'Thor: The Dark World' trailer: A deep dive

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Sometimes, a hero needs to partner up with his worst enemy to fight an even worser enemy. So it goes with Thor, who visits Asgard’s version of a maximum-security penitentiary. The prison looks like it was designed following the X-Men/Skyfall/Silence of the Lambs rules of supervillain prison: Shadowy corner, heavy lights, no props except for one table that may or may not have a chessboard on it.Thor-24
And here we see Loki, played as always by your boyfriend Tom Hiddleston. Loki is rocking some grunge-rock prison hair and still looks like he holds all the cards in this situation. “You must be truly desperate to come to me for help,” he says. His step-bro tells him bluntly: “You should know that when you betray me, I will kill you.” “When do we start?” Loki asks gleefully.

Something to ponder: We know that, in Avengers, Loki was working (perhaps inadvertently) for Thanos, the long-range Big Bad of the whole Marvel Cinematic Universe. We also know now that Dark World will take a wider look at Thor’s cosmos — a cosmos that might overlap a bit with next year’s space adventure Guardians of the Galaxy. Could Malekith and his dark elves be pawns in a Loki long-con that will lead into the next cosmic movie? Or maybe — completely baseless theory alert — somehow, Jane Foster has come into contact with one of the Infinity Gems, which is why Malekith seems so interested in her?

What did you think of the trailer, everybody?

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