'Arrested Development': Season 4 binge recap!

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Season 4, Episode 2: ‘Borderline Personalities’

Now the story of one father who had no choice but to keep himself together….It’s George Senior’s Arrested Development.

Guest stars: John Slattery as Doctor Norman, Mary Lynn Rajskub as Heartfire, Karen Maruyana as China Garden, Busy Philipps and Natasha Leggero as news cohosts Joan and Jackie, Dan Harmon as Yurt Clerk, Allan Wasserman as Herb Zuckerkorn, Max Winkler (Henry’s son) as Young Barry Zuckerkorn, Henry Winkler as Barry Zuckerkorn, Kristen Wiig and Seth Rogen as Young Lucille and George, John Beard as himself

George Sr. has used “his brief stint as a Jewish-y guru while in prison” to set up a sweat lodge for CEOs seeking spiritual enlightenment in the desert — an operation he manages to co-run by switching places, as always with his twin brother Oscar. The scenes of Jeffrey Tambor overheating recalled all that time he spent in the model home’s attic, exhausting himself in the hot tub before passing out. John Slattery was great here as a healer-type with plenty of knowledge of maca root and syringes in the car (I had flashbacks of his tremendous acid trip on the last season of Mad Men) and so was Mary Lynn Rajskub as a silent woman who communicated to viewers via subtitles like “I’m choking on the snobby.” Taste the snobby, Michael!

High on the maca root, George and Oscar saw the “divine spirit” as personified by that ostrich Michael had seen upon his return to Lucille’s penthouse in the last episode. “I got an ostrich and no boner,” George complained. It was the end of their love affair with ice cream sandwiches the sweat lodge. Oscar returned to impersonate George to sexually satisfy Lucille, while George set out to find right-wing politician Herbert Love.

Borrowing an idea from Stan Sitwell (who’s convinced he has something “bigger than Halliburton…Teen,” a youth lifestyle retailer), George and Lucille plan to build a wall on the border between California and Mexico, then sell the land to the government. They can’t look like they’re in cahoots on this, though — so they’re pretending they’re getting a divorce. G.O.B. sighting! He’s writhing in discomfort on the sofa after Buster reveals he was in the room when his parents last made love. They told him to get out, but he heard Lucille whisper “Don’t pull out” and so Motherboy stayed put.

George had stowed away with Michael and George Michael to flee the family following the Queen Mary incident, while Lucille pirated the ship back to shore based on an idea from a young Barry Zuckerkorn (Henry Winkler’s real-life son, in a flashback): “Take to the sea! Three miles out and it’s a free-for-all!” So now she’s being tried under maritime law (Michael’s favorite) — a trial apparently unattended by the other Bluths three months later.

Throwback: “Look at what the homosexuals have done to me!” –Lucille, complaining about the sailors’ joyride

Favorite line: “The ‘W’ stands for wall… the bushes stand for bushes… and the T’s are to separate the U.S. and Mexico to keep out the immigrants which was MY IDEA!” –Lucille to George while inspecting Stan Sitwell’s blueprints (for what George initially assumed to be a monument to George W. Bush)

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