'America's Got Talent' react: The American Dream as defined by reality TV #Booty

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Name: Chuck from the Bronx
Talent: Eating things in orders you shouldn’t.
Thoughts: He eats three raw eggs, puts lime juice in his eyes, eats a hot pepper in an ice cold tub. I, like most of the audience wonder why.
Results: Only Howie says yes. Howard points out that eating the pepper doesn’t really tell a story because you can’t even tell if it’s real. To prove that it’s cool, Howie eats a bite of the hot pepper. Howard says he will too but doesn’t. Then Howie has to chug milk to survive. Thank goodness Heidi calls Howard out on not eating the pepper. Someone had to.

Name: Alex
Talent: Being 13 and singing “Payphone” on live television. So, bravery.
Results: He’s out.

Name: Anna Christine, 10
Talents: Sounding like she’s a full-grown adult. Singing “House of The Rising Sun” with an intensity and power that most singers can’t even dream of.
Thoughts: She’s amazing! Um but does she scare anyone else? Just in terms of her poise and amazing voice? Like, does this level of talent scare you? Who am I? What am I doing with my life?

Results: Everyone else can go home. She’s going to Vegas.

Judges’ Note: Heidi tells Nick she wants to see him more during a lull, he’s always backstage drinking five-hour energy and stuff. Howard makes some jokes about Mariah, but this is clearly Heidi’s moment.

Name: 3Penny Chorus and Orchestra
Talent: Having watched a lot of movies about choirs finding ways to appeal to broader audiences. (Singing “Call Me Maybe.”)
Result: No Maybes, just yeses. Vegas!

Name: Pacific Boys Choir
Talents: singing “California Dreamin’” so well they get to be the background music for the montage.
Thoughts: Melancholic, lovely, I have chills. For a while this song seemed like just an amazing recorded cover, but nope, these boys were live.
Results: Vegas here you come.

Name: Special Head, Street Performer, 28
Talent: Meditating, Levitating

Thoughts: So yeah, this guy seems to float in air after some deep mediating.
Dream it fulfills: Flying
Results: Going to Vegas for some reason. Howard even took his X back!

Name: Angela Hoover, 42
Talent: Impressions, Comedy
Thoughts: The Drew Barrymore impression is spot on.
Dream it fulfills: A woman who put her dreams on hold to raise her children now gets the chance to stand in the spotlight. Also, I miss Last Comic Standing.
Results: Vegas from everyone!
Sidenote: Mel B says she’s all about Girl Power and it may have made me cry too. I’m revealing a lot to you guys. Mel B also tells Heidi to forget about the book ends.
Stuff in between: Howard insults Mel B by saying that these two “Barbie” girls remind him of the Spice Girls. Pillow fights! Howard at another point in the day also insulted the Spice Girls by comparing them to this this weird like, metallic superstar musical group/performance piece. I mean, I have no idea what that was. Whatever, Mel B and Heidi are the best judges.

And now we get to the end. The guy who perhaps made us reflect on the whole night a little too much, but he was just having so much fun:

Name: Tone the Chiefrocca and hype man (brother)
Talent: Energy. Holding a mirror up to society. Winning the award for biggest mirror.
Extras: Dream is to be a one-hit wonder. His song is called “Booty.” This is not a drill! #Booty! Oh, NBC!
Results: Yes from everyone. Obviously.

There you have it! Who was your favorite? How do you feel about the new judges? What side bit of convo did I miss that you loved?

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