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Tag: A Fine Line Between Love and Hate (1-2 of 2)

'Game of Thrones': OK Cupid reveals which characters are most compatible

Could the Kingslayer and the Maid of Tarth be on the road to romantic bliss? Those who have read every published word of A Song of Ice and Fire may know the answer — but regardless of whether these two characters will hook up at some point, the Game of Thrones fans at OK Cupid certainly seem to think they should.

Just for fun, the site’s dating gurus calculated the compatibility of three couples who are currently betrothed on the show, as well as Jaime and Brienne (whose relationship is purely platonic…for now). After filling out OK Cupid surveys for each character, the engineers compared questionnaires to figure out which pairs made the most romantic sense. They then shared those results exclusively with EW. The resounding winner: Jaime/Brienne, who are 84 percent compatible, according to OKC’s algorithm.


'Smash': Are you hate-watching it? Or do you still have hope for an improved Season 2?


If there’s one thing critics enjoy more than rhapsodizing about something they love, it’s gleefully picking apart something they despise. And this season, the hottest punching bag on TV is Smash — a backstage drama that went from NBC’s Great White Hope to a total mess in about four episodes flat.

The same writers who once praised Smash‘s pilot are still watching the show — but instead of extolling its virtues, they’re writing with relish about how fascinatingly awful it’s become. And even though I haven’t been as hard on the series as some of my ink-soaked colleagues, my weekly Smash recaps include their share of snarky, frustrated jabs. The clunky dialogue, the nonsensical plot twists, the infuriating romantic entanglements, the slow but steady deification of Karen “Iowa” Cartwright — all of it combined makes the devoted Smash viewer feel like an Ivy-style masochist.


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