'Dancing With the Stars': Hidden Gems of Week 8

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25“Coming back from the commercial break, there was a shot of applause from the balcony, but all you could see were clapping hands — looked like disembodied applauding hands just floating in the air.” –DonnaW, endorsed by Prplerose5, Gemma K
“Mirrorballus is quite famous for all things disembodied. You’ve got disembodied hands, a disembodied British announcer voice, disembodied Smokey, disembodied sanity…” –Wiltasaurus

26“Tristan walks in and bagpipes play. I love it!” –Fridgedancer
“He could be in a Lucky Charms commercial. “Come on into me world, I’ve got some Looky Charms fer yeh!”” –Wiltasaurus

27“I didn’t think Tristan could get any hotter…and then he put guyliner on.  Wow.” –IowaGirl, endorsed by duranmom, endorsed by Amy in KC, orville1970, BV, Fridgedancer, Jem H
“Did Tristan have black contacts in?” –Stefisafan

28“Len was pointing at “Little Bruno” as he he told Bruno ‘You can’t talk unless you’re standing up!'” –iggy, endorsed by BV
“My sister (not a regular DWTS watcher) was all “WHY IS HE POINTING AT HIS CROTCH?!”” –Amy in KC
“Carrie Ann’s dress looks like it’s made from crushed mirrorballs — ones she crushed with the same force she uses to crush the souls of the dancers.” –Colleen and Wiltasaurus, endorsed by DonnaW, duranmom, Kevin M. Kawa


29“Boop!: The Sequel.” –kellen, endorsed by Mia
“Is Zendaya wearing the same sparkle bracelets our Fringe Fairy got the first time she visited the ballroom?” –kellen

Thank you, DANCMSTRs one and all, for this fabulous heap of gems!

Fringe Fairy

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