'Dancing With the Stars': Hidden Gems of Week 5

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12“Jacoby crawling over to the judges’ table!” –Colleen
“Shirtless with suspenders is becoming THE look for the season. I’m completely ok with that (provided Andy Dick doesn’t feel compelled).” –orville1970, endorsed by SpeechTeacher89, BV

13“AAAAND Jacoby also totally grabbed his crotch after they got their scores.” –Please

14“Victor looks like he’s wearing Capri pants under his red shorts.” –DonnaW

15“Oh my gosh, so creepy. Has Macy’s officially taken over the ballroom?” –emily t, endorsed by Colleen, orville1970, Liz, SpeechTeacher89
“It’s Autons! Rarely seen this far outside London though. And with our own Doctor 9 doppelganger in Ingo too.” –TardisMama
“There was also a made for TV Christmas movie where Olivia Newton John was a mannequin and turned into a human to become this little girl’s mother. Creepiest concept ever, and yet, I loved that movie! ” –Kerri
“Also made me think of Life Size with Tyra Banks where she transforms from a Barbie into a human.” –Colleen
“All I see is Tristan in a Tux!” –Fridgedancer

16“Carrie Ann’s reaction to Bruno saying ‘erect.’ I don’t think Bruno understood way. CA’s mind was in the gutter tonight. Mine too :)” –gemtastic15, endorsed by Jem H

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