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Let's talk about the plot of 'Interstellar'

Warning: Major ‘Interstellar’ spoilers lie ahead!

Interstellar is the most and least confusing movie that Christopher Nolan has ever made. The most confusing, because the spacefaring odyssey takes the filmmaker’s usual Rubik’s-cube narrative structure and blends in a hearty dose of upper-level astrophysics. Some of the astrophysics is real; all of it is really confusing. But Interstellar is also the most straightforward story of Nolan’s career—more emotionally clear-cut than the story-within-a-story nesting-doll epics The Prestige and Inception, and unencumbered by the globo-metropolitan sociopolitics of his Dark Knight trilogy.

Spoilers from here—but if you feel like you need a roadmap going into Interstellar, then all you really need to know is this: The fifth element is love. READ FULL STORY

This week's best Sound Bites: Daniel Radcliffe, Amy Poehler, 'Nightcrawler' & more

Every week in Sound Bites, EW spotlights the most memorable lines of the week. This week features Amy Poehler’s humblebrag about her sexual confidence, Daniel Radcliffe getting even with the paparazzi in Horns, and Jake Gyllenhaal’s inflated sense of self in Nightcrawler. These are the best quotes of this week gathered from TV, film, and more.


'Captain America: The Winter Soldier' gets the 1980s VHS treatment


Captain America: The Winter Soldier was a pretty fantastic action movie that was also plugged in to some of the Big Issues of today—stuff like drone warfare, surveillance, and the morality of pre-emptive measures. Turns out it also works as a solid and relevant 1980s action movie as well.


Entertainment Geekly: '2001' in 2014 -- reimagining Kubrick's classic via 'Interstellar'



A proto-human HOMINID kneels on the ground of the prehistoric Earth. Suddenly, a large shadow covers him. He looks up and sees a large rectangular MONOLITH.

A voiceover begins, British.

BRITISH VOICEOVER: The first recorded monolith appeared on Earth 4 million years ago, in the Pleistocene era.


Matthew McConaughey and Jimmy Fallon throw footballs at each other's faces

Matthew McConaughey seems like the right celebrity to enlist to toss around a football, and that’s just what Jimmy Fallon did on the Tonight Show. Only their game of “Facebreakers,” named because they are aiming at panes of glass adorned with each other’s faces, was pretty competitive. Though McConaughey starts out strong, soon it’s Fallon’s to lose, and by the end, who’s keeping count anyway.

But the true joy of this is watching McConaughey talk to himself before a throw: “Got to settle down, McConaughey; hang on one second, babe.” Later McConaughey makes some Wolf of Wall Street-esque noises. Watch the video below. READ FULL STORY

Brett Favre was the third choice for his 'There's Something About Mary' cameo

Though Brett Favre’s film career begins and ends with his cameo in There’s Something About Mary, he almost never even had that role.


The 'Interstellar' plot set to '2001: A Space Odyssey' actually makes sense


If someone has writen or spoken about Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar, there’s a good chance a mention of Stanley Kubrick’s seminal 2001: A Space Odyssey is not far off. CutPrintFilm took the allusion one step further and mashed up the two films to show, unsurprisingly, that they have quite a bit in common.


Monty Python reunion: And now for something completely insulting

For this year’s annual reunions issue, Entertainment Weekly spoke with all five surviving members of Monty Python about their Eric Idle-directed shows last summer at London’s massive O2 arena, the legendary comedy team’s first live performances in more than three decades. In the hope of provoking some of the semi-friendly badinage for which they are famous, we also asked the quintet—Idle, John Cleese, Terry Gilliam, Michael Palin, and Terry Jones—which other Python member irritated them most in the course of rehearsing and performing Monty Python Live (mostly) One Down Five To Go. You can read the troupe’s answers below.


Watch the 'Fabulous Baker Boys' reunite, joke on 'Today'

When the Baker Boys—a.k.a. the Bridges brothers—got together for EW‘s reunions issue on the Today show, along with their Susie Diamond, co-star Michelle Pfeiffer, there was, naturally, some ribbing.  READ FULL STORY

'The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou' imagined as an 8-bit video game is surprisingly cool


The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou may not be the first film that comes to mind when considering movies to adapt into a video game, but someone went ahead and made it anyway.


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