of George Zimmerman, on trial for shooting Florida teen Trayvon Martin.

But wait — there’s more! The woman who shot SVU‘s Martin facsimile happened to be a celebrity chef with a history of racial prejudice… much like Paula Deen. And the storyline also hinged, partially, on New York City’s controversial stop-and-frisk program. And… actually, you know what? Maybe it would be easier if we just listed every single issue that came up in “American Tragedy” — starting with this year’s indisputable Song of the Summer.


'SNL' premiere recap: Highlights, lowlights, and whatever Arcade Fire was doing -- VIDEO

The theme of Saturday Night Live‘s 39th season opener: “SNL is back… and starring a bunch of people you’ve never heard of!”

This meta focus made sense — as Tina Fey(‘s plastic surgeon) said in her monologue, this is a “rebuilding year” for NBC’s sketch series. But even though the show seemed determined to remind us about how much it had changed, the premiere was a fairly smooth ride from start to finish. Maybe that was due to a longer rehearsal period than usual; maybe it was the steadying presence of Fey herself, who always seems to have a blast when she returns to her TV home. Or maybe it’s because SNL itself has become a well-oiled machine, one built to survive any major departures — except perhaps that of Lorne Michaels himself.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s pull back and discuss the show itself — its best moments, its worst moments, and… whatever you’d call Arcade Fire.


'Parenthood' react: 'You don't wait for anything'

I have a confession to make: In the span of two months this summer, I binge-watched all of Parenthood, overheated my laptop, used up a grand total of 3.25 tissue boxes to soak up my tears, and fell in love with this show. Yes, there were bumps along the way — looking at you, Sarah Braverman — but I went into this season premiere expecting only charm coupled with the most emotional gut punches from the Braverman clan.

And this episode delivered the classic Parenthood I’ve come to love.

“It Has to Be Now” was an hour of the Bravermans taking chances with a renewed sense of “carpe diem,” as Kristina calls it, but as usual, realizing their flaws in the process.

Kristina, now cancer-free, is enjoying time with Adam, telling him cheesy-but-sweet phrases like “Life is a gift” as they dance together at a bar. But just as the two agree to seize each day, Bob Little pays them a visit and gives Kristina the opportunity of her dreams: to run his mayoral campaign. Adam retreats into his protective nature, warning Kristina how Bob, sleazeball extraordinaire, spent last season lying to her — but all that said, it’s clear Kristina wants to finally take a chance. And her thoughts of taking the job are encouraged by Gwen. “If this is something you want to do, you do it,” she tells Kristina. “This is not the dress rehearsal.” The music swells, and I grab my first tissue. (Sorry, readers, I’m a crier. Perfect choice in shows, don’t you think?)

'Modern Family' react: The kids are alright

The always enjoyable (and constantly Emmy-winning) comedy is back for season 5, and it’s off to a strong start.

The first half-hour, “Suddenly, Last Summer,” tugged at heartstrings with Mitch and Cam’s storyline, as they find out they can finally marry (insert baby Fulgencio vomiting here). Sure, it pulled the usual antics with competing proposals, and Gloria and Claire as Cam and Mitch’s wingwomen, respectively (Claire, in particular, seemed overjoyed to rattle off manipulative proposal ideas to a horrified Mitch). But the payoff, with Mitch and Cam saying “Yes” in unison, forgave the bumps along the way. I don’t know about you, but the moment nearly made me “sob like a Tony winner,” to quote Mitch. READ FULL STORY

'Top Chef Masters' finale react: The Last Supper

This is it. The end of Top Chef Masters means summer’s officially over, so we whipped up a pumpkin spice latte and settled in for the finale. The opening montage reminded us of chefs gone by — oh how we’ve missed you and your Canadianness, Lynn — and geared us up for the one big challenge to rule them all, sans quickfire. Read on — but not if you don’t want to find out who was named the winner of Top Chef Masters!


'Breaking Bad' takes over 'Conan' -- VIDEO

Just like you, Conan O’Brien is obsessed with Breaking Bad. Just like you, he’s been spending the last few months both eagerly anticipating and dreading the series finale on September 29. And just like you, Conan also thinks it’d be just awesome to spend half an hour palling around with Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul, Anna Gunn, Dean Norris, Betsy Brandt, RJ Mitte, Bob Odenkirk, Jonathan Banks, and Vince Gilligan.

But unlike you, Conan actually has the power to make that last part happen. Thus, last night’s episode of Conan — a celebration of AMC’s Emmy-winning drama, featuring altered opening credits, appearances by every full cast member, several goofy in-joke segments (“BarrelFlex: Get fit the Breaking Bad way!”), and even a special musical guest: Los Cuates de Sinaloa, performing the opening song from season 2′s “Negro y Azul,” a.k.a. “The Ballad of Heisenberg.”


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