'Dancing With the Stars': Hidden Gems of Week 8

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12“The girl texting in the background of Mark and Aly’s restaurant date is probably texting her BFF: ‘OMG, there’s some dude here wearing a hat and some weird spats.'” –Colleen, endorsed by SpeechTeacher89, Fridgedancer, Wiltasaurus, Jem H (who thought texting girl’s outfit was no better), and Kevin M. Kawa
“There’s a horrible Dr. Seuss book in there somewhere.” –Mambada
“I do not like Mark in a hat. I do not like him wearing spats. (Mark actually doesn’t bother me, but I love any excuse to whip out a Dr. Seuss reference!)” –Amy in KC
“We looked, and we saw him step in on the mat. We looked, and we saw Mark in spats and a hat. And he said, ‘I think I’m awesome, so what’s wrong with that?'” –Jem H

13“Jacoby making sure his gems are hidden on Brookebot Mountain. When Aly and Mark were getting their scores he had his jacket on backwards.” –Fridgedancer, endorsed by Kittbrown, Kevin M. Kawa
“…and check out his outfit! Is he auditioning for the Hufflepuff Quidditch team?” –Amy in KC, endorsed by Colleen, orville1970, DonnaW, DarkLordofDance, BV, Wiltasaurus
“I was really surprised Jacoby okayed the colors of their costumes.  Those are STEELER colors.  A definite no-no for a Raven!  ;o)” –Jem H, endorsed by Tay

14“Man behind Tom after Aly and Mark’s dance looks like he had no pants on.” –Stefisafan, endorsed by Wiltasaurus, Anthony

15“Gleb reminds me a little of Shang in Mulan.” –Amy in KC, endorsed by DonnaW, RifaG, Colleen

17“Did they glue Brooke to the floor? For Gem’s sake, if a Chmerkovskiy wants to lift you up, YOU LET HIM LIFT YOU UP!” –GermanGemHunter, endorsed by duranmom, Tay

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