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Which movie scared Amy Schumer so much she slept with her back to the wall? -- VIDEO


Amy Schumer might be fearless on Comedy Central’s Inside Amy Schumer, but when she visited EW to take our Pop Culture Personality Test, we discovered she hasn’t always been so brave. Watch the video below to find out which movie scared her, which classic Disney scene her sister used to force her to re-enact, how she would describe her personal dance style, and what movie she has to watch every time she spots it on cable.


'Game of Thrones' stars Alfie Allen and John Bradley confess Spice Girl crushes and more -- VIDEO


If you need some cheering up after this week’s Game of Thrones episode, look no further than the video below of costars Alfie Allen and John Bradley taking our EW Pop Culture Personality Test. There’s talk of the Spice Girls, The Sound of Music, and ShowgirlsREAD FULL STORY

Gillian Anderson is the world's most patient 'Breaking Bad' binge-watcher -- VIDEO


There are some things you can probably guess about Gillian Anderson, like that she still has Scully’s gravestone, which used to sit in her office but is now in storage along with an X-Files pinball machine. But the star of NBC’s Crisis managed to surprise us with her answers to our Pop Culture Personality Test. In the video below, she reveals her first celebrity crush, the song she’d karaoke (if forced to), a fear of scary movies, and a patience unknown to many.  READ FULL STORY

'Game of Thrones': Pedro Pascal takes our Pop Culture Personality Test -- VIDEO


If you’ve read our coverage leading up to Game of Thrones‘ season 4 premiere, there are some things you already know about Pedro Pascal, the actor cast as Prince Oberyn Martell (a.k.a. The Red Viper): Primarily that he was such a big fan of the show, he was scared he’d audition, not land the part, and then have spoiled himself for nothing. READ FULL STORY

ACM Awards: Best and Worst of the Broadcast -- VIDEO

The 49th Annual ACM Awards were held Sunday night in Las Vegas, where George Strait took home Entertainer of the Year, Miranda Lambert earned her fifth consecutive Female Vocalist title, and Darius Rucker stole the show. Here are a few more honors from the telecast. Feel free to add your own in the comments. READ FULL STORY

Jason Momoa charms his way through our Pop Culture Personality Test -- VIDEO


Jason Momoa may be all drama on Sundance Channel’s The Red Road, but when you ask him about his first celebrity crush (spoiler: he married her), his first line on TV, his junior high jam, and his pop culture blind spots, he’s all smiles. And okay, one curse word. READ FULL STORY

'The Good Wife': Which moments in the mourning episode hit you hardest?

The March 30 episode of The Good Wife centered around the fact that people deal with grief differently. Holding to that truth, it makes sense that viewers would be most moved by different moments in the hour, which showed Will Gardner’s (Josh Charles) colleagues learning of and trying to make sense of his death.

Let’s test that theory: List the three moments that hit you hardest in the comments section. Here are a few EW staff picks to get us started: READ FULL STORY

Kids' Choice Awards: Best of the 2014 slimings (including a David Blaine decapitation stunt?) -- VIDEO

Yes, slimings are still the reason to tune in to Nickelodeon’s annual Kids’ Choice Awards. Here’s a look at the wide range we saw this year, from the surprising (you read that headline right) to the inevitable (host Mark Wahlberg insisted throughout the night that he was unslimeable). READ FULL STORY

Christopher Meloni takes our Personality Test, while his daughter lists things that make him 'uncomfortable' -- VIDEO


On Fox’s new ’90s-set comedy Surviving Jack, based on Justin Halpern’s autobiographical book I Suck at Girls, Christopher Meloni plays Jack Dunlevy, a straight-talking man (ex-military and an oncologist) who’s forced to become the go-to parent for his teen children when his wife (Rachael Harris) enrolls in law school. When Meloni popped by EW to take our Pop Culture Personality Test, we got a taste of his real-life parenting style: He brought one of his two children, daughter Sophia, along. Once we heard she’d banned him from playing Charades at home because he’s too competitive, he invited her on-camera to read from the running list she keeps of things that make him “uncomfortable.” We hope that’s mined for the show. READ FULL STORY

'Psych': James Roday's prized pop culture possession cannot be beat -- VIDEO


After eight seasons, it’s time to say goodbye to USA’s Psych. The satisfying March 26 series finale is called “The Break-Up,” and while star James Roday is tight-lipped, we can tell you that it centers on Shawn making a big life decision and trying to find a way to tell Gus (Dulé Hill), who in turn, has one of his own. “It really is a Shawn and Gus episode, as it should be,” Roday says. “I feel like [creator] Steve Franks did a wonderful job of combining the pathos of two best friends standing at the precipice of change with the fun whimsy that we’ve all come to expect from Psych. That friendship, for all its wackiness and craziness, was very real. I think that’s the reason it worked: These are two guys that have been inseparable since they were babies, basically, and at the end of the day would, in fact, take bullets for one another. Playing the reality of that was not difficult because of how grounded it actually is.”

Since that’s all we’re getting out of him in advance – we’ll have a post-mortem chat posting after the West Coast airing — we asked Roday to take our EW Pop Culture Personality Test. It’s a fitting sendoff for a show filled with pop culture references, and for Roday, who admits he conveniently had three of his first celeb crushes (from the tender age of 14) guest on the series (Kristy Swanson and Twin Peaks‘ Sherilyn Fenn and Mädchen Amick). Also, as the headline states, his answer to our “What’s your most prized pop culture possession?” question does not disappoint. Watch the video below.


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