Kristen Wiig coming back to host 'SNL': What we do and don't want to see again!

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Although Wiig brought major commitment to all of these roles, we’d prefer not to see these characters when she returns.

1. Gilly

After a Christmas special, this character is best left retired.

2. Mindy Greyson, Secret Word

This sketch is probably one of Wiig’s favorites, judging by the fact that it appeared in her final episode. Still, the joke’s the same every time and we only kind of liked it the first time. The one part of this sketch that sometimes makes it great, however, is hearing what terrible off-off-Broadway show Mindy is in now. Maybe if she returns she’ll be looking for a part in Hit List.

3. Shanna

The super sexy Shanna who says and does increasingly disgusting things is sometimes worth it for the guys’ reactions, but most of the times it gets old fast.

4. Garth and Kat

Although Wiig and Armisen’s friendship is adorable, these guys are just annoying. It’s just like, be prepared already.

And just to make you cry forever (you’re welcome), here’s the very emotional Wiig farewell:

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