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'Suits' star Sarah Rafferty's 'Blazing Saddles' story is a little mortifying (and very adorable) -- VIDEO

You know those moments from your childhood that make you retroactively mortified? If it makes you feel better, Suits star Sarah Rafferty has a few of those moments cataloged in her brain too. And, naturally, when she stopped by to take EW’s Pop Culture Personality Test, we wanted to know all about them.

Ever the good sport, Rafferty opened up about being a little too young and impressionable for Blazing Saddles, shared an entirely adorable Madonna memory, and confessed to a love for Say Anything that we fully support. Check out her “test” below: READ FULL STORY

Every 'Scandal' reference made on 'Trophy Wife'

On Tuesday night’s Trophy Wife, Diane (Marcia Gay Harden) found herself channeling Olivia Pope in order to help Kate (Malin Ackerman) deal with a PTA problem.

EW had a sneak peek of the episode earlier this week, but even we couldn’t have predicted all the Scandal goodness peppered throughout the half-hour. So Wednesday morning, we decided to do a breakdown of every single reference.

It’s pretty safe to say the show’s homage to Olivia Pope and Associates was handled perfectly. READ FULL STORY

'Scandal' on set: How OPA 'handles' group scenes -- VIDEO

Exactly how do the actors on ABC’s Scandal pull off those impossibly fast-paced group scenes every week? In this week’s installment of Josh Cam, EW’s ongoing behind-the-scenes video series, Josh Malina shows us how: READ FULL STORY

'How I Met Your Mother' recap: 'Funny how sometimes you just find things'

WARNING: If you haven’t seen tonight’s series finale of How I Met Your Mother, you’ve probably already been spoiled by Twitter. But in case you haven’t, there are spoilers in this article. So don’t read if you don’t want to know what happens.

Friends, we’ve been told an incredible, nine-year story — the story of how Ted Mosby met the Mother of his children… READ FULL STORY

'How I Met Your Mother' series finale: Talk about it! -- UPDATED

UPDATE: I’ve added a couple of bullet points from the episode below. Beware of spoilers!

After 206 stories, hundreds of laughs, some epic musical moments, many tears, several slaps, and a pineapple, we’ve finally reached the end of Ted Mosby’s epic tale. READ FULL STORY

'How I Met Your Mother': What's the Mother's name? -- POLL

This is arguably one of the more minor questions going into Monday night’s series finale of How I Met Your Mother, but nevertheless, I’m curious: What do you think the Mother’s name is?

I know it doesn’t matter a great deal — whether she’s a Joan or a Latrine won’t change how we view the show. (Ok, Latrine might change it a little.) But, I’d count this nugget of info among the pieces of mythology that I assume has been long-planned, like the series finale itself. Thus, I wonder if her name is something that’s been hinted at before. READ FULL STORY

Join us for a Google Hangout with James Van Der Beek and Brooklyn Decker

UPDATE: Find the Google Hangout video below!

After Monday’s series finale of How I Met Your Mother, a new gang of friends is going to vie for your hearts via CBS’s new comedy, Friends with Better Lives.

And to celebrate the series premiere, EW is hosting a Google+ Hangout with two of the show’s stars, James Van Der Beek and Brooklyn Decker.

The chat kicks off Monday at 3 p.m. ET/noon PT. To watch and/or take part in our Q&A, visit the event page here. There will be fun, games, and probably more than one reference to Dawson’s Creek, so you won’t want to miss it. READ FULL STORY

'Scandal': Josh Malina takes us on set for [spoiler]'s death scene -- VIDEO

WARNING: Tears are shed in this week’s Josh Cam! Well, fake tears, at least.

In the latest installment of EW’s ongoing behind-the-scenes video series by Scandal star Josh Malina, the actor takes us on the set for the important (and shocking!) scene in which Scott Foley’s Jake shot and killed intrepid reporter-turned-press secretary James Novak (Dan Bucatinsky).

Filming secrets are revealed, Foley gets emotional, and Bucatinsky proves he’s more than able to do his own stunts. Click below for the action: READ FULL STORY

'Supernatural' recap: Heart and souls

When it became obvious that Sam would set out on a solo adventure in this week’s Supernatural, I was hoping the time apart from Dean would be for something more than a case of the week. And I was not disappointed.

As Sam set off to look into a case about a mysterious rage hitting the residents of a small town, Dean stayed back to chase down leads on Abaddon’s whereabouts. Or so he said. Much of Dean’s booze-soaked staycation from hunting was spent working through apprehensions about what he’d have to do once Abaddon was found. After his first experience with the First Blade last week, in which we saw Cain-marked Dean approach the borders of Hulk town, Dean was dragging his feet a bit in his quest to find the ginger demon. He never said all of this, of course, because he’s Dean. According to Dean, Dean’s always fine. But as Crowley would say, bollocks.


'NCIS' react: What did you think of the New Orleans crew?

Washington D.C. crossed paths with The Big Easy on tonight’s episode of NCIS, which doubled as a backdoor pilot for a Louisiana-based spin-off.

In the episode, we met the small but mighty team of NCIS: New Orleans: Scott Bakula as leader Agent Pride, Lucas Black as hard southern gent Agent Lasalle and Zoe McClellan as NOLA transplant Agent Brody. CCH Pounder played the New Class’s medical examiner. Together with the regular batch of NCIS players, they worked the case of a dead congressman who was once a member of the Fed 5, the nickname given to a legendary group of agents that once included Pride, Gibbs and the late Mike Franks.


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