'Dancing With the Stars': Hidden Gems of Week 5

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23“I love Bruno’s ‘losing it’ laugh!” –Dragon647, endorsed by Fridgedancer, orville1970, Amy in KC, Wiltasaurus
“Is the man a few rows back from Carrie Ann wearing some kind of referee’s uniform?  Maybe he’s there to help the lift police make the call.” –gemtastic15, endorsed by Amy in KC

24“As Derek is completely frustrated with Kelli during practice, his nemesis (Mark Ballas) has a face-splitting grin on his face in the picture in the background.” –iggy
“Tony and Melissa’s Crest smiles and sailor outfits in the poster silently mocking Kelli and Derek struggling to master the foxtrot!” –RifaG

25“Derek and Kellie’s penguin walk…very reminiscent of Dick Van Dyke’s in Mary Poppins!” –Amy in KC

26“Stoic Fake Pianist ‘playing’ during Kellie and Derek’s dance — he even has sheet music!” –Liz

27“Derek’s face while impersonating Kellie was super creepy. His eyebrows were like they were in the Wasp Face.” –Colleen, endorsed by RifaG

28“Andy Dick really is dressed like Zorro, mustache and all. But he reminds me a little more of the Dread Pirate Roberts..” –Amy in KC
The Princess Bride is always endorsed!” –orville1970

*Bonus gem: Fringe Fairy in the audience up there….*

NEXT PAGE: Cardigans as capes? Plus: Who will find the MISSING ROYAL JEWELS?

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