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'Real Housewives of Orange County' season 7 premiere react: Wine not?

It was all about the red wine in the Real Housewives of Orange County‘s season 7 opener. You see, the memory of Tamra lobbing a glass of wine in former Housewife Jeana’s face still hung heavy in the air, and no one — not even Tamra — would let the incident go quietly into that good night. As such, there were many, many shots of the Housewives setting out red wine glasses in advance of a much-hyped party that we won’t even see until week 2. So what did we see? In short: An unexpected alliance between enemies, the first glimpses of new girl Heather (she’s an actress, in case you didn’t know), Vicki’s psychotic fluffing of throw pillows, and Alexis hoisting her pelvis to the sky for the sake of “journalism,” to name a few highlights. Read all about it below…


'RuPaul's Drag Race' week 2 query: Was 'WTF' one of the most outrageous challenges ever?


Over three seasons, we’ve seen boatloads of lunacy on RuPaul’s Drag Race: Everything from dresses made from dollar bills and egregious shoulder flair to huge, raging queens that throw other contestants around and futuristic get-ups that look like they were ripped from the 2050 version of Cats. Last night’s episode, “WTF!: Wrestling’s Trashiest Fighters,” was centered around a ridiculous WWF-inspired challenge, which was pretty nuts and begs the question: Was this one of the series’ most outrageous challenges ever?

For sure. I think last night’s new episode will majestically go down in Drag Race history with those memorable hours mentioned above, as the 12 remaining queens found themselves putting together drag wrestling looks and then putting on an outlandish, drama-filled show for the judges — something they’ve never done before. “Tonight,” RuPaul told the gals before the main challenge, “you’ll be transforming yourself into wrestling’s trashiest fighters.” Yes: WTF. (Ru, your cleverness is always appreciated.)

All the evidence you need of last night’s challenge brilliance is in this post: Just look at the capture of Latrice Royale and Kenya Michaels — excuse me, Latrice the Beast and Killer Kenya. It…is…beyond! These ladies really killed it the crazy department, putting on a show that kept me cackling all night. “Yesterday,” Ru dramatically told all the ladies after the challenge, “you changed the face of professional wrestling forever. I smell a spin-off!” WTF, indeed! It just seems devastating that such a spectacular pair — Latrice Royale and Kenya Michaels — didn’t win the challenge.


Martin Sheen searches for son Charlie's tiger blood and Adonis DNA on 'Who Do You Think You Are'

In the season 3 premiere of Who Do You Think You Are?, Martin Sheen proves once and for all that his son Charlie’s anti-authoritarian streak is genetic. For the Lisa Kudrow-produced docuseries, Martin traced both sides of his family back as far as five generations to see if his activist spirit (that same penchant for trend bucking that got Charlie in hot water throughout 2011) was indeed a legacy. The journey took Martin from his home in California to Dublin and back to his great-great-great-great grandfather’s home town of La Coruña, Spain. So who were the rebels of the Sheen/Estevez families of yore, and were they also #winning? READ FULL STORY

'Supernatural' react: Dean's a DAD?! Plus, what's been the biggest loss of the season?

If emotional baggage was bacon cheeseburgers, Dean Winchester’s life would be a lot sweeter. Heck, it’d be downright awesome.

Sadly, it’s not. And as it turns out, his one-time comfort — non-committal sex with attractive women — doesn’t even provide solace any more. In fact, it’s downright dangerous. No, this week’s episode wasn’t about VD (they’ve gotta save something, should there be a season 8). This week, Dean’s escapades (with Vampire Diaries alum Sara Canning) produced a trouble neither brother had encountered before: a monster love child! (The woman Dean slept with was a succubus and they, apparently, go through the entire baby growing process in about 36 hours. Terrifying.) There could have been a lot of humor in this predicament, but a grim air has been hanging over Sam and Dean all season. So even the most outlandish of predicaments and cases hold a deeper meaning. This case certainly did.

