'New Girl' season 3 finale recap: Did Nick and Jess 'Cruise' the Sea of Love?

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Notable Dotables…

Jess: Guys, we’re going on a cruise! And you’re all coming!
Nick: None of you have a choice!
Schmidt: A cruise? If I wanted to watch a heavyset guy in sandals eating with his hands, I would have just posted up and watched Nick in the kitchen.

Coach’s definition of bravery: “I take dumps standing up, I’m a man!”

Winston’s itinerary:
– “I was hoping that, as a group, we could do a little night-fishing — and I already put down a deposit, so we’re going. And, if we don’t catch anything, they’ll let you shoot a machine gun directly into the water. That is international waters for you, baby.”
– “I’ve been trying to get them to talk to each other all morning, okay? I passed up on breakfast pizza and singles bingo. And those bingo chicks? They put out. Bingo!”

Cece: Look, things are all weird, but we’re all still friends. Let’s talk about it. I’ll go first — I’ve made out with half of the guys in this room.
Winston: That’s a start, that’s a start. And I have had nightmares about making out with the other guys in this room.
Jess: So… yourself?
Nick: And me?
Coach: It really bums me out that I’ll never know the infinite joy of carrying a child inside of me. [Awkward silence…]

And, because it’s the end of the season, here’s one more Winston Vine:

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