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Minnie Driver reveals her crush on Blondie (the whole band!), fear of 'Evil Dead' -- VIDEO


Minnie Driver’s character on NBC’s About a Boy may not know a lot about pop culture, but when Driver stopped by EW to take our Pop Culture Personality Test, she easily proved she was a pro, sharing stories about a longtime love of Blondie and why Tootsie always makes her laugh.

Also making her giggle these days? Her About a Boy character. “I just thought it was very funny,” Driver explained about what attracted her to the show. “She’s very fragile, and I thought it was a different type of character [than you] normally see on television. You don’t see many fragile hippies on network television in America, and I thought that might be an interesting thing to try and crack.”

Watch Driver take EW’s Pop Culture Personality Test below: READ FULL STORY

'About a Boy' star Benjamin Stockham confesses first celeb crush, shares his thoughts on 'The Happening' -- VIDEO


You don’t have to be 13 years-old to enjoy doing a video interview in front of a green screen (which Veronica Mars stars Ryan Hansen and Jason Dohring reminded us recently). But it definitely doesn’t hurt. “I’m making the editor work really, really hard. I’m sorry! I’m sorry!,” About a Boy‘s Benjamin Stockham joked when he stopped by to take our EW Pop Culture Personality Test.

Watch us quiz him below on his first celeb crush, the movie he has to watch every time he spots it on cable, the first song he was obsessed with, and the scariest movie he’s ever seen. (He also admitted to never missing Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time, being “pretty good” at virtual blackjack on his phone, and having cried when Transformers‘ Bumblebee died. In other words, he more than passed.) READ FULL STORY

'About a Boy' premiere review: Men, children, and man-children

In the pantheon of movies based on television shows, there’s way more bad than good. Actually, now that I think about it, they probably don’t even deserve their own pantheon­—more like a dimly lit janitorial closet or a Burger King bathroom. Sure, there’s some high-quality examples like The Untouchables or The Fugitive, but more often than not you end up with Lost in Space or Land of the Lost. When the content’s flowing in the other direction, from big screen to small, there’s a slightly better hit-to-holy-bananas-what-a-miss ratio, but still for every M*A*S*H or The Odd Couple, there’s a handful of Ferris Buellers. READ FULL STORY

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