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Justin Bieber just got a new jet: See more celebrity Christmas gifts

Were they naughty or nice? No matter—behavioral discrepancies become obsolete when it comes to celebrity Christmas presents.

2014 in memoriam video: Remembering Robin Williams, Philip Seymour Hoffman, and more


2014 was a tough year for movie buffs, TV lovers, music fans, and comedy connoisseurs alike. Before we turn the calendar to 2015, let’s take a moment to stop, reflect, and remember the beloved entertainers, filmmakers, and other pop culture personalities we lost this year. You’ll find EW’s In Memoriam 2014 reel after the jump.


'Blue Christmas,' 'Happy Christmas,' and more of our favorite holiday bummers


Most holiday-themed media likes to tell you that Christmas is the most wonderful time of year. But the occasional movie, song, or episode of TV is a little bit more honest about Christmas: Sometimes it sucks.

From the heartbreaking pilot episode of Six Feet Under, which is set on Christmas Eve, to Elvis Presley’s “Blue Christmas,” the pop culture world is full of alternatives for the Scrooges who are tired of hearing again and again how great Dec. 25 is. Here are 10 of the best: READ FULL STORY

Ask Dalton: On telling your partner to nix the hate-watching, and other queries

Should a wisecracking spouse be allowed to ruin your favorite TV show? Dalton Ross, EW editor-at-large and resident pop-culture referee, weighs in on that and other urgent matters of national importance. Like DVRs.

Is it permissible to ban your spouse from hate-watching a show with you that you enjoy?

Anna Kendrick on being peer-pressured into loving Jonathan Taylor Thomas

Anna Kendrick’s childhood love for Jonathan Taylor Thomas was not organic, she revealed when she took EW‘s Pop Culture Personality Test. How can that be? “I kind of got peer pressured into him being my first celebrity crush,” the Into the Woods star explained. “All my friends loved Jonathan Taylor Thomas so I thought I should like Jonathan Taylor Thomas.” What would JTT say?


Watch a 'Let It Go' flashmob surprise schoolchildren

Need some Christmas cheer? Just watch these delighted British schoolchildren as the staff of the Baden-Powell and St Peter’s Church of England Junior School surprises them with a flashmob rendition of “Let It Go” at the end of their Christmas service. READ FULL STORY

Adam Sandler, Johnny Depp top Forbes' most overpaid Hollywood actors list

The bigger the flop, the more overpaid the actor or actress, according to Forbes. And this year’s actor who earned the biggest salary for the smallest box office returns is a repeat winner—or loser, depending on how you look at it.


EW debates 'The Family Stone': The best Christmas movie, or the worst?

The Family Stone is one of those Christmas movies viewers either love or hate, mostly because it’s just about impossible to sort of like Diane Keaton or sort of dislike Sarah Jessica Parker.Stone is also known for forcing audiences to confront difficult questions, including “Which Wilson brother do I prefer?” and “How do I feel about Dermot Mulroney’s cry face?”

Correspondent Samantha Highfill and senior writer Darren Franich decided to talk out their feelings about the controversial (in our office, anyway) 2005 film. Sam’s in the film’s pro corner; Darren’s bringing all the cons.

Happy holidays!


James Franco and Seth Rogen celebrate the release of 'The Interview' on social media

James Franco and Seth Rogen have taken to their respective social media accounts to celebrate the fact that some theaters will show The Interview on Christmas Day after all. Sony, which previously canceled the release of the film following a threat from hackers, announced today that the film will indeed have a limited release.  READ FULL STORY

Watch a fan-made trailer for the DC/Marvel mash-up that'll never happen

There are approximately 72 superhero movies coming out over the next 10 years, but the one thing audiences shouldn’t expect to see any time soon is a crossover between Marvel and DC’s cinematic universes.

So this awesome fan-made trailer will have to suffice for now.


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