'Dancing With the Stars': Hidden Gems of Week 8

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19“Peta’s taking deadpan reaction shot lessons from Tom!” –orville1970

20“At the end of Sean’s trio dance, it looked like he only had one leg. He’d probably dance better that way. Couldn’t be much worse.” –kellen
“Sean’s shoes are reminding me of MC Skat Kat in Paula Abdul’s ‘Opposites Attract’ video!! Ridiculous!” –SpeechTeacher89, endorsed by duranmom
“Maybe it they turned Sean into a cartoon he could learn how to dance too.” –DonnaW, endorsed by BV

21“The decoy (Witney Carson) who got her blonde hair stuck in her face during the 5 second dance after commercial break before Sean/Peta/Sharna got their scores. LOL” –Liz, endorsed by Amy in KC, Prplerose5, Wiltasaurus

22“Lindsay with a look of ‘homie don’t play that’ while being trotted out as the third wheel to Ingo and Kym’s partnership.” –Kevin M. Kawa, endorsed by Fridgedancer, orville1970, Wiltasaurus

23“I think Kym and Lindsay’s dresses are part cotton candy.” –DonnaW, endorsed by Amy in KC, gemtastic15, duranmom, orville1970, Colleen, Prplerose5, BV, Wiltasaurus
“Kym and Lindsay are either a tall version of the munchkins in the Lullaby League or a skinny version of the hippos in Fantasia. Cotton candy costumes galore, LOVE!” –Liz
“Ingo chatting it up with Florence Henderson at the start of his trio jive, and then he, Kym, and Lindsey almost knocking her out of her chair at the end of it.” –Michele

24“Peanut with popcorn, how appropriate. That’s Cracker Jacks!” –MissKitty, endorsed by duranmom, Colleen, orville1970, Lorie, SpeechTeacher89, Prplerose5, Michele, Anthony, James Simmons

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