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If you date Katrina Bowden, prepare to know who killed Chewbacca

When 30 Rock‘s Katrina Bowden was named Esquire‘s Sexiest Woman Alive in an Internet poll recently, I admittedly attributed some of her success to a well-organized grass-roots campaign. Certainly the 22-year-old is gorgeous and talented, but her crowning didn’t necessary mesh with who I imagined were Esquire‘s core demo. But kudos to Esquire for being ahead of the curve. Bowden’s new video clip on CollegeHumor is sure to win her even more fans from the PopWatch crowd. She loves Firefly!!! She makes Sheldon Cooper seem like a wannabe. She. Is. Our Queen Bee. Bow down and worship. READ FULL STORY

John Krasinski whiffs in latest Red Sox/Yankees prank against Alec Baldwin

The second-place Boston Red Sox open up a three-game set against the first-place New York Yankees tonight, which means two things. One, that a man wearing a Big Papi jersey in Penn Station this morning better be faster and tougher than the real Big Papi, or he won’t make it anywhere near the Bronx. And two, Alec Baldwin and John Krasinski are due for Round 3 of their New Era shenanigans. Recall that last we saw the It’s Complicated co-stars, Baldwin had punched Krasinski in the face and urged him to get plastic surgery. So I don’t blame Krasinski for seeking revenge by billboarding Baldwin’s pooch. But much like the old Boston Cheers gang, who were always outclassed and outmaneuvered in their ongoing rivalry with Gary’s Old Towne Tavern, the Office star might be in over his head. This dog don’t hunt. READ FULL STORY

Yankees - Red Sox rivalry turns violent, as Alec Baldwin slugs John Krasinski

The Yankees and the Red Sox engaged in another weekend series, and John Krasinski and Alec Baldwin took part in another New Era commercial celebrating the heated rivalry between two of baseball’s most iconic franchises. This time, things turned violent and Krasinski took one on the chin from Baldwin’s plumber-like fists. But the real hurt was Baldwin insinuating that Krasinski isn’t handsome. Take a look. READ FULL STORY

'30 Rock': Lizbeanism philosophy meets mortality

The new, post-100th episode of 30 Rock was all about taking charge of your own life. What’s the best way to do this? Rhymes, songs, quotes, and haikus, of course! All of those work until mortality sets in, and then you realize you have no control whatsoever. No human is truly the master of his or her fate. But more on that later. First, we’ll start out with a lovely little lullaby to ease you into the recap: Hush island baby/tomorrow you shuck the cane/your little fingers bloody/prepare to be whipped. READ FULL STORY

Tina Fey talks comedy, Sarah Palin, and 'Full House' at Google

Tina Fey joined Google’s executive chairman Eric Schmidt for an hour-long chat recently to promote her book Bossypants, that you can now watch online (shocking!). See it below. It starts getting good around 8:40, when Fey discusses the main difference between male and female comedy writers. In addition to some men’s penchant for peeing in cups (so that’s real?), she says, “Also, the men sometimes pretend to rape each other. The women never do that… I deal in generalizations.” She also talks about Sarah Palin impression and how she believes there’s a double standard when it’s a female impersonating a female — the media never referred to it as “mean” when Will Ferrell did George W. Bush or Darrell Hammond did Bill Clinton. READ FULL STORY

'30 Rock' and 'Community' both take walks down memory lane: Who did it better?


30 Rock celebrated 100 episodes with gas-induced hallucinations, flashbacks, and bouts of nostalgia last night. Considering there are five seasons of material to take from and millions upon millions of quoteables, I loved hearing the classic Donaghy logic (“It’s after six. What are we, farmers?”), revisiting vintage Crazy Tracy (“I am a Jedi!”), and even got excited at the sight of dumb Dennis Duffy. But its earlier Thursday night sibling may have delivered a smarter approach to the hackneyed TV trope.

Community defied convention yet again, by creating a clip show out of entirely new scenes posed as memories each character had from earlier episodes this season. READ FULL STORY

'30 Rock' is 100! Tom Hanks comes to celebrate!

30 Rock is already so jam-packed full of jokes, and that’s just the usual 30-minute episode. It’s TV’s version of sardines in a can. So a full hour of 30 Rock?! Buckle up, nerds. This is gonna be a long one.

TGS, like 30 Rock, was conveniently celebrating its 100th episode. Unfortunately, the show sucked. And without Tracy, it sucked even worse. And despite the fact that TGS finally made Wikipedia last week, Hank Hooper laid down the law and gave this ultimatum—deliver an epic 100th episode with Tracy Jordan, or the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad show would get canceled. And as much as Frank’s little “I Give Up” hat seemed to say about the task at hand, Elizabeth Lemon vowed to make TGS a success: It will not be the worst thing on TV tonight! That’s a spot reserved for John Stossel. READ FULL STORY

'30 Rock' celebrates 100 episodes: Which are your favorites?


In her new book Bossypants, Tina Fey gets candid about the decision to leave the comfort of Saturday Night Live and embark on her own with 30 Rock. She explains that while the show amassed critical success, the goal was always to become a hit with viewers (“We were trying to make Home Improvement and we did it wrong”), and 30 Rock‘s ratings left the cast and crew afraid to make long-term plans during the early years.

Yet, somehow (by the hammer of Thor, perhaps?), Fey and her gang have made it through almost five seasons, and celebrate 100 episodes with tonight’s hour-long special. With TGS on the verge of cancellation, Lemon will be pulling out all the stops to ensure she won’t have to stoop so low as to get a job at a magazine, or become the world’s worst hooker. In honor of this milestone for our beloved little show, here’s a look at some favorite episodes from the last five seasons:

“The Source Awards” (Season 1)
Jack’s burgeoning sparkling wine company becomes the sponsor for The Source Awards, causing Tracy and old foe Ridikolus (LL Cool J) to confront their beef with one another. READ FULL STORY

'Cougar Town': 1-855-PENNYCAN. Penny Can!

Cougar Town has been on a way-too-long hiatus so ABC could air Mr. Sunshine in its place. Instead of sunshine, this produced a rather dark, stormy cloud in my life. And while I’m in favor of Courteney Cox’s previous TV husband getting another chance at primetime, I curse the former Mrs. Chanandler Bong for making Cougar Town a distant memory in my TV-centric life.

But because ABC decided to slap out of it and air TWO new episodes this week, I’m willing to let bygones be bygones. ABC, you’re forgiven. Plus, they gave the all-new episode the coveted post-DWTS slot (“Hi Dance Fans, please still be there”). So grab your oversized wine glasses so we can chat about Monday night’s “Walls.” READ FULL STORY

Condoleezza Rice to visit '30 Rock': Is Jack Donaghy over her?

Al Gore visited 30 Rock to save the whales. Jerry Seinfeld returned to NBC to thwart Jack Donaghy’s Seinfeld-ization of the network, and Oprah was a figment of Liz Lemon’s pill-fueled hallucination. But Lemon can now expect a celebrity cameo that might have real consequences. Promoting her comic memoir, Bossypants, on the Leonard Lopate radio show, Tina Fey spilled the news, “I’m going to make an executive decision that I’m allowed to talk about this. We have Condoleezza Rice coming up in a couple of weeks.” READ FULL STORY

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