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Watch the first 5 minutes of Lifetime's 'Unauthorized Saved by the Bell' movie

It looks like Lifetime has decided to start school a little early this year.

Before its premiere on Sept. 1, the network has released the first five minutes of the highly anticipated and already much-talked about The Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Story. After barely giving us a real trailer, releasing the opening sequence on Facebook is an interesting way to capture viewers’ attention. Before the full title credits roll, we meet Zach, Screech, and the whole gang in a limo en route to what appears to be their first big public appearance after the premiere of Saved by the Bell. In that brief car ride, they question if anyone will even like the show—cute plot device since we obviously know what happens next. They don’t make Lifetime movies for unlikable people! (Murderers not included.)

Zach Morris—or rather Mark-Paul Gosselaar, or really Dylan Everett, the young Canadian actor taking on the part(s)—even has a signature moment of breaking the fourth wall and talking directly into the camera. That is until Screech (Sam Kindseth) takes over, confirming the rumors that the film will in fact be told from Dustin Diamond’s point of view. (It’s based on his book, Behind the Bell.)

The Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Story airs on Lifetime on Labor Day, Monday Sept. 1 at 9 p.m. ET.

More adult women play video games than teen boys -- will the industry act accordingly?

Let’s blow up some stereotypes.

There is a popular and enduring image of what a “gamer” looks like: mostly male, mostly juvenile, mostly white. That image is false, and has been for a long time now.

According to a survey from the Entertainment Software Association, there are significantly more adult women playing video games than adolescent males—just like there were last year. Why does this matter? Because the “gamer culture” propagated by industry marketing and perpetuated elsewhere does not reflect reality, and it has created an environment that is unwelcoming to anyone who does not fit this “norm.” As Kill Screen notes, the status quo that is pushed out into the world is one that caters to men, both teenage and adult. It shows in industry events and in the places where games are made. It shows in the ways games are marketed to us. It might even show in the comments section beneath this article.

Here’s the exact breakdown: Of the 59 percent of Americans who play video games,  36 percent are women aged 18 or older. Boys 18 or younger, whom are highly sought after by marketers, only make up 17 percent of the gaming population in the U.S. When not broken down by age, the split between genders is almost even: 48 percent of American gamers are female, while 52 percent are male.

Proof of a diverse gaming public is a step toward a diverse games industry, one that produces titles that are bold and different and challenging and unlike anything we’ve seen before. It means that a woman who enjoys Call of Duty can jump online and play a few rounds without being sexually harassed. It means video games, and those who make them, stop becoming misogynist havens.

Everybody wins.

Watch Joe Manganiello and the men of 'La Bare' play Never Have I Ever


Director Joe Manganiello’s well-received male stripper documentary La Bare is now available On Demand and on iTunes. To celebrate, we asked Manganiello and three of his subjects—Cesar, Channing, and JD—to play a game of Never Have I Ever. Watch the video below and read a full transcript to find out about wardrobe malfunctions, unusual injuries, and big tips (money, people, MONEY). READ FULL STORY

Watch Benedict Cumberbatch complete the Ice Bucket Challenge naked


Today’s the day. Today is the day when the internet might actually implode. Not only has everyone’s favorite internet boyfriend, Benedict Cumberbatch, joined the trend and completed the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, but he did it more than once … and one time, he did it naked.

After being nominated three times for the challenge, Cumberbatch completed it sitting down, in the shower, in a suit, on his motorcycle, and on his way to his car. In other words, he completed it in a T-shirt, naked, a suit, a leather jacket, and a white T-shirt.


Oculix: What happens when Netflix programmers incorporate Oculus Rift


Every once in a while tech companies like Netflix hold what are colloquially known as a Hack Day, or Hackathon. This is when the tech company decides to put most of its day-to-day work on hold in order to set its employees free to collaborate and try wild new ideas, which will hopefully prove useful in making the company’s product better. It’s kind of like penguin mating season, but with more programming.

