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The new Dancing Baby Groot toy looks pretty disappointing


After Guardians of the Galaxy all but won the summer—and Dancing Baby Groot won Guardians of the Galaxy—it was only a matter of time before someone created a Dancing Baby Groot toy. After all, there’s a high probability that the demand for a Dancing Baby Groot will be to holiday season 2014 what the demand for a Furby was to holiday season 1998.

It’s not terribly far-fetched, actually, to imagine that the adults who got a Furby in 1998 are probably the same people now getting Dancing Baby Groots. That is, until they see the lackluster toy.


Shia LaBeouf explains his Broadway arrest, blames whiskey

Shia LaBeouf grabbed Alan Cumming’s butt. And that’s only a small part of the story behind his June arrest.

The Fury star went on Jimmy Kimmel Live Monday night and explained how he got arrested during a performance of Broadway’s Cabaret, starring Cumming and Michelle Williams. And it all, not surprisingly, started with whiskey.

“I had been drinking a lot of whiskey in Ireland, I come back, I land, and it’s the World Cup,” LaBeouf said. “And you drink a lot of whiskey during the World Cup, it seems.” READ FULL STORY

How 'The Shawshank Redemption' invented Morgan Freeman, and how Morgan Freeman invented himself


Born in Memphis, raised in Mississippi, four years in the Air Force, acted off- and then on-Broadway, spent the ’70s on The Electric Company, spent the early ’80s on Another World, earned one Oscar nomination as the street smart one in Street Smart, earned another Oscar nomination as the one who wasn’t Miss Daisy in Driving Miss Daisy, stole Robin Hood from Kevin Costner, almost stole Unforgiven from Clint Eastwood: This is what Morgan Freeman did for his first 57 years on this planet. Technically.

But even if you know that Freeman had been a working actor for close to three decades beforehand, it’s still possible to watch him in The Shawshank Redemption and feel like you are witnessing the birth of an icon: Newly arrived, yet fully formed. Freeman is not the star of the movie–or rather, his character never announces himself as the star of the movie. Freeman plays Red, one of many convicts spending a lifetime of long days inside the walls of a state penitentiary. The subject of Shawshank‘s story is Tim Robbins’s Andy Dufresne–but Red is the guy telling the story. And Freeman’s voice infuses the whole movie with emotional breadth: now wry amusement; now light pathos; now genuine horror; now ecstasy; now agony. READ FULL STORY

Dax Shepard tells Conan about the time Kristen Bell shaved his butt


Dax Shepard went into some Magic Mike mode to prepare for his nude scene in This Is Where I Leave You.


Now we sort of know Wonder Woman's origin story in 'Batman v Superman'


Wonder Woman is one of the most famous superheroes of our superhero-besotted century, but the character’s backstory is confusing and hazy, rife with reboots and retcons and various frustrated attempts to reconcile the various far-flung aspects of Wonder Woman’s history. Pretty much every version of Wonder Woman is some kind of princess of some kind of Amazons, a warrior woman from an all-female society. But the specifics shift, occasionally in bizarre directions. (For a long time, it was generally accepted that Wonder Woman was originally made out of clay.) READ FULL STORY

'Whiplash' star Miles Teller names the movies he saw too young


In Whiplash, Miles Teller plays a high-school drum prodigy traumatized by his bullying music teacher (J.K. Simmons). What films frightened Teller when he was young? We found out when he took our EW Pop Culture Personality Test. Watch the video and read a transcript below.


Entertainment Geekly Mailbag: A serious attempt to explain movies about White Dude Problems


1999 will always be one of my favorite years for movies. This is partially because there were a lot of great movies released that year, but mainly because in 1999 I was in high school, and as we all know, the world was more important and less terrible when we were in high school. Last week, I took a look at which movies from 1999 had aged well, and asked which had aged poorly. The response was overwhelming, insofar as it’s overwhelming that anyone likes American Beauty.

However, one reader email in particular struck me as a launchpad for an important conversation. Here it is:

Going forward will all movies that have a Caucasian lead in them simply be dismissed as “white dude problems?” Guess I can check off Citizen Kane and North by Northwest from my good movies list.


Lorde, Jenner sisters, Malala make 'Time' list of 2014's influential teens

Today’s most influential teenagers, according to Time, are comprised of social media celebrities, burgeoning entertainers, and one Nobel prize winner.


James Franco is the star of a new coloring book


Tired of regular coloring books, full of boring things like princesses and dinosaurs? Mel Elliott has just the one for you, then: a James Franco coloring book.

Inspired by Franco’s varied and selfie-filled Instagram feed, Elliott put together a book of black-and-white Franco depictions so people can bring the actor to life with the help of colored pencils. There’s James Franco in Bed with Coffee, James Franco as Spring Breakers‘ Alien, James Franco in Drag—essentially, it’s a look at Franco’s many selves. READ FULL STORY

20 great quotes about the 'American Olivier,' Robert Duvall

The Judge did not come close to winning its opening weekend. Nor did the critics swoon over the pairing of Robert Downey Jr. and Robert Duvall, playing a hot-shot, big-city attorney and his ornery father, a prominent small-town judge accused of murder. But even if the script is Grisham-light and the prodigal-son bit overly familiar, there’s at least one reason to keep it on your must-see list: Duvall.

“Now it’s about time to recognize Robert Duvall as one of the most resourceful, most technically proficient, most remarkable actors in America today,” wrote the New York Times. “When I say ‘one of…’ I don’t mean to weasel out of anything. … I think he may well be the best we have, the American Olivier…”

Vincent Canby wrote those words in 1980 after seeing Duvall in The Great Santini. Before Duvall starred as country singer, Mac Sledge, in Tender Mercies, the role that earned him his Oscar. Before Lonesome Dove. Before directing and starring in The Apostle. READ FULL STORY

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