'Dancing With the Stars': Your Hidden Gems of the Season 16 Finals!

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04“In Kellie & Derek’s quickstep, there was a guy clapping and a red light appeared with each clap — he’s clapping gems! Finale, indeed!” –debbsjo, endorsed by Wiltasaurus

05“Derek’s face at the end of he and Kellie’s quickstep looked just like Jeff Dunham’s puppet Walter.” –kellen

06“After Kellie’s scores, the way Jacoby’s arms were behind Brooke’s neck looked like her Cruella De Vil dress sprouted an awesome neck piece. Pause it just right and it looks PERFECT!” –Anthony
“When Kellie and Derek were talking to Brooke after the quickstep, the lights behind Karina’s head looked like devil horns.” –Ellen, endorsed by Wiltasaurus
“I’m afraid Brooke might take off and fly with those shoulder wings.” –DonnaW
“Is Brooke’s dress made out of Muppets?” –orville1970
“It┬ádefinitely┬áhad low-budget Muppet production values–not even enough fabric to go all the way around her. Kermit’s nephew Scooter had to use strips of duct tape to hold the front and back together.” –Michele
“Brooke looks like she works at Miss Kitty’s as a saloon girl, all she needs is the hat.” –Jen Schuster
“Not so hidden gem: Brooke’s side boob. (Does that count unofficially as two gems?)” –squirk88

DWTS-Bloody-VALentine“Val’s head was clearly injured (ouch, btw), but the real travesty was his silky shirt was bloodstained!!! Okay, the real travesty was Val’s face being hurt.” –kellen, endorsed by jocelyn

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