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'Saturday Night Live' best host poll: Blake Shelton brings 'Hee-Haw' to New York

Blake Shelton brought his guitar and country twang to Saturday Night Live, and from the moment he sat down on a hay-bale during the opening monlogue, he instilled the show with an easygoing sensibility. In contrast to most music or TV stars, Shelton played himself with an ease and comfort that’s impossible to fake—almost like some of the athletes that host. That might have put a ceiling on what he could do, but he seemed right at home with the cast in his SNL debut.

His Hee-Haw parody was a clever self-deprecating tone-setter, and his hate-filled ballad on Topeka Today was full of chuckles—especially when paired with Kate McKinnon’s old-timey photos. He may have mishandled a few punchlines on Celebrity Family Feud, but overall, he profited from the gift of modest expectations. READ FULL STORY

Blake Shelton takes over 'Saturday Night Live' this weekend: Talk about it here!

Don’t you just love the smell of corporate synergy in the morning?

Perhaps that’s an unfair statement. Country star Blake Shelton’s status as The Voice‘s top dog—he’s one of only two celebrity coaches to appear on every season of the series, and his contestants have won the competition’s big prize a whopping four out of seven times—certainly isn’t the only reason he’s been tapped to serve as Saturday Night Live‘s host and musical guest tonight.

Anyone who’s tuned in for even a single Voice episode knows that Shelton’s more than a country singer. His easygoing, down-home charm and likable banter with his fellow coaches—especially Adam Levine, who was tapped to pull double duty on SNL himself two years ago—both made Shelton the hit show’s breakout star and indicate that he’d be more than comfortable in a variety show setting. See also: Shelton’s 2012 holiday special, Blake Shelton’s Not So Family Christmas, the highlight of which is a claymation sketch that finds the host and his pal Larry the Cable Guy accidentally murdering Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.


PopWatch Confessional: Your most embarrassing celebrity encounter

The perks of writing about entertainment are numerous: early movie screenings, awards show invitations, getting the chance to interview and rub elbows with artists whose work you truly admire. Of course, there are also a few pitfalls to this profession—particularly when it comes to to that last perk. Cue this week’s PopWatch Confessional question: What’s the most embarrassing encounter you’ve ever had with a celebrity? (We’re counting both encounters that happened in a professional context and chance meetings.)

Tina Jordan, senior editor: I dropped my overstuffed bag in Michael Caine‘s living room at the St. Regis: Pens, lipstick, various snacks, a few magazines, keys, bobby pins, notebooks, band-aids, business cards and the all like rained down on the antique Oriental carpet. I mean, there was a lot of crap. I was about eight months pregnant, so poor Michael Caine—who was very nice—had to get down on his hands and knees for about ten minutes to pick up all my stuff. I was so flustered I almost couldn’t get my tape recorder to work. READ FULL STORY

Listen to New Kids on the Block sing Nelly's 'Hot in Here' on EW Radio

After New Kids on the Block announced their upcoming summer tour with TLC and Nelly, they paid a visit to EW Radio (SiriusXM 105), where they talked about the potential for some onstage collaboration between the artists. READ FULL STORY

We prefer mature-looking singers in hard economic times, study says

It’s no secret that pop culture is a good reflection of the times—an era’s collective values, social climate and most pressing issues are woven into its movies, music and literature. But a new study shows an oddly specific connection between the entertainment and economy of any given decade, as reported by The Atlantic. We’re not saying the Billboard charts are the new Nasdaq or anything—but it looks like what’s in our wallets has more to do with what’s on playlists than we thought.


We live-blogged it: The People's Choice Awards

Mom stars Allison Janney and Anna Faris hosted Wednesday’s People’s Choice Awards, a CBS show that annually honors performers for their work in the worlds of music, TV, and filmand we recapped it live throughout its two-hour broadcast.

Janney and Faris were charming as usual, Chris Pratt made a cameo, and Jared Leto’s hair extensions showed up. Check out the live blog below, and see here for the complete winner’s list.


Join in: Grace Gealey of 'Empire' will live tweet the show on EWTV's Twitter page

Actress Grace Gealey is set to make her network television debut in Fox’s Empire, which premieres Wednesday night at 9 p.m. Tune into EWTV’s Twitter page starting at 9 p.m. ET, where Gealey will live tweet Fox’s newest hip hop dynasty drama.

Gealey plays Anika Gibbons, the head of A&R for Empire Entertainment and girlfriend of Lucius Lyon (Terrence Howard) the CEO of Empire. Things get so much more complicated for Anika when Lyon’s ex-wife Cookie (Taraji P. Henson) gets an early release from her prison sentence for drug-dealing, and enters the picture to get her half of the company she helped fund.

This week's cover: The big story behind Marvel's 'Ant-Man'

How long in the making was this week’s exclusive, first-look cover image of Paul Rudd as Ant-Man? Well, that depends how you look at it. While the shrinking, and insect-controlling, hero of Marvel’s Ant-Man (out. July 17) may not be as famous as The Hulk or Thor, he made his comics debut way back in 1962 and a year later co-founded The Avengers with those two aforementioned gents. Back in 2001, the movie’s original director, Edgar Wright (Shaun of the Dead), and fellow Brit Joe Cornish first wrote a treatment for an Ant-Man movie, which means the project long predates the hugely successful Marvel movie universe ushered in by 2008’s Iron Man. Wright remained enthusiastic about the project down the years, telling EW in 2013, “I’d rather do the film with 2015 effects rather than 2005 effects. So it’s all good.” Then, it wasn’t. In May of 2014, Wright unexpectedly exited the project, prompting a blood pressure-raising search by Marvel for a new director which ultimately led them to Bring It On filmmaker Peyton Reed, the man who ultimately welcomed EW to the Ant-Man set outside Atlanta last fall. READ FULL STORY

20 podcasts you need to hear in 2015

“Did you listen to this week’s Serial?” That’s been the question on everyone’s lips the past three months. The podcast, which reexamined the 1999 murder case of a Baltimore teenager, become morning Gchat convo—and launched a thousand think pieces declaring 2014 “The Golden Age of Podcasts.”

While individual podcasts have previously broken through the cultural consciousness—like comedian Marc Maron’s WTF in 2009—the genre has generally been a niche interest since it hit iTunes in 2005. That year, there were only about 3,000 podcasts up and running. A decade later, that number has mushroomed to more than 285,000 podcasts, created in over 100 languages. The DIY radio of the Internet is now a bona fide medium, heard by an estimated 39 million Americans a month.

To celebrate the format’s true coming of age—it is indeed “golden”—our very own obsessive pod people are telling you what you must hear in the new year. READ FULL STORY

Justin Bieber just got a new jet: See more celebrity Christmas gifts

Were they naughty or nice? No matter—behavioral discrepancies become obsolete when it comes to celebrity Christmas presents.

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