'Dancing With the Stars': Your Hidden Gems of the Season 16 Finals!

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14“The shape of the lights behind Kellie and Derek at the beginning of their freestyle is like the seashells where Ariel’s sisters emerge from in the beginning of The Little Mermaid!” –Amy in KC, endorsed by Wiltasaurus
“The lights at the start of Kellie/Derek’s Freestyle looked EXACTLY like Emmitt’s wife’s purse in the audience! It’s uncanny!!” –Anthony

15“The Leaning Tower of Kellie move was spectacular.” –DancingBrenda, endorsed by SpeechTeacher89, iggy, gemtastic15, Wiltasaurus, Michele

16“Kellie’s husband wiping tears away after her dance. ┬áSo sweet.” –gemtastic15, endorsed by Amy in KC, Jem H, Wiltasaurus, Michele, debbsjo

17“Mark looks like he has road kill hanging off of him.” –Fridgedancer, endorsed by gemtastic15, duranmom, Savage131, DonnaW, orville1970, SpeechTeacher89, kellen, Watergirl, Anthony
“Is that a fox tail or my Swiffer duster Mark is wearing?” –debbsjo, endorsed by duranmom, DonnaW
“Flowers coming out of Mark’s butt while he and Aly start and stop in a samba?!?!” –AwesomeGem


“”Gah, Aly and Mark’s samba costumes were infuriating. It looked like a victory dance after the hunting of a raccoon or something. The spray-tan fabric was probably for camouflage, because the forests of Mirrorballus are not green but tanned. In fact, the only colors extant on the planet are those found on gems (ruby, emerald, opal, sapphire, etc), mirror-y rainbows, and TAN.” –Wiltasaurus, endorsed by krb, Jem H, Stee, Electronic Neko, Caryn c, Fridgedancer, Hillchics


“No spats?” is an anagram for “So, pants?” –Michele

Thank you, DANCMSTRs one and all, for this fabulous heap of gems!

Fringe Fairy

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