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Doc Jensen Sunday Edition: Desmond's walkabout, Eloise's pin, and more 'Lost' mail!

In my Friday Doc Jensen column, I promised you all a special bonus edition to post on Sunday, devoted to questions and theories inspired by last Tuesday’s Desmond-tastic episode of Lost entitled “Happily Ever After.” And here I am, a man of my word, making good on my promises, as I always do… except for that time when I promised you candy bars in Season 3. And a reading list after Season 5. And that other time when I vowed to… oh, stop hounding me with your recriminations, Doc Jensen Conscience!

To business:

Amie Vigneux writes: “I have a question about the significance of Eloise’s pin. Doesn’t it look a lot like the symbol/mark Juliet was branded with by The Others in the season 3 episode ‘Stranger in A Strange Land?’” READ FULL STORY

Favorite flashback episode poll: Vote now!

flashbacks_320.jpg Image Credit: Mario Perez/ABC; Greg Gayne/Fox; NBCWhen we asked readers to name TV’s best flashback episode, we got more than 1,000 responses. After the jump, you’ll find a poll representing 45 of the most popular and/or passionately-pitched picks. Declare your favorite. Then visit our gallery of 25 Flashback Episodes You Love for a trip down memory lane. READ FULL STORY

'Lost' recap: And that's when things got weird...

SPOILER ALERT! SPOILER ALERT! A MILLION TIMES I SAY, “SPOILER ALERT!” (Although I hope we can let these three declarations stand in for the rest.) Seriously, I’m sure I really don’t need to be saying this, because you are not stupid people. If you’re reading these words, you watched tonight’s “Happily Ever After” episode of Lost, and so you’re ready to talk and critique and theorize. If you’re reading these words and you didn’t read tonight’s episode… well, you are strange. But we’ll take your eyeballs, anyway. Okay, enough with the preamble: This one was gooooooooood. And downright essential. “Happily Ever After” was the episode we’ve been waiting for all season. READ FULL STORY

'Lost' countdown: Keamy, Desmond, and your burning questions

henry-ianImage Credit: Mario Perez/ABCWe begin today’s countdown to Lost with an apology to anyone for whom the phrase “countdown to…” triggers a violent post-traumatic stress response to last week’s “Countdown To V” clock that colonized the corner of “The Package” like some unwanted, lizard-skinned hamster-eating alien squatter. I shall say no more of ABC’s ill-considered choice, though for anyone in the market for snarky vivisection, I direct you to this week’s episode of Totally Lost, which you will find at the end of this column.

Next order of business: a new direction for my remaining Doc Jensen columns of the season — my last Doc Jensen columns, like, ever. READ FULL STORY

'Totally Lost': Get the goods on 'The Package' and a few teasers for tonight's episode of 'Lost'

totally-lostImage Credit: Mario Perez/ABCIt’s time to unbutton our shirts just a little and get comfortable, because we’re about to unwrap “The Package,” a.k.a. last week’s episode of Lost, which featured [SPOILER ALERT!] a mature-audiences-only Sideways story for Jin and Sun, as well as an Island adventure that brought back Desmond and took away Sun’s English. After Yunjin Kim introduces this installment of Totally Lost with a bit of mystery, we get Lost in translation, discussing everything from surprise Sideways guests to Sun’s language barrier to why Widmore transported Desmond to the Island. We also offer teasers for tonight’s episode of Lost, “Happily Ever After,” and an analysis of a certain promo strategy. (Note: Turns out that the great Stephen Colbert already beat us to the punch, but what can we say? If we can’t be as timely, let’s at least be not as funny.) After you watch, tell us below: Where do you think the Sideways story is going? Which blast from the past would you most like to see in the Sideways world? What did you make of Sun’s aphasia? And how does Desmond fit into Widmore’s plan?

