'DWTS': Your Hidden Gems of the Semifinals!

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05“For a second the fringe whipped around Mark’s hips, and it looked like he was wearing a skirt.” –DonnaW
“The lights look like thousands of fireflies have invaded Planet Mirrorballus.” –Colleen
A foxtrot above my head,
A sock hop beneath my bed,
A disco ball is just hanging by a thread…
I’d like to make myself belieeeeve
That Planet Mirrorballus turns slooowly……” –Jem H, endorsed by LAG Award Winner

06“Len rubbing his fists into his eye sockets as Carrie Ann screams into his ear, gushing over Aly and Mark.” –SpeechTeacher89

08“It’s official. Jacoby’s mom is the Anti-Peanut.” –Savage131, endorsed by Amy in KC, duranmom, orville1970, DonnaW, Prplerose5, BV, Jem H, Wiltasaurus, Michele

09“Tom: ‘You need to tighten up, too.’ Bruno: *checks his pants*” –Amy in KC, endorsed by gemtastic15, Savage131, Prplerose5, Jem H, Wiltasaurus, Michele
“Everyone is obsessed with Bruno’s pants this season!” –orville1970
“Bruno’s tie was ridiculously short!” –FringeSkywalker

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