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Date set for 2015 Tony Awards


The Broadway League and the American Theatre Wing have announced the date for the 69th annual Tony Awards. The ceremony is set for Sunday, June 7, 2015.

The show will be aired live on CBS from Radio City Music Hall in New York City. The official cut-off date for Broadway productions eligible for nomination during the 2014-2015 season will be Thursday, April 23, 2015; nominations will be announced live on Tuesday, April 28, 2015.

The setting was the star of Spike Jonze and Jonah Hill's Fashion Week play

The most impressive part of the one-act play Spike Jonze directed and co-wrote with Jonah Hill for Opening Ceremony’s Spring/Summer 2015 collection: the setting.

That’s not to knock the clothes, which were ostensibly the focal point of the piece—after all, the play was composed for Fashion Week. Nor is it to say that there weren’t good actors on stage. The cast consisted of stars like John Cameron Mitchell, Bobby Cannavale, Catherine Keener, Rashida Jones, and Elle Fanning.

But when the curtains opened to reveal that the audience was actually sitting in the back of the Metropolitan Opera House, looking out on its plush red seats and famous chandeliers, everything else became almost secondary. Seeing one of New York’s great institutions from such a rare perspective elevated the evening’s proceedings.


Tyler Oakley, 'Video Game High School' among winners at Streamy Awards

Though the 2014 Emmy Awards have taken much of the recent awards chatter, the Streamy Awards held on Sunday, Sept. 7 honored another form of entertainment, highlighting the best online videos and their creators.


Joan Rivers' final interview: Warm, gracious, and funny 'til the end


Joan Rivers was a kind woman—as gracious, wise, and generous as she was funny. That might sound strange to hear about a woman who could eviscerate any actress who made a misstep on the red carpet, and who famously described Elizabeth Taylor as standing in front of a microwave oven screaming “Hurry!” Her biting comedic sensibility—her art and craft—came from feeling like an outsider among Hollywood stars and New York society, even after she herself became very rich and very famous. And she sincerely believed that by skewering you in her act she was paying you a great compliment; it meant you were relevant, worth talking about. The “smart ones” got it, she said, and indeed many of her victims, including Prince Charles, counted her as a friend. READ FULL STORY

Watch Joan Rivers zing Anna Wintour in her last interview

On Aug. 27, the day before Joan Rivers went into her final surgery, she participated in a book talk with People Magazine and EW editorial director, Jess Cagle. Rivers was there to promote Diary of a Mad Diva, but also took the time to talk about fashion, how “more is better,” and how Anna Wintour isn’t always right. Of course, she did it with her usual flair.

Fitter, happier, more productive: an iPhone 6 rumor report

On September 10, 2013, the iPhone 5S was announced to the world. Ten days later, the phone was released, and immediately thereafter rumors about the iPhone 6 began circulating in earnest. This Tuesday in Cupertino, California, Apple CEO Tim Cook will get on a stage, reach into his pocket and finally put those rumors to rest, at least for however many days it takes for the phone to go on sale and speculation about the next iPhone to begin. To paraphrase Rust Cohle, iPhones are a flat circle.

So how will this iPhone compare to its predecessor? What will be different? What will be the same? What else will be announced on that fateful Tuesday?

While the sensible answer to all of those questions is “holy crap, calm down and wait, it’s only four days away,” a large and profitable industry specializing in the speculation about Apple products has sprung up, and it is extremely thorough. Go to any number of websites and you’ll find exhaustive lists of what to expect. Many of these rumors have been repeated consistently enough to be accepted as more or less fact—so much so that even The New York Times jumped into the fray, citing a number of anonymous Apple employees and partners who corroborate the most widely-accepted of these rumors. It’s arguable that Apple is very bad at keeping secrets—but few manufacturers are the subject of this level of constant scrutiny.

That said, here’s what you can probably expect to see this Tuesday:

A new look: This goes almost without saying, but the iPhone 6 will look different. Some say it’ll be curved, but that isn’t likely—it’s expensive, and everyone claiming to have seen mockups of the device seem to agree on a sleeker form factor with softer edges and a screen that has almost no borders. Apple design has long favored devices that look as seamless and uniform as possible, as though they were sculpted from a single piece of metal, so expect a refined, thin handset.

