'New Girl': First!

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Back to the present, Winston had lost his virginity and his illusions about Mysteria — but he had won the Saddest First Time contest. As he and Schmidt left to meet their ladies, Jess mentioned that Nick hadn’t shared his story. His was very simple: “Allison Daniels, on a towel in the woods. I cried. She kept her bra on. It was nice.” Mundane, yet intimate, Nick’s story hung between them until Jess’s phone dinged. She started to leave for her meet-up with Teddy but looked back at Nick and asked, “What do you think?” He stood there silently, clearly thinking too much. She turned around and head toward the elevator. Just before it closed, Nick reached in, and Ellie Goulding’s “Anything Could Happen” began to play. Jess asked, “What are you doing?” Nick swept her up and said, “Let’s not think about it.”

Nick carried Jess into his room, and they began to kiss. Cut Daisy pressuring Winston to sex her up before her flight in three hours. She turned on the TV to alleviate his performance anxiety, and there it was: Titanic — Winston was getting his do-over. Meanwhile, Cece and Shivrang were sitting, far apart, on a bed. He noted it was two days before their wedding and suggested they take each other for a test drive. Thinking back to more special first times, she said they should wait. So they sat there, Shivrang looking more than a little disappointed. Elsewhere, Schmidt and Elizabeth put The Archduke (and, presumably, much less lube) to good use.

Back at the loft, Jess and Nick broke apart after what was apparently a very good first attempt. They smiled dumbly at each other, the way you do the first time you get anything romantic right with a new partner and are so exhilarated you’re speechless. Then they looked away, and the thinking-about-it took over. What had they done? But the exhilaration overtook the analyzing and within seconds they looked back at each other and laughed. Yes, their coupling would have consequences (or, as Jess put it, “Ruh roh!”), but they didn’t care about at right then. They were too happy and hopeful to consider the roommates’ reactions or the decisions to make come morning. For now, they were smiling and snuggling. For now, it was exactly right.

NEXT: Schmidt and Nick converse openly about the subject of intercourse

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