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Jon Hamm spends '7 Minutes in Heaven' with a very lucky guy -- VIDEO

Comedian Mike O’Brien doesn’t usually get much more than a peck (if he’s lucky!) from the male guests that stop by his closet for the popular web series 7 Minutes in Heaven, but leave it to Jon Hamm to really take things to the next level.

This latest installment opens with an especially spicy reading of a mock Mad Men script where Hamm-as-Don Draper admits he didn’t cheat on his wife and instead went home and “took care of it solo, if you know what I mean.” Later, there is a visit from a tickle spider and a question about how often “the sex act ends in crying.” (For the record, it’s 50/50.)

Most 7 Minutes episodes end with a kiss and Hamm’s is no exception. The level of heat in O’Brien’s closet rarely rises above a quick, awkward smooch, so it’s a surprise when Hamm pushes him against the wall for a faux make out session, complete with flying shoes and tussled hair.

It’s all in good fun, of course. While Hamm is best known for his dramatic work in Mad Men and films like The Town, he is also a gifted comedian, having co-starred in Bridesmaids, guested on 30 Rock and hosted Saturday Night Live.

Check out Hamm’s 7 Minutes in Heaven below.


Rashida Jones reveals her turn-ons in '7 Minutes in Heaven' -- VIDEO

Now here’s some NBC synergy we can get behind. Parks and Recreation star Rashida Jones recently stepped into a cramped closet with Saturday Night Live writer Mike O’Brien for a new episode of O’Brien’s web series, 7 Minutes in Heaven. Their wine-fueled conversation covered everything from what makes Jones either “horny” or “super horny,” why she’s got some confusing feelings about Michael Jackson’s Off the Wall, and what it would be like if the actress were a “homely girl” who became a smoking hottie by putting her hair up and donning a pair of glasses. Eat your heart out, Kitty Sanchez.

Trust me, you’re in for a ride:


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