Mobile payments: The iPhone 6 is rumored to finally be the model that incorporates Near-Field Communication tech in its hardware, which means the company is going to make a serious play for mobile payments. Reports that Apple has partnerships with American Express, Visa, and MasterCard give further credence to this particular rumor.

Two new iPhones: Extra large phones with big, pretty screens are in, and Apple is expected to make a bid for this space by releasing the iPhone 6 in two sizes—a 4.7 inch model, and a 5.5 inch model (the current iPhone 5/5S is four inches). Getting into the specifics of what will be different about each model is where details get hazy: a bigger phone means more room for more powerful hardware—or at least more storage space. Some Apple sleuths assert that both models will perform more or less identically, and that space and materials are the only difference, while others are speculating that the larger model will make use of super-tough Sapphire glass for its display. This is one category where we’ll have to wait and see.

The iWatch: Tuesday’s event is widely believed to mark the debut of the first entirely new Apple product since Cook took over the company three years ago. Colloquially referred to as the iWatch (and hopefully actually referred to as something much better than that), it’ll be Apple’s foray into the buzzy world of wearable devices. While a number of companies have entered this space over the past couple of years, the field has been kind of like Lacey Chabert’s character in Mean Girls—always trying to make “fetch” happen. Apple is expected to take wearables from nerd curio to full-blown thing. Expect the iWatch (ugh) to lean hard on HealthKit, and for bloggers to gush about the design. Because, if there’s one thing that the company has managed to keep secret, it’s what the iWatch (ugh) will look like.

Keep in mind: Apple has not, and will not, say a single word about any of this—in fact, the company has not officially ever even acknowledged that these devices exist. As well-sourced as some of these rumors are, they are ultimately just rumors, and none of this may happen. Tim Cook is just as likely to stand on stage and flubber his finger over his lips for two hours for all we know. He probably won’t, but still. That would be something. A thing, if you will.

Barbra Streisand, Amy Poehler, more remember Joan Rivers (Updated)

Joan Rivers died Thursday at age 81, and her famous friends and admirers, ranging from Fashion Police co-host Giuliana Rancic to comedian Amy Schumer, remembered her for her sharp, energetic humor and for being a pioneer in both comedy and feminism. Here is a list of the statements so far, with updates to come:

Giuliana Rancic
“It is almost impossible to describe how much I adored Joan and how much she has meant to me. She was not only the funniest women I have ever met but was incredibly loving, honest, and lived her life with no regrets. Working with her for the last 13 years has been one of the true joys of my life. She could put a smile on your face instantly no matter how hard your day was. My heart goes out to Melissa and Cooper, who have lost something that can never be replaced. Their bond was truly one-of-a-kind. They had the greatest mother and grandmother anyone could have ever hoped for. My life is so much fuller and happier because I got to share it with this beautiful person, a true genius. I woke up today unable to grasp what the world will be like without her and, at the same time, feel so privileged to have called her my friend.” READ FULL STORY

Joan Rivers: A video tribute


Joan Rivers’ career spanned several decades filled with dozens of hilarious film, television, and stage appearances. The comedienne and TV host, who died on Thursday at age 81, repurposed her own life experiences into biting, insightful, groundbreaking comedy.

From her early appearances on the Sammy Davis, Jr. Show to playing a robot in Spaceballs to her recent appearances on shows like Louie, Rivers imbued her jokes with energy and wit that few others have matched. In honor of her vast and memorable career, here’s a tribute featuring a few of the countless times Rivers made audiences laugh.

Seth Meyers, Larry King, and more express condolences for Joan Rivers

This afternoon, news broke of Joan Rivers’ death. Celebrities, media outlets, and friends have been offering their condolences on Twitter and social media and sharing their best memories of the late comedienne:


Stephen Colbert is Frank Underwood's new target

As Stephen Colbert spends his final few months on The Colbert Report, the talk show host remains unsure of what he’ll do next—though the real Stephen Colbert’s plans are already set. Luckily for him, Kevin Spacey appeared as House of Cards‘ Frank Underwood on his show last night to offer some seemingly friendly advice.

Complete with his southern drawl and unintelligible metaphors about animals, Underwood promised to take Colbert under his wing if the talk-show host ever pursues a career in Washington. All Underwood asked was that Colbert meet him at the edge of a train platform—which should give any fan of House of Cards a moment of pause for Colbert’s safety. READ FULL STORY

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