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PopWatch Planner: 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' in theaters, 'The Following' finale, and more

As April comes to a close, Andrew Garfield is once again suiting up as the oh-so-amazing Spider-Man, just as John Oliver suits up for the debut of his new talk show. Elsewhere, The Following‘s season is coming to an end, just as 16 and Pregnant kicks off another year of teens, babies, and more drama than most scripted television could fathom.

Here’s your pop culture schedule for the week:


MTV's '16 and Pregnant', 'Teen Mom' helped reduce teen birth rate, says study

In 2008, 40 out of every 1,000 girls between the ages of 15 and 19 gave birth. By 2011, that number had fallen to 31 out of every 1,000. And according to a new study, the recent decline in teen births means we should all be thanking … MTV?

Wellesley economist Phillip B. Levine and University of Maryland economist Melissa S. Kearney recently conducted a study that showed how the decline in the U.S. teen birth rate accelerated between 2008 and 2011, and how shows such as MTV’s 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom played a crucial role.

For those who haven’t see the shows, each episode of 16 and Pregnant follows a different teen through her pregnancy, childbirth, and first weeks of parenthood. The show’s spinoff, Teen Mom, picks up with a handful of the new mothers and continues following them through their first months, sometimes years, of parenthood.

Levine and Kearney’s study found that the two series led to a 5.7 percent reduction in teen births. Therefore, the shows can account for about one-third of the decline in teen births for the year and a half after the shows were introduced. READ FULL STORY

Maci from 'Teen Mom' hangs with 'Jersey Shore': Why we're seriously worried

Maci-BookoutImage Credit: Dario Alequin/INFphoto.comTwo things that don’t belong together: Teen Mom and Jersey Shore. Yes, they’re both on MTV. Yes, our knowledge of space and time and the universe tells us that they occupy the same general plane of existence. But if we could alter the space-time continuum and carefully place the two in separate alternate realities, we would. Alternate realities as far apart as alternate realities can get, however that would work.

And yet, there’s our beloved Teen Mom Maci Bookout — the seemingly most grounded of the four young women, with the best support system to boot, featured on the documentary series — in Us Weekly hanging out with the cast of Jersey Shore. (Yes, she also has lots of new blond hair.) This union represents MTV’s internal bipolar disorder — a show with the best of public-service intentions (that’s Teen Mom, in my opinion, to be clear) and a series devoid of redeeming value, a self-perpetuating fame-mongering machine. READ FULL STORY

'16 and Pregnant': As good for kids as it is addictive to watch

16-and-pregnant-2As MTV’s 16 and Pregnant gets ready to start a new season Oct. 26, a new study (full results here) from the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy shows that the gritty reality series does not, as some critics have insisted, “glamorize” teen pregnancy. In fact, in a national poll of teenagers, 82 percent of those who watched the show said it helps them understand how hard teen pregnancy is and how to avoid it, while 76 percent said such shows help them talk to their parents about sex. (About half said they actually did talk to their parents about sex because of something they saw in the media.) A separate study investigated discussion groups about the show at Boys and Girls Clubs of America and found that 40 percent talked about the show with a parent, 63 percent discussed it with a friend, and 37 percent discussed it with a sibling.

It’s harder to remember the good that 16 and Pregnant, along with its big-sister show Teen Mom, are doing when you see the constant gossip-mag stories about their “stars” (or when, perhaps, you see famous teen mom Bristol Palin on Dancing With the Stars). But that doesn’t take away from the fact that the MTV hits continue to hammer home, week after week, the gritty realities of having a kid too young. These numbers prove the glamorization argument doesn’t hold up — despite what other media are doing to muddle the message.

