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Melanie Amaro wants EVERYONE to have a Pepsi (except for Sir Elton John) -- VIDEO

If you were one of the roughly 12.6 million viewers who tuned in weekly to the glittery chaos that was The X Factor — and if you weren’t, shame on you for getting Steve Jones fired — you might recall the occasional casual mention of a Super Bowl Pepsi commercial for the winner. The X Factor was all about subtlety. Anywho, Melanie Amaro’s prize commercial, “Kings’s Court,” has finally arrived, and it’s every bit as silly and garish as one would expect from the minds responsible for this. READ FULL STORY

'X Factor' overhaul: Who should replace Nicole, Paula, and Steve?

With this morning’s news that Nicole Scherzinger, Paula Abdul, and Steve Jones will not be returning to The X Factor next season, it would appear the cheese (Simon Cowell) stands alone. Well, mostly alone. There’s still L.A. Reid, hanging on to his Pepsi cup like a barnacle on a cruise ship. The show is clearly undergoing a major overhaul, probably so Simon Cowell can clinch those 20 million viewers he boldly projected last fall… and that a Cowell-less Idol scored just last week. It got us thinking: Who should host and judge the next edition of X Factor. We pose some suggestions below… READ FULL STORY

'X Factor': With Nicole Scherzinger, Paula Abdul, and Steve Jones gone, are you more likely to watch?

I wanted to like X Factor in its first season. I really did. As a longtime American Idol fan, it had what seemed like a perfect formula: Simon Cowell + Paula Abdul + Unknown, Up-and-Coming Singers – Randy Jackson. Unfortunately, in my household, that formula only added up to ho-hum television, and, based on the first season’s lower-than-expected ratings, many of you agreed. (X Factor‘s finale attracted a respectable 12.4 million viewers, but that’s still 8 million fewer viewers than Idol‘s season 10 finale.) Alas, even without Randy, the judges’ panel was no match for early Idol viewing, and its host, Steve Jones, was far less involved and fun-loving in X Factor‘s early episodes than Ryan Seacrest is in Idol.

But now, X Factor is remedying those dull spots. As EW reported, host Jones and judges Nicole Scherzinger and Paula Abdul have been given the boot. READ FULL STORY

'The X Factor' poetry roundup: 12 most powerful lines from departing judge Nicole Scherzinger

Hot on the heels of a real tragedy, sources close to The X Factor say that judge Nicole Scherzinger will join host Steve Jones in their expulsion from the harsh, red galaxy. Nicole will not return for season 2, having received Simon Cowell’s blessing to go forth — far, far, away… no, no, a little farther… please, love, if you could just keep walking — and work on her music.

Since turning my “I love Steve Jones” post inside out and doing “10 Things I Won’t Miss About Nicole Scherzinger” seemed a bit cruel, here’s a benign roundup of some of Nicole’s most poignant and thought-provoking utterances in season 1. Print these out and let her wisdom guide you through life. You’re an inspiration for her.

Merely 12 of Nicole Scherzinger’s Most Powerful Lines of Poetry from ‘The X Factor’

“We’re nothing without the talent.” (during a confessional from her hotel suite in Seattle)

“If I were a teenager again, you’d be all over my walls.” (to the Brewer Boys) (ew?)

“If I were a season, I’d want to look just like you.” (to Lakoda Rayne) READ FULL STORY

'American Idol': Does reality TV's recent glut of singing competitions have you more or less excited for season 11?

With Idol‘s Jan. 18 premiere just a week away, it remains to be seen whether America is in it to win it or if we’re way too fatigued to give a damn. In a year saturated with major-network musical competition series fall 2011 brought The X Factor and The Sing-Off; season 2 of NBC’s The Voice premieres post-Super Bowl on Feb. 5 — can Fox’s long-running behemoth inspire the same weekly devotion it always has? I say yes!