As you might recall, earlier this season, Sam tried to give an old monster friend of his, Amy, the benefit of the doubt and let her get away after killing someone, believing she could change. He almost succeeded in giving Amy the second chance she wanted, but then Dean caught up with her and killed her. This week, Dean finally understood Sam’s moral quandary. After all, Dean was tasked with killing something that was, technically, a part of himself. In that moment, as he stood before his three-day-old teenage daughter (only on Supernatural…), contemplating the act he had to do, he hesitated a bit. When Sam entered and saw Dean’s position, he did it for him. I didn’t consider her death a loss as big as some of the others they’ve both suffered this season, but from Dean’s perspective, I’m sure it didn’t help his already broken spirit. READ FULL STORY

'RuPaul's Drag Race' season 4 premiere query: Is Sharon Needles the most 'sickening' contestant ever?

Logo’s reality indulgence RuPaul’s Drag Race has enjoyed its fair share of intriguing contestants in previous seasons: Glittery gals from BeBe Zahara Benet to Pandora Boxx to Shangela — who reappeared on screen last night, albeit briefly, as a semi-annoying gag — are memorable queens who’ve been of high interest in the past. But apparently the best queen was to come, and she appeared last night in the show’s season 4 premiere: Sharon Needles.

Yes, you read that right: Sharon Needles. Read that name again. And again. Linger over it. And now say it out loud… a little bit faster. Let it wash over you. It’s genius, right?

And just look at Needles here: Have you ever seen a drag queen like her before? She was — in a word — simply divine. For the way she described herself: “Beautiful, spooky, and stupid,” she said in her first interview. For how she whirled onto the show: “I look spooky, but I’m really nice… at least for now,” she promised the other queens while arriving in the workroom wearing a hat fit for the Wicked Witch of the West. For how she reacted when the guest judge was announced: Sharon Needles went into near-hysterics when told that fellow spook-master Elvira would appear on the judging panel alongside RuPaul, Santino Rice, and Michelle Visage.

Now, I wish that the photo here — this is just her standard gallery shot, unfortunately — reflected the gal’s ghastly runway look last night, but never before have I seen a drag queen look so dead. Deliciously dead? Dumpily dead? Disgustingly dead? Honestly, all of the above — pleaseandthankyou. I’m clearly not the only one who felt this way, considering that — SPOILER ALERT — the macabre-focused queen took home the glory last night by winning the RuPocalypse-themed challenge on the main stage.


'Chuck' series finale react: Were you satisfied with the ending?

So much can be — and has been — said about the resilience of NBC’s Chuck. In fact, television circles will, I humbly predict, refer to it exactly how EP Josh Schwartz described it to EW: “Saved by sandwiches.”

The show always found itself facing cancellation (Chuck Vs. The Bubble, if you will), and yet, somehow, be it fans or footlongs, found a way to come back. And when it came time to close out the series, it seems only fitting that Chuck, the character, displayed the same resilience as the universe he existed in.

We always knew that tonight’s finale would pose challenges to the title hero. (They’d never let him off easy.) But even I never expected what they threw at him. [If you didn’t catch the series finale of Chuck, don’t read on until you do!] READ FULL STORY

'Gossip Girl' react: Will Chuck save the day (by ruining it)?

The countdown to the royal wedding is on, Gossipers! And, let’s be clear, no one really wants this to happen, right? Let’s take a survey: If you like Louis, please stand up. Well, since this is the Interwebs — the land of convenient thoughts — I’m going to assume you’re sitting. Great.

Now, since we’ve gotten that straight, I think the big question here is how this wedding between Blair and Prince Louis will not happen. Not IF it won’t happen. HOW. Call it a sixth sense — but I’d really prefer if you call it common sense. After all, the pieces to an impending wedding disaster are all there. READ FULL STORY

'The Big Bang Theory' 100th episode react: 'I'm not some kind of nerd, I am the king of nerds'

Oh, Big Bang, you and your trickery.

[Note before I go on, if you haven’t seen tonight’s 100th episode of The Big Bang Theory, off you go. Spoilers ahead.] READ FULL STORY

'White Collar' midseason premiere: Should Neal be [SPOILER]?

Could there be a major life-changing event on the horizon for Neal Caffrey?

That’s what it certainly looked like at the end of tonight’s episode of White Collar, which put to bed a number of cliffhangers, settled a lot of unfinished business from the show’s last new episode, and, as mentioned, put a huge possibility before us that I never saw coming. [Don’t read on if you don’t want details on the episode.] READ FULL STORY

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