MTV's good deed of the week: Affecting new spots tackle sexting, condoms, and abuse

Is it just me, or is MTV building up quite the karmic surplus as of late? Sure, they’ve been testing this good-and-true programming track for about six months now, and, thank goodness, it must be working — the sweet-hearted Buried Life is shooting a second season, 16 and Pregnant will be back in the fall to continue the world’s most effective ongoing ad for condom use, and Teen Mom is currently in its second (and ever-more-arresting) season of de-glamorizing young motherhood. Now come the similar-in-spirit public service ads that paint a painfully sympathetic portrait of modern girlhood, with Aubrey Plaza (Parks and Recreation), Jessica Stroup (90210), and Rosario Dawson reading eloquent monologues from Eve Ensler’s bestseller I am an Emotional Creature: the Secret Life of Girls Around the World: READ FULL STORY

'16 and Pregnant: Life After Labor': Dr. Drew makes teen girls cry

16-Pregnant-ReunionImage Credit: MTVRaise your hand if an hour and a half of catching up with teen moms was a bit much for you. Yeah, me too. Or perhaps I’m just used to profanity-riddled “reunion” specials where castmates go at each other like lions fighting over a rotting carcass in the wildness. None of that happened on this 16 and Pregnant post-finale special. The closest we got was Dr. Drew Pinsky acting as though teen mom tears were the only source for his secret power of faux empathy. But that wasn’t nearly as entertaining to watch as profane belligerents; in fact, it was borderline awkward.

But to its credit, the special updated us on what the teen moms from season 2 have been up to besides crying, wearing lots eye makeup, and parenting. Specifically, we got relationship dish. Here’s what we learned: READ FULL STORY

'16 and Pregnant' finale: 10 reflections on an infuriating episode

16-Pregnant-10Image Credit: MTVNot to sound like a deranged Care Bear or anything, but teen mom Kailyn really needed a big hug last night. Between her selfish mother, almost completely absent father, and her immature teen boyfriend, she was largely alone in life. But in stepped boyfriend Jo’s mom, Janet, who was basically the nicest woman alive. Am I being dramatic? Maybe a little…. READ FULL STORY

'16 and Pregnant' recap: 10 things I'm glad (well...) I learned

If you went from watching Glee to 16 and Pregnant last night, join me in lauding the shockingly seamless transition in our programming choices. Not only did both shows give us a helping of pregnant teen, but 16 and Pregnant met Glee point-for-point in the cheating baby daddy department and in the music appreciation category. Brava! READ FULL STORY

'16 and Pregnant' recap: 20 moments that made me want to slap someone

16-Pregnant-LeahImage Credit: MTVI would normally only make a list featuring 10 slap-worthy moments because 10 is just a great, list-friendly number. But we deserve a supersized list because Leah, the focus of last night’s episode of 16 and Pregnant, had twins (and really cute ones, might I add).

So, you know the drill. Here’s my list of 20 moments that made me want to slap someone. 

++ Leah’s eloquent explanation of her and Corey’s relationship. ”We met at a party one night and one thing led to another.”

++ ”Corey was just supposed to be a rebound.” Well, you scored a two-pointer instead, Leah. READ FULL STORY

'16 and Pregnant' recap: Two social issues for the price of one

Nicole-16-PregnantImage Credit: MTVI think this is the first week that teen pregnancy wasn’t the most troubling social issue to be brought to light by an episode of 16 and Pregnant. Rather, the hour was a subtle case for better educational standards. Case in point: Teen father Tyler, barely 16 years old, hadn’t been to school since he was 13. Yes, 13.

This is where I insert a disclaimer that I’m not an education policy expert, but as a viewer, all I can say is: Whoa. Kudos to the teen for enrolling in a program to obtain his GED (which he did four days before his daughter was born), but it was sad to watch someone who had clearly fallen through the cracks. I’ll leave the in-depth discussion of this issue to you all, but it was definitely worth mentioning off the top because it was the most distinctive part of an otherwise basic episode of 16 and Pregnant, where 16-year-old Nicole and the aforementioned father were expecting their first child to mixed reviews from family members (Tyler’s mom being the most out-spoken opponent). READ FULL STORY

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