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Watch Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande perform at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

Despite Ariana Grande’s horrific encounter with a Victoria’s Secret Angel’s wing, CBS aired the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Tuesday night featuring performances from artists like Grande and Taylor Swift, who is basically an honorary Angel at this point.

Decked out in two different ensembles that made her look like an aspiring Norma Desmond, Swift performed her songs “Blank Space” and “Style.” Her best moments come during onstage interactions with her bestie, model Karlie Kloss.

Grande, seemingly unscathed, did a medley of her hit songs, in sport-y wear.

Hozier also took the stage/runaway, and for good measure, here’s Ed Sheeran’s performance. There is a cutaway to Swift singing along, because of course there is.

Jesse Tyler Ferguson puts his own spin on 'Shake It Off'

Modern Family‘s Jesse Tyler Ferguson shook it off at Sunday’s TrevorLIVE benefit, taking on, naturally, Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off.” The full number from the Broadway vet started out slowly, but it ended with Ferguson undoing his tie and launching into some coordinated dance moves (obviously). READ FULL STORY

Best of 2014: The year in meta, from 'Birdman' to 'Blank Space'

Time is a flat circle—and in 2014, so was entertainment. Sure, self-referential movies, TV shows, and plays are nothing new (see also: Singin’ in the RainThe Dick Van Dyke Show, Kiss Me Kate). But this year, it sure seemed like more and more stories—and music videos, and, in some cases, real-life events—were taking the möbius-strip route. Because we couldn’t figure out a way to write a list about being a list, we decided instead to pull together a chronology of meta-highlights: READ FULL STORY

PopWatch Confessional: The thing you hate (that everyone else loves)

This week’s PopWatch confessional was inspired by the revelation that EW.com’s fearless leader doesn’t like The Beach Boys (gasp!). It’s a simple question: What’s the beloved pop culture property you secretly can’t stand? READ FULL STORY

Vincent D'Onofrio released the first track from his spoken-word punk album, and it's weird

You’ve seen Vincent D’Onofrio morph into a variety of roles, ranging from his turn nabbing bad guys as Detective Robert Goren on Law and Order: Criminal Intent to bumbling around as Leonard Lawrence in Full Metal Jacket. The actor’s next project is something of a passion project: a spoken-word punk album.


'Peter Pan' with Allison Williams: We live-blogged it

Peter Pan Live! is finally here.

Today marks the day Allison Williams will take flight in NBC’s second courageous attempt at putting a live musical on the screen, but this time, there will be more wires. Will Williams stay true to the English accent she’s adopted for the promos? Can one watch the show without hate-watching, per Williams’ orders? So many questions will be answered tonight—and EW’s Hillary Busis and Esther Zuckerman will be live-blogging the festivities.

The live-blog commences on EW.com starting at 7:50 p.m. ET and will last until the show’s scheduled end at 11 p.m. Update: See the live-blog below!


Caption this: Ariana Grande cowers from a Victoria's Secret Angel

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is not all fun and games and lingerie and lithe models wearing gigantic, outlandish wings—at least not if you’re Ariana Grande and if you’re in this photo.  READ FULL STORY

PopWatch Confessional: What are you thankful for this year?

We’re keeping things simple this Turkey Day. Here are our lists of the pop-culture stuff we’d cite around our holiday tables today; what would you add?

Hillary Busis, staff editor:
—Jerry Riekert, “a simple man from New York who makes lamps”

—The way Ilana Glazer says “mommy and daddy”

Gotham, network TV’s best new comedy

—Every issue of Dad Magazine


This week on 'Polished': Babes' Sarah Rayne on going from child actor to musician


Polished concludes this week with Sarah Rayne of the excellent Los Angeles band Babes. (See them in San Francisco on December 11 and their hometown on December 12.) Even if you don’t know Babes, you know Rayne’s voice: She was Sid’s little sister in the original Toy Story. She did a bunch of other acting as a kid/adolescent as well, but has stuck to music lately. Before Babes went out for its first big U.S. tour, Jamie Lee talked to Rayne about her interesting life.

The best Black Friday deals for videogames, movies, more

Thanksgiving weekend is a time for being with family, eating a ton of great food, watching your favorite TV shows and… spending a lot of money.

With a number of outlets starting Black Friday earlier than ever, here are some of the biggest discounts that should make any pop culture fanatic’s wallet feel just a bit lighter when they return to work next week.


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