(P.S.: If you have any trouble viewing videos in PopWatch or if you’re on an iPhone/iPad, head over to the Totally Lost hub to see Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3. For more diversion, follow @ewdocjensen@dansnierson, and our magic-making producer/editor/spiritual counselor @ewjasonaverett.) READ FULL STORY

iPad apps for Netflix, ABC, and 'Plants vs. Zombies': Yes, please

iPad-ABCImage Credit: Peter Belanger/ABCThree big announcements today on the iPad front have me a lot more excited for the device’s entertainment future: ABC, Netflix, and Plants vs. Zombies are all headed to an iPad near you. Figure out a way for this thing to dispense beer, and I might have a new life companion.

PvZ is one of the best games of 2009, and its iPhone app is a total star. (And a blockbuster for PopCap — it’s one of the fastest selling apps ever.) The iPad version, which is HD, includes a few more levels, modes, and minigames, but its also able to take advantage of the multitouch screen on a much bigger scale. The game is incredibly addictive, so only buy it if you plan on giving up a major portion of your life to the joyous pursuit of zombie-slaying through the power of agriculture. READ FULL STORY

Sawyer 'Son of a Bitch' Video

The comprehensive Sawyer clip can be found at Jezebel, but unfortunately for iPad users, the video is currently in Flash. To give you the general idea though, click here to check out a less complete, but equally cuss-filled compilation on YouTube.

'Lost': Let's open 'The Package' and start talking! SPOILER ALERT!

Welcome to the Sideways world, in which Doc Jensen is a theology professor who watches no television and was once arrested for lecturing in the buff, while I am a 5-foot-7.5-inch EW.com writer who recaps Lost episodes in traditional 5-7-5 haiku format. (“LA X”: Flash sideways — What if?/No, wait… Real reality?/Ouchy! Pulled my brain) Without further backstory, why don’t we whip up a few poems that — no, no, wait! Please don’t leave. I was just kidding. Doc Jensen will be here very, very soon to deliver his Thoughts of Awesome on this week’s episode, titled “The Package.” In fact, if you listen closely, you can hear the frantic, inspired tapping of his titanium-reinforced keyboard. But until his analysis arrives, let’s get a quick conversation started about “The Package.”(WARNING: If you haven’t watched “The Package” yet, stop reading right now, or you’re going to get spoiled something fierce.) READ FULL STORY

'Totally Lost': We analyze 'Ab Aeterno,' listen to Titus Welliver, and tease tonight's episode

totally-lostImage Credit: Mario Perez/ABCLast week’s episode of Lost, “Ab Aeterno,” didn’t give us eternal abs, but it offered us the next best thing: Some answers about the age-defying wonder that is Richard Alpert, as well as those dueling deities, Jacob and The Man In Black. Of course, big downloads of Lost mythology require all sorts of analysis, which brings us to this week’s installment of Totally Lost. Your hosts—who go by the flimsy aliases “Jeff Jensen” and “Dan Snierson”—discuss the significance of wine and corks while examining the increasingly intriguing conflict between Jacob and MIB. You also will enjoy a nice glass of Titus “Johnny Cash” Welliver along with a few teasers for tonight’s episode, “The Package.” In lieu of a thank-you note, share your latest theories and ruminations with us below. Did the Richard Alpert story meet expectations? Was the wine/cork analogy to your liking? Are you any closer to figuring out the end game? (Follow @ewdocjensen and @dansnierson.)

[ewbrightcove “74520571001”, “74685194001”, “525”, “365”]

Countdown to 'Lost': How many of you are still counting down to 'Lost'?

doc-jensen-kwonImage Credit: Mario Perez/ABCWaaaaait a second — I’m not Doc Jensen! No, you’re not suddenly reading some kind of Sideways Popwatch, and I promise Doc J and I aren’t actually the same polymorphous entity, although that would be pretty cool. No, our fearless leader on all things Lost is simply traveling on assignment, but don’t worry. The Doc will still file his weekly Lost TV Watch as per usual.

For this week’s Lost run-up, however, you’re stuck with Asst. Prof. Vary. And like the unruly sub I am, before we dive into our hopes and dreams for the episode that just might, finally, at long, long last, reunite Jin and Sun, I’m going to take this rare opportunity atop the official Lost soapbox to bring up one of the most divisive questions among the Lost faithful: Is this show still worth caring about?


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