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'RuPaul's Drag Race' react: Monica Beverly Hillz talks to EW about her shocking runway revelation

You never know what kind of craziness is going to go down on RuPaul’s Drag Race — especially once the show heads to its rather unpredictable runway. In the past we’ve seen queens be disqualified (Willam) and admit that they were HIV-positive (Ongina), and last night included another runway shocker, one that deserves a SPOILER ALERT in case you haven’t seen it: Contestant Monica Beverly Hillz admitted that she is a transgender woman.

“It’s true what you’re saying — there is a lot going through my head,” she said through tears to the judges, after they critiqued her rather harshly and said that she seemed “sad” and “disconnected” and not like herself. “I feel I’m not here. I’ve just been holding a secret in and trying so hard. I’m not just a drag queen — I’m a transgendered woman.”


'RuPaul's Drag Race' season premiere: Which queen are you rooting for?

Donning a judge’s robe, RuPaul called season 5 of Drag Race to order at the top of the episode last night: “The new season of RuPaul’s Drag Race is in session, and these queens are killer!”

At this point — so very, very early in the season — it’s actually pretty hard to tell if the queens are “killer” yet, but I will give them this: They’re looking pretty good so far. I always love the first few minutes of the season premieres, when all the queens come sashaying into the workroom looking all fab. And sure they looked good, but there does seem to be a few snoozers in the mix, and I’m not even talking about Jinkx Monsoon, who proudly announced that she’s “Seattle’s premiere narcoleptic drag queen, thank you.” The episode really only gave us a glimpse at each of the 14 — yes, 14! — ladies, so it’s fair to assume that the queen I found the least interesting — that’d be Ivy Winters — could potentially end up being my favorite, after a great runway or a personal meltdown.

So after that little taste of these new gals, the big question is: Which queen are you rooting for?


'2 Broke Girls' star Matthew Moy takes the EW Pop Culture Personality Test

Playing diner owner Han Lee on the ribald 2 Broke Girls, Matthew Moy has one very memorable role on the CBS comedy. That’s mostly because the show’s creators have been criticized for making Han one big stereotype after another: The character speaks with a heavy accent, often doesn’t understand American slang and turns of phrases, and is regularly made fun of for his small stature and clueless nature.

Behind the silly role, however, is Matthew Moy, an actor who, truly, couldn’t be further from who he plays on TV. Moy is very clued into pop culture, which is why we put him through the ringer with the EW Pop Culture Personality Test. As we head toward tonight’s new episode of 2 Broke Girls (9 p.m. on CBS!) — titled “And Too Little Sleep,” which finds Han and Co. helping Max (Kat Dennings) and Caroline (Beth Behrs) prepare a huge cupcake order — study up on Moy by hearing a lot about his love for Katy Perry, Steel Magnolias, and (yes, really!) the ceramic statue of Jeri Ryan he has in his living room.

Name a TV show that makes you cry.
Actually, there was an episode of Taxi that was really emotional, and I didn’t expect it because it’s a sitcom. Danny DeVito had a very emotional scene, and it was really great. I didn’t expect that from a comedy. It had a lot of heart to it. I was watching it late at night and he had a really meaty scene.

At what moments do you yell at the TV?
I was thinking about this the other day. When I yell at my TV, it’s usually watching…usually it happens during the election. There’s when I’m watching CNN and MSNBC.

What kind of sitcoms do you watch?
I watch the weirdest things. I watch old episodes of Golden Girls because my mom watches it, so I grew up watching that. Sometimes I watch reruns of Futurama, which is a cartoon and not based in the real world at all. There’s also 3rd Rock from the Sun. It’s really neat to watch the different people interact.


Another Great Performance of 2012: Ari Graynor in Broadway's 'The Performers'

The issue of Entertainment Weekly currently on stands features 2012 Best and Worst of the yeareverything from our favorite movies and TV shows to best albums and books. Also featured within those pages are our Great Performances of the year, lauding stunning outings from the likes of Jessica Lange in American Horror Story: Asylum to Sally Field in Lincoln. But there’s one Great Performance from 2012 that we weren’t able to fit in the pages of the magazine — that of Ari Graynor in this year’s beguilingly funny Broadway play, The Performers, which sadly only lasted about a month on the Great White Way.

Regardless of the show’s short life, Graynor — an EW favorite from way back in 2008’s Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist — brought the laughs to the short, funny send-up of the porn industry. Her mile-a-minute porn star character Peeps — who, we’ll add, was pregnant — kept the laughs flowing amid a cast of other stars that included Henry Winkler, Cheyenne Jackson, and Alicia Silverstone. To honor her great performance in The Performers, EW recently caught up with Graynor to discuss how she nabbed the role, how she made it her own, and how — just how! — the show could have been pulled from Broadway so soon. Read on for a taste of Graynor’s charm.

So how did it come about that you got cast in The Performers on Broadway?
My involvement started a year ago. I did a reading of it while I was doing Relatively Speaking on Broadway last season, which was the Woody Allen play. I just immediately fell in love with [my character] Peeps. She is — of all of the fantastic, lovable people and characters I have played — my favorite. She was so special on the page and, through the work of the play, became even more. She just became an avenue for my soul. She was so fun and she was so vulnerable and openhearted and present and without a filter, and I just thought the comedy in the play was so hilarious, and especially with Peeps and [Cheyenne Jackson’s character] Mandrew. It’s the best kind of comedy, where it comes from the highest emotional states possible. You’re saying really ridiculous things, but their emotional truths are deep and dark and as intense as any drama. That’s what allows it to be so fun and funny. The timing of it ended up working out really great.


'The Amazing Race' instant react: And the season 21 winner is...

Our full recap of The Amazing Race is in the works, but before that goes up, we thought it only right to let you know who took home the $1 million prize.

Tonight’s two-hour finale saw the three final teams — Lexi & Trey, James & Jaymes, and Josh & Brent — travel from Europe to the city that is the main home to EW itself: New York! The teams skittered from Coney Island to the Brooklyn Navy Yard (where one from each team had to escape a straight jacket while hanging upside down!) to Lombardi’s in Little Italy to, finally, the United Nations. There, the final challenge had them matching up the words for “hello” and “goodbye” from each of the nine countries they visited on their adventure.

Since it was a memory challenge (it always is at the end!), it’s really no surprise, then, that the winning team was…


ABC Family's 'The Mistle-Tones': 5 reasons to watch

Television movies during the holiday season are a particular delight. Mostly because — from the random storylines to the even-more-random casting — they’re completely crazy. Tonight’s entry from ABC Family, an original two-hour movie titled The Mistle-Tones airing at 8 p.m., is no different. Thus, here are the five reasons you should tune in:

1. Cat fighting between Tori Spelling and Tia Mowry! Well, there’s no real fighting — physically, anyway. But the Beverly Hills, 90210 and Sister, Sister alums trade a lot of spicy words, as the pair battles to rule the holiday group-singing circuit. Which brings me to… READ FULL STORY

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