'Dancing With the Stars': Hidden Gems of Week 5

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29“The fake newspaper at the beginning of Zendaya and Val’s dance said ‘Royal Jewels Missing.’ There’s no need to fear! The gem hunters are here tonight!” –Liz, endorsed by gemtastic15, BV, Kevin M. Kawa
“So. Much. Innuendo. I just can’t handle it.” –orville1970
“More like the Chermkovskiy brothers lose their family jewels due to a couple of misplaced ganchos in the Argentine tango….” –Siobhan McNally, endorsed by Wiltasaurus

triumph of the hot zombies“Anna’s face after Zendaya and Val’s Argentine tango. Basically: ‘Oh yeah, we KILLED.’” –Wiltasaurus
“Zendaya was wearing a super light-colored eyeshadow that read as white. Whenever she closed her eyes she looked like a zombie with open eyes and no eye balls. More creepiness in tonight’s ballroom.” –Decloo

31“It sure looks like a manly dance when they’re using what appears to be women’s cardigans as their capes! haha.” –Amy in KC
“Sasha is the hottest Hamburgler in all the land.” –kellen, endorsed by Amy in KC, emily t, orville1970

32“Andy and Sharna Barbie doll puppets! How much more Barbie-fied can the ballroom get? NOT ENOUGH, I say.” –Amy in KC
“Well, apparently, Andy Dick IS the Ken of the ballroom!” –SpeechTeacher89


“Val and Maks dancing the Argentine Tang-bro!” –kellen, endorsed by gemtastic15, AwesomeGem, tango2, BV, Wiltasaurus, Argem, Bettyski, emily t, duranmom, Jem H, Veil, Fridgedancer

Thank you, DANCMSTRs one and all, for this fabulous heap of gems!

Fringe Fairy

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