This week, Netflix just wrapped up its own Hack Day, where over 150 Netflix engineered tinkered and coded their way towards crazy new experiments in making streaming video better. Most interesting of the bunch was Oculix, an Oculus Rift-powered VR Netflix experience that lets you sift through whatever you’re considering binging Minority Report-style.

H/T: The Daily Dot.

Michael Cera, Kieran Culkin, Tavi Gevinson shine as Broadway's 'Youth'

The kids are taking over the Great White Way. Since its first production in 1996, Kenneth Lonergan’s caustic comedy This Is Our Youth has attracted the likes of Jake Gyllenhaal, Anna Paquin, and Mark Ruffalo. And on Sept. 11, the three-person play about wealthy teens in early-’80s Manhattan makes its Broadway debut with a new trio of stars. Kieran Culkin, Tavi Gevinson, and Michael Cera, fresh off a trial run at Chicago’s Steppenwolf Theatre, tell EW how their lives led them to This. READ FULL STORY

Teddy Sears mastered his 'Sex'-ual education early


He’s no womanizer like his Masters of Sex character Dr. Austin Langham, but Teddy Sears has had an appreciation for the female form for some time now—as long as there’s no food involved.

Sears admits he didn’t get what all the fuss over 9 1/2 Weeks‘ iconic refrigerator scene was about: “That scene when all the foodstuffs come out? You lost me. That’s when I turned it off.” Then again, he was only 9 or 10 years old at the time.

It’s unlikely the same could be said of Langham if he had come of age during Kim Basinger’s controversy-stirring prime. Though Langham’s been mostly sidelined (and clothed) during Masters‘ second season, Sears promises his Dr. Feel-Up will be “back to his old tricks” as we head toward the finale, starting with a major episode Sunday night: “He falls head over heels and has quite a shock.” READ FULL STORY

Kids, let me tell you about the time Bane was at your parents' wedding

Once upon a time in Pittsburgh, a man and a woman fell in love. People were still falling in love then—much like they do now—but in 2011, things were different. This was before Justin Bieber started shaving, and when ice buckets were used for holding ice, not dumping it. Things were purer then.

But there was another story unfolding in Pittsburgh that day. The story of a man who would hold an entire city hostage, if another man in a Kevlar batsuit did not rise to stop him. As fate would have it, this story would intertwine with the love story of Rich Walsh and his bride Michelle, resulting in a pair of photos that the world cherishes to this very day. That’s just what happens when you have your wedding at a church near the set of The Dark Knight Rises. Tom Hardy photobombs your nuptials. He does that.

Carpe diem, young lovers of the world.

Entertainment Geekly: 3 stories show why Daredevil is the best superhero

Entertainment Geekly is a weekly column that examines pop culture through a geek lens and simultaneously examines contemporary geek culture through a pop lens. So many lenses! Sometimes we’ll look back at an essential part of the last few decades of geek history. Today: Three very different, equally fantastic takes on Daredevil.

Blind man, blind lawyer, blind superhero. Lives on the baddest best side of the best bad city. Hates bad people; fights them in court and fights them on the street. Wears red. Has a best friend: tubby, lovable, concerned. Has a girlfriend; probably has another. Has a secret identity; it’s never too secret, unfortunately. Drives himself too hard, definitely. Crazy, maybe. Raised in his city, loves his city, watches his city take everything away from him, over and over again. That’s Daredevil. That’s the formula. That’s how you get three of the greatest superhero stories ever told. READ FULL STORY

Do you know what HASN'T happened on 'True Blood'? Take EW's quiz

On Sunday, True Blood will meet true death after seven seasons of surprises, sex, surprising sex, and more supernatural beings than most shows could even attempt to incorporate. So to look back at all the craziness that vampires, werewolves, shifters, witches, fairies, and more brought to the small town of Bon Temps, Louisiana, here’s  a quiz comparing some of the most outrageous True Blood moments. Can you tell which of the four options is a lie? READ FULL STORY

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