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Brad Pitt has a 'breakdance conversation' with Jimmy Fallon on 'Tonight Show'

It’s a little less conversation, a little more action in a new video from The Tonight Show that features Brad Pitt and Jimmy Fallon engaging in a “Breakdance Conversation”—meaning they breakdance in response to one another as subtitles tell us what words their moves translate to.

For example: Pitt, who currently stars in World War II film Fury, back-flips off a wall at one point, which apparently means, “If you don’t see [my movie], I’ll be furious.” Breakdancing Brad’s got jokes! READ FULL STORY

Museum of the Moving Image to salute Julianne Moore

Between Still Alice and Maps to the Stars, both festival hits, Julianne Moore’s having a big yearand it just got bigger: New York’s Museum of the Moving Image announced Wednesday they’ll be honoring Moore at their annual salute in January.

“She is one of the most accomplished and talented actors working today and we are thrilled to be honoring her at our annual Salute,” Herbert S. Schlosser, co-chairman of the museum’s board of trustees, said in a statement. “She is a fearless and versatile performer who has created so many powerful performances in film and television.” READ FULL STORY

Let's take a close look at every DC movie coming out between now and 2020

Further proving that we are living through the biggest week for superhero-movie news since last week and the week before, Warner Bros. just announced one of the most hilariously aggressive franchise-extension plans in movie history. Between now and 2020, WB plans to release a whopping 13 movies based on DC comic book characters–including two Justice League movies, the long-awaited Wonder Woman film, a movie starring the popular LEGO™ Batman character and a movie starring the somewhat less popular AFFLECK™ Batman character.

Now, it’s hard to know where this fits into the glorious history of Superhero Franchise announcements. Is this the second coming of Marvel’s 2008 “Phase One” plan, when they promised Thor and Captain America and even an Avengers movie that absolutely everyone agreed was going to be terrible? Or is this the 2014 model of Sony’s infamous “Brain Trust” plot, when they hired a squad of dynamic young writers to work on Amazing Spider-Man sequels and a Venom spinoff and a Sinister Six movie–plans which appear almost entirely scuttled in the wake of Amazing 2‘s so-so box office? READ FULL STORY

Emma Stone plays Box of Lies on 'Tonight Show'

Emma Stone might be a great actress, lip synch-er, and Spice Girls fan, but liar? Not so much.

Stone went on The Tonight Show Tuesday to play Box of Lies, a game that involves lying about what you find in a mystery box. Stone pulled a Frozen DVD frozen in a block of ice in her box, but told Jimmy Fallon she had playing cards that were formed into a “sculpture stack of those cards in the shape of, I guess it could only be a salamander. Or like a gecko, I guess.” Thanks to the combination of Stone’s lack of lying skills and the impossibility of a gecko sculpture made out of cards, she lost the round.

In all fairness, she warned us: “I love to lip-synch, but I am a terrible liar,” Stone said before choosing her box. “So this is a bad game for me.” READ FULL STORY

Iron Man joins 'Captain America 3': 14 thoughts about Marvel's mash-up sequel

1. This is a great idea. Everyone knew that Marvel would figure out some way to keep making movies where Robert Downey Jr. wears some kind of cool metal suit. But Iron Man 4 was always a skeptical proposition. “Fun, Shambling Mess” is basically the best you can hope for when it comes to fourquels. (See: The fish-out-of-time-water shenanigans in Star Trek IV; Stallone solving the Cold War with his fists in Rocky IV; Harry and Ron having a really wacky wizard prom in Goblet of Fire.) Marvel could’ve positioned a fourth Iron Man movie as a complete in-franchise reboot by pulling a Ghost Protocol and giving Tony Stark a whole new milieu/supporting cast/’tude. Even then, Iron Man 4 would have had to be one of the top five most successful movies ever; anything else would be regarded as a very lucrative disappointment. But now, those daring renegades at Marvel have rewritten the rules of franchising once again. READ FULL STORY

System of a Down soundtracks 'Wolf of Wall Street' in new mash-up


As if Jordan Belfort’s office speeches in Wolf of Wall Street weren’t ridiculous enough, someone combined 30 seconds of the movie with System of a Down’s “Chop Suey”—and the two go together perfectly.

The mash-up, created by Marca Blanca and discovered by the A.V. Club, features Belfort (Leonardo DiCaprio) screaming into a microphone, wildly beating his chest, and, of course, showing off his dance moves all to the not-so-sweet sounds of System of a Down’s 2001 Grammy-nominated hit.  READ FULL STORY

The new Dancing Baby Groot toy looks pretty disappointing


After Guardians of the Galaxy all but won the summer—and Dancing Baby Groot won Guardians of the Galaxy—it was only a matter of time before someone created a Dancing Baby Groot toy. After all, there’s a high probability that the demand for a Dancing Baby Groot will be to holiday season 2014 what the demand for a Furby was to holiday season 1998.

It’s not terribly far-fetched, actually, to imagine that the adults who got a Furby in 1998 are probably the same people now getting Dancing Baby Groots. That is, until they see the lackluster toy.


Shia LaBeouf explains his Broadway arrest, blames whiskey

Shia LaBeouf grabbed Alan Cumming’s butt. And that’s only a small part of the story behind his June arrest.

The Fury star went on Jimmy Kimmel Live Monday night and explained how he got arrested during a performance of Broadway’s Cabaret, starring Cumming and Michelle Williams. And it all, not surprisingly, started with whiskey.

“I had been drinking a lot of whiskey in Ireland, I come back, I land, and it’s the World Cup,” LaBeouf said. “And you drink a lot of whiskey during the World Cup, it seems.” READ FULL STORY

How 'The Shawshank Redemption' invented Morgan Freeman, and how Morgan Freeman invented himself


Born in Memphis, raised in Mississippi, four years in the Air Force, acted off- and then on-Broadway, spent the ’70s on The Electric Company, spent the early ’80s on Another World, earned one Oscar nomination as the street smart one in Street Smart, earned another Oscar nomination as the one who wasn’t Miss Daisy in Driving Miss Daisy, stole Robin Hood from Kevin Costner, almost stole Unforgiven from Clint Eastwood: This is what Morgan Freeman did for his first 57 years on this planet. Technically.

But even if you know that Freeman had been a working actor for close to three decades beforehand, it’s still possible to watch him in The Shawshank Redemption and feel like you are witnessing the birth of an icon: Newly arrived, yet fully formed. Freeman is not the star of the movie–or rather, his character never announces himself as the star of the movie. Freeman plays Red, one of many convicts spending a lifetime of long days inside the walls of a state penitentiary. The subject of Shawshank‘s story is Tim Robbins’s Andy Dufresne–but Red is the guy telling the story. And Freeman’s voice infuses the whole movie with emotional breadth: now wry amusement; now light pathos; now genuine horror; now ecstasy; now agony. READ FULL STORY

Dax Shepard tells Conan about the time Kristen Bell shaved his butt


Dax Shepard went into some Magic Mike mode to prepare for his nude scene in This Is Where I Leave You.


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