'Dancing With the Stars': Hidden Gems of Week 8

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06“My favorite gem of the night: FloHen is not impressed with Mama Jones. Afer their first dance, everyone else around was laughing at Jacoby’s mom’s ridiculous obnoxiousness and Flo just gives the side eye. I LOVED it.” –Jem H
“Jacoby’s mother has turned into an annoying DWTS character. It almost makes me feel like she is the equivalent of Jar Jar Binks in the Star Wars canon.” –Anthony

07“During his rehearsal footage, Ingo was sitting in a chair with a lonely teacup on the floor. Who looked sadder: Ingo or said teacup?” –Anthony, endorsed by Amy in KC, MLM

08“The guy behind Tom after Ingo’s first dance had glasses on and for a moment they reflected the light into two tiny spots like lasers coming out of his eyes. They should require much more glasses-wearing in the ballroom, just to create more sparkle.” –Jem H
“Did they cut the sleeves off of Aly’s costume from a few weeks ago and give it to Kym! Fringe Fairy I’m gonna need a side by side.” –RifaG, endorsed by duranmom

09“Val covering up his body before the commercial break — first time in four seasons that’s happened!” –DarkLordofDance
“Sean attempting to be funny in the skybox. Zendaya and Val and not impressed.” –Colleen

10“Before Derek’s dance, there was a sheer runner hanging from the ceiling in the shot with Tom that looked like Carrie has been removed fro the judges’ table.” –Anthony

11“Did no one mention the hidden gem of the GDGC (Gavin DeGraw Collection) hat RACK?  I think those hats are reproducing!  They are appearing everywhere tonight!” –gemtastic15, endorsed by orville1970, Wiltasaurus
“When Aly and Mark were trying on different hats, of course he picked the one with the GEMS and then gave his patented Excited Mark face!” –Tay
“Something about Aly’s dorky cute little thumbs up after Mark picked his GDG hat off the rack just made me giggle. ” –Jem H

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