It’s been nearly eight months since American Idol winner Scotty McCreery baby-locked-them-doors and gargled his way through a victory lap in a confetti downpour. Season 10 went well. Everyone thought the ratings would go down with the loss of Simon Cowell and introduction of Jennifer Lopez and your batty uncle Steven Tyler, but the show defied expectations, winning the youth demo by far each week and gaining in total viewership for the first time since 2007. TV’s reality-singing standard didn’t falter even in the face of February’s successful debut of The Voice — a fresh, new, and much different series on a competing network. What we learned: Idol‘s not a crapshoot; it’s a fixture. We can rely on it. (At this point we rely on Ryan Seacrest for pretty much everything.) READ FULL STORY

Who was 2011's worst-dressed TV character?

Let’s face it: Not everyone on TV can be Victoria Grayson (Madeline Stowe), whose immaculate gown collection on Revenge makes her look like she’s stepped out of a magical silk sea that changes jewel tones at her every whim and envelops her in liquid wealth for every occasion — “breakfast,” for example. Nope, sometimes people on TV just look like crap. I’ve started a list of 2011’s Worst-Dressed TV People below. But it will likely seem as incomplete as Kurt’s ridiculous one-sleeved cowl-neck sweater on Glee, so please add your own suggestions in the comments! READ FULL STORY

'The X Factor' on the scene: Dear lord, that woman is trapped inside that giant holiday bauble!

If you need a reminder that there is hope for humanity this holiday season, look no further than the line of people waiting to get into Thursday night’s finale of The X Factor. Standing behind me: two-thirds of the miles-more-interesting-than-inTENsity, tight-fitting-pants aficionados the Anser. (Yes, their pants remain as snug as ever.) Standing in front of me: All of Chris Rene’s family, who, since we’re on the subject, are quite the fashionable bunch themselves. With only 45 minutes left until the show was live to the East Coast, the line was unusually long, and moving at a snail’s pace — but no one complained, no one pulled rank and cut ahead, and everyone got in with plenty of time to spare. This may not seem like that big of a deal, but after a season rife with ill-mannered judges and rattling extravagance, I’ll take any moments of quiet grace I can get.

And then there was the moment when, after I passed the gate and made my way to the ticket-tent area, I noticed a pair of PAs working furiously to vacuum up what appeared to be a cloud of lint from inside what appeared to be a clear plastic bubble. READ FULL STORY

'The X Factor': And the winner is....

Update: Annie’s finale recap is live.

SPOILER ALERT! After a two-hour finale featuring holiday songs by the Top 3, a billion holiday commercials, and performances by Justin Bieber and Stevie Wonder, Leona Lewis, 50 Cent, and Ne-Yo and Pitbull, someone has won a $5 million recording contract! The winner of The X Factor is…. READ FULL STORY

'The X Factor' on the scene: Josh hugs silver space robots, and Melanie almost sings the Moody Blues

I have no way of knowing this for certain, but I think The X Factor audiences are getting louder. For one, the tinny ringing in my ears after I emerge from the Xanadome have progressed from a dull roar best associated with visiting Niagara Falls to a dull howl best associated with standing in close proximity to single-propeller aircraft while trying to carry on a conversation with Mary Murphy. For another, every single time I visit The X Factor‘s migraine starship at CBS Television City, at the end of the show, Simon Cowell takes to the mic and tells the crowd that it was the best, loudest, rowdiest audience they’ve ever had. And Simon never exaggerates or embellishes anything, ever.

It can’t be pointed out enough that the raucous, unruly volume inside the Xanadome is entirely at the constant urging of the show itself. Bill, the show’s Warm-Up Guy, works himself into a bouncing, sweaty lather telling us “you cannot be too loud tonight,” that our success as an audience will be measured by how much the judges are unable to hear themselves talking. All season, Bill has promised two tickets to the finale to the loudest pair of people in the audience, which means (if I have my math right) there could be as many as 32 people at tonight’s show who are certifiably deafening. My poor eardrums are already shuddering at the thought.  READ FULL STORY

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