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Leslie Knope loves you so much, she's helping you plan your own Galentine's Day celebration

Women of the world, Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, but do not fear that you will be receiving the emotional equivalent of an empty, dark-chocolate-stained Kay Jewelers box if you find yourself without a significant other. Leslie Knope has a solution that will fill your heart with sisterly affection and distraction — her annual Galentine’s Day banquet! On NBC’s Parks and Recreation hub, you will find 10 useful tips for creating a self-esteem-building activity on Feb. 13. Too bad you didn’t already start planning for this last Feb. 15, when Valentine’s Day merchandise went on deep discount, but it’s okay: There are still a handful of other valuable instructions. Consider sharing your feelings with the group by customizing a song such as Taylor Swift’s “You Belong With Me.” But if you remember to do only one thing, it’s monogram everything. Feel the love right here.

'How I Met Your Mother' react: You gouda do, what you gouda do

Now that I’ve used gouda in a headline, I’m pretty sure life has nothing else to offer me. But if there’s anything, it would be the promise of more classic How I Met Your Mother episodes, like the one that aired tonight.

Now, if I’m being honest, it wasn’t the most belly-splitting half-hour ever. But it was certainly creative enough for me to appreciate it in all of its mind-bending glory. (See “Brunch,” season 2.)

A short recap, while Michelle Profis works on your full one: READ FULL STORY

Karl Rove says he was 'offended' by Clint Eastwood's Chrysler Super Bowl commercial

Update: Clint Eastwood responds to Rove’s comments (below).

Let’s all be grateful that the new M&M and that slingshot Doritos baby had no possible political motives, because if they had, Karl Rove might have had something to say about it. During a segment with Fox News, the network’s current contributor and the former Deputy Chief of Staff said he was “offended” by Chrysler’s “Halftime in America” commercial which featured a pro-Detroit revival sentiment and a gravelly, rousing Clint Eastwood telling viewers, “This country can’t be knocked out with one punch, we get right back up again.” (Come on Rove, you wouldn’t like him when he’s angry.)

Steven Seagal could be sued for killing a puppy

This story isn’t as ridiculous as the title implies. Oh wait… it totally is. While filming the next season of Steven Seagal: Lawman, the martial arts master teamed up with Maricopa County, Ariz., Sheriff Joe Arpaio — himself no stranger to reality television — to raid the house of alleged cockfighter Jesus Llovera. According to The Onion AV Club, Seagal commandeered a SWAT tank and led dozens of officers in riot gear into the house, where they set off explosives, basically ripped apart the house from the outside in, and killed about 100 chickens in the process. Also a casualty of the raid: Llovera’s 11-month-old puppy. READ FULL STORY

'Ferris Bueller' Super Bowl ad: All the easter eggs in one basket


Ferris Bueller fans have probably already spotted most of the easter eggs in Honda’s Super Bowl ad, which finally aired during Sunday’s game after generating tons of buzz online for a week. Some are a tad on the obscure side — honestly, who remembers Ferris’ street address? — but here’s the complete official list, courtesy RPA, the ad agency that made the spot. As Ferris himself would say, so choice. (And click the jump below to see the commercial again!) READ FULL STORY

Super Bowl halftime headliners: Where does Madonna rank? POLL!

The debate continues this morning over Madonna’s Super Bowl halftime performance: Was it, as EW’s Ken Tucker says, joyous, unironic, and openhearted, or, as The Vampire Diaries‘ star Paul Wesley succinctly put it on Twitter, “one of the most unintentionally amusing things” you’ve seen in a long while? Either way, it’s a performance you’ll remember (and not just for M.I.A.’s middle finger). Let’s find out where Madonna ranks among the halftime headliners in recent memory:  READ FULL STORY

Tonight's lineup features 'The Voice,' 'The Bachelor,' 'Smash,' and more: What will you be watching?

This is the kind of day where having multiple TVs (and multiple DVRs, for that matter) would really pay off: Monday night’s lineup includes no less than six can’t-miss shows that are competing with one another in their time slots. But on the off chance you inexplicably don’t have a television for every room in your house, then how to choose, PopWatchers?

The Voice is riding high off its post-Super Bowl second-season premiere, which offered Mickey Mouse Club reunions, sparring judges, and contestants you can’t help but already root for (go Tony, Juliette, and Chris!). Seems The Voice might already have an advantage — the series is fresh on everyone’s minds as it heads into the 8 p.m. time slot tonight. Only problem is it will face off against new episodes of fan and ratings winners The Bachelor and How I Met Your Mother. Even more conflicting, The Voice and The Bachelor will have to compete with a new Alcatraz, which airs their second hour of programming.

Doritos wins the 2012 BrandBowl: Did pregame buzz help?

The New York Giants didn’t need to slingshot any babies or cover up the whereabouts of a cat to earn their thrilling Super Bowl victory. (That down-to-the-last-second fourth quarter was crazy enough as is.) But that strategy certainly worked for Doritos as commercials featuring those very scenarios helped them win the 2012 BrandBowl.

For the second year in a row, Doritos had the most-talked-about ads on Twitter. Doritos Super Bowl commercials generated 48,687 tweets, which was up from 34,063 tweets last year. Even sentiment was up significantly from last year when Doritos earned just a plus-6 percent Sentiment Rating — which differentiates between positive and negative tweets. This year, they received a solid plus-29 percent. Still, there was something America loved even more than cat murder and child endangerment… M&Ms! According to MarketWatch.com, the candy, which introduced their new brown M&M earned plus-41 percent positive feedback on Twitter. (Unsurprisingly, GoDaddy.com was the least liked of the evening with minus-10 percent Sentiment.)

Why did M.I.A. flip the bird during the Super Bowl? -- POLL

We may never know why pharaoh bitch goddess M.I.A. gave us the middle finger while performing Madonna’s new single “Give Me All Your Luvin’” during the Super Bowl half-time show. It’s probably Gisele Bundchen’s fault. But we’ve got to get to the bottom of this. If you don’t agree with our educated guesses, tell us your own theories in the comments. READ FULL STORY

Twitter reacts to Madonna's half-time show, M.I.A.'s middle finger, and those boots!

Madge killed it in her halftime show, even earning love from the hard-to-please and often overly critical social media madding crowd. She looked amazing and belted out classics “Vogue” and “Like a Prayer” alongside her new song “Give Me All Your Luvin’” and 2000′s “Music.” Okay, so she tripped on the bleachers (who wouldn’t in those sky-high boots?), and maybe M.I.A. gave her the finger mid-song (did she or didn’t she?) — and there is a dispute over whether she was lip syncing (was she or wasn’t she?). But Madonna certainly proved her prowess as a professional and a performer, with a clean, solid show featuring old favorites and a new song that has her classic, catchy persona written all over it.

There are hundreds of results when you search Twitter for Madonna right now. Some are questioning the performance’s legitimacy, but most are praising Madonna for her incredible show and commenting on a certain finger lifting. So here are some of the best tweets from around the web, including thoughts from celebs like Eva Longoria, Steve Martin, and Denise Richards on the Material Girl’s show. Read theirs and share your thoughts below or tweet us @EW! READ FULL STORY

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