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President Obama and more release statements on Robin Williams' death

Following Robin Williams’ death Monday, family, friends, colleagues, and those who respected him have responded, releasing statements about the the late actor. READ FULL STORY

Steve Martin, Ellen DeGeneres, more react to death of Robin Williams

News of Robin Williams’ death took the world by surprise on Monday afternoon. Celebrities have taken to Twitter to express their deepest sympathies and memories of the late comedian: READ FULL STORY

The cast of 'Teen Wolf' explains all four seasons in 30 seconds


For any casual viewer of Teen Wolf, watching MTV’s bloody, beautiful show can be taxing on the mental senses—there are dozens of demon names, ancient myths, all-powerful beings, and even lacrosse team members to potentially get lost in the shuffle.

That’s why we recently assembled the cast of Teen Wolf and enlisted their help in summarizing everything that’s gone down in Beacon Hills over the last four years. Tyler Posey, Tyler Hoechlin, Holland Roden, Shelley Hennig, and Dylan Sprayberry took a breather from the craziness of Comic-Con and dropped by the studio to lend their help. (Even if you’re an avid, careful viewer of the show, it’s pretty damn entertaining.)


'Fault in Our Stars,' 'Catching Fire' take home Teen Choice honors

The surfboards (or serfborts, if you’re Beyoncé) were out at Sunday’s Teen Choice Awards, where the casts of The Fault in Our Stars, Divergent, and Pretty Little Liars took home plenty of the trademark awards.

Modern Family‘s Sarah Hyland and Teen Wolf’s Tyler Posey hosted the show, which featured appearances by Taylor Swift, 5 Seconds of Summer, and… Donald Sutherland? (The 79-year-old actor won Choice Movie Villain for his role in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire and proceeded to throw berries into the audience while accepting the award.)


TV Fight Club: 'Game of Thrones' vs. 'The Walking Dead'


They’re both cable TV shows going into their fifth seasons based on beloved source material. They’re both dark, dire ensemble dramas with supernatural elements that mercilessly kill off favorite characters, and are hugely popular with record-setting ratings and passionate fandoms. But only one—HBO’s Game of Thrones or AMC’s The Walking Dead—can be crowned the better show.

Which will win? Here’s a case for both, then I’ll turn this over to you, the EW reader jury. READ FULL STORY

'Shark Week' drinking game: EW's ultimate guide to getting sharkfaced

From reenactments to breaching sharks to water that’s just a little too still, Discovery’s Shark Week has certain sights we can count on after years of attentive viewing, making it the perfect television event to drink to. (You know, because nothing speaks to the beauty and awe of nature quite like alcohol does…)

Sure, you could drink every time a shark appears on screen, but we’re going for something slightly more ambitious. Bring your 21+ self and can-do attitude, and get ready to play Entertainment Weekly‘s ultimate Shark Week drinking game. Proceed with caution, or not at all. Hey, we tried to warn you.

From EW to you, soon-to-be sharkfaced readers: Happy Shark Week! (Yes, it should be treated as a holiday.)


-2-3 Beers (Your choice, but Land Shark sounds more spirited)

-1 Bloody Mary

-1 AMF (It’s blue, like the ocean)


-Swear Jar

-Full stomach (Well, not too full, but certainly not empty)



Before we get started, if you feel like adding an extra layer to our 10 rules, draw a mustache on a piece of paper and tape it to the TV screen. Every time the mustache lines up perfectly with a shark, or human, drink! Warning: high tolerance strongly recommended. For those who hope to spare their liver, if only slightly, skip the mustache and follow the 10 rules below.


1. Take a sip of beer whenever you hear an Australian or South African accent; we suggest Foster’s for Australia and (pause for Google search…) Castle Lager for South Africa. Then, try to imitate the accents. This will get funnier as the game continues…

2. Take two sips of beer whenever someone goes into the water to face the predators in a steel cage. Keep your camera handy! If a shark bites the cage, gather your friends and pose, delivering your best toothy grin. Don’t bite your friends (too hard).

3. Take three sips of beer if a new discovery is made and/or something is caught on film for the first time, and yell “Yeah, science!” a la Jesse Pinkman.

4. Speaking of Breaking Bad, when the water seems just a little too still, start humming Tommy James and the Shondells’ “Crystal Blue Persuasion” and gently sip your AMF. Oh, and try to relax; we realize you’re probably fighting the paranoia of an imminent attack.

5. If a diver swears, put a dollar in the swear jar. You know, so you can afford to buy beer the next go-round.

6. Whenever you see blood, reenactments or otherwise, get that Bloody Mary in hand, and keep drinking until you no longer see red.

7. Begin drinking when a shark breaches, and don’t even think about stopping until the shark is all the way back in the water (through all the slow-mo; includes replays). Probably best to go for lower alcohol content here. Stick to beer.

[Hold for Shark Week-related comedy break! Note, if you're going to follow Tracy Jordan's advice, do yourself a favor and don't play this game every week. Your liver will thank you.]

8. In the rare event that a seal escapes from a shark, we have to congratulate the little guy. I know what you’re thinking: time to shotgun! The last to finish has to troll, meaning he or she sits under the coffee table for the rest of the episode (that doesn’t exempt the straggler from drinking, by the way).

9. When Colossus is located after a two-year search in Air Jaws: Fin of Fury, head to the kitchen and see if you can find a beer that’s been hidden in the back of the fridge, one that’s likely been sitting there far too long. Drink in the name of a successful search.

10. Whenever Jaws is mentioned or the theme plays, yell, “We’re going to need a bigger bottle of water!” Take the chance to sober up, so as to avoid that inevitable, nasty hangover, but use this time to think about how Jaws is just a movie, sharks aren’t actually man-eaters, and we pose more of a threat to them than they do us.

Whoa, this is getting a little too deep. I could use a drink…

Shark Week begins with Air Jaws: Fin of Fury at 8 p.m. ET/PT tonight on Discovery Channel

15 ways 'Outlander' is secretly 'Battlestar Galactica' all over again

The press around Outlander, which premieres on Starz Saturday night but has already released its pilot on Youtube to nearly one million views, has been very positive—and often filled with caveats that it’s “feminist fantasy,” or at least directed at female audiences.

People have made much of the genre shift showrunner Ronald D. Moore made by going from his best-known previous project, the sci-fi epic Battlestar Galactica, to Outlander. The latter, an adaption of Diana Gabaldon’s book series, follows Claire Randall, a World War II nurse sent back in time to 18th-century Scotland. It panders to audiences who like attractive Scottish men, and British period pieces, and cool accents. The former, a remake of a 1970s series, follows the titular Battlestar Galactica as it searches for earth in the midst of Cylon (robot) attacks. It panders to audiences who like complex mythology, space operas, and meditations on post-9/11 politics.

But let’s not pretend that those two shows are really that different—or that the either show is just for drooling fanboys or drooling fangirls. Here are all the reasons why Outlander‘s just like Battlestar Galactica—and why both are awesome.


'The Knick's John Thackery and other TV surgeons, ranked

Television is full of surgeons, some good and some, well—let’s just say you wouldn’t want them to operate on you or anyone you know.

When Cinemax’s The Knicka show about the early days of surgery, premieres Friday, viewers will meet yet another TV surgeon: Dr. John Thackery (Clive Owen), a gruff doctor who’s often up to his elbows in blood. Because The Knick is set in the early 20th century, Thackery is lacking many of the luxuries today’s medical professionals have. But he still proves more trustworthy than, for example, Grey’s Anatomy’s Leah Murphy.


Is 9-year-old Sean Lesniak the No. 1 fan of Shark Week?


Nine-year old Sean Lesniak is quite confident in his love of Discovery Channel’s Shark Week. When asked if he is the No. 1 Shark Week fan, Lesniak says, without hesitation, “Yes,” and all things considered, there’s little room for doubt.

“No one loves Shark Week more than I do,” Lesniak says. “People in school call me Sharkboy because I love sharks so much.”

Lesniak is unfazed by sharks’ reputation for being scary. To him, sharks are striking creatures to be admired. “They keep our coral reefs healthy and they keep our fish population in balance,” Lesniak says. “They’re magnificent.”

Lesniak first became interested in sharks through watching Discovery Channel’s annual deep-dive into the ocean’s top predators, beginning at the age of three. He has been addicted ever since. “I love Shark Week because it’s a week about sharks,” Lesniak exclaims. He seems slightly taken aback by the inquiry—Shark Weeks awesomeness requires explanation?


5 Australian pop-culture imports you should know

Sick of explosion-filled blockbusters and snoozy summer reality TV? Here’s a solution: Try looking to the Southern Hemisphere to fill your entertainment needs. Several EW staffers have fallen under the spell of Australian TV and music, especially Josh Thomas’s charming comedy Please Like Me (which returns to Pivot on Friday at 10:30 p.m. ET).

And it’s not just people who write about this stuff for a living: A friend of mine is obsessed with Dance Academy, a teen drama that’s exactly what it sounds like (and is available for streaming on Netflix). Another swears by Australia’s Next Top Model, which has supposedly produced more successful models than its American counterpart. And then there’s Iggy Azalea, the New South Wales-born rapper whose music has been inescapable for months (even if plenty of writers refuse to admit that “Fancy” is 2014’s Song of the Summer).

Want to jump on the bandwagon, or however they say that expression in Australia? Here are some of the best wonders Down Under has to offer right now: READ FULL